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Information about Dilan çiçek deniz is the date of her birth. Nationality. Her
personal life. The beginning of her acting career. Her most important work.
Her boyfriend.
 All this and more in a full report on Dilan çiçek, which has
attracted a lot of attention due to the strength of her roles and successful
acting. We’ll get to know her through these lines.
Dilan çiçek deniz

is a Turkish actress, model and miss contest in which she was crowned Miss
Universe Turkey 2014 and represented her country in the Miss Universe 2014
competition. Born in Siwas in 1995. Her parents work in the teaching field.
Her mother is Hill Timmeserk and her father Orhan Deniz. Because of her love
of acting since she was a child, she had three years of theatrical education
in her high school. I started writing poetry when She was 15. She joined a
theatre competition at her school and won an acting award at the age of 17.
When I entered university, I went to The University of Aiji, the department of
tourism, but she changed the department and specialized in literature.

Personal information

Birthday: February 28, 1995.
Place of birth: Sivash city in Turkey.
Occupation: Actress and model.
Astronomical Tower:
Nationality: Turkish nationality.
Age 2020: 25.
of activity: from 2013 to the present.

Dylan çiçek ‘s Life Story

Dilan çiçek is a Turkish Muslim actress and model. Born on February 28, 1995,
in The City of Sivash. Her father is Orhan Deniz and her mother is Hill
Timmesyork and both work as a teacher. At the age of 13, she worked in the
fashion industry. She received three years of theatrical education in high
school. At the age of 15, she wrote a poem entitled “I think the sun is my
mother”. At the age of 14, I studied theatre. She attended the Faculty of
Tourism but changed her specialization in literature. She graduated from the
Faculty of Arts at The University of Egi. Also studied and graduated from the
American Academy of Dramatic Arts and made her screen debut in “Honeymoon” in
2013. In 2014, she was nominated for the Beauty Queen Competition in Turkey
and won second place.

Dilan çiçek was crowned miss of her country’s Turkey. In the same competition
she had three other winners in the Miss Turkey 2014 competition. Dilan çiçek
and three other queens, such as The Beauty Queen of the World, crowned Turkey
as the official winner of the competition. She won the title of Miss Earth in
third place. She was then named Miss Turkey International. The 2014 Miss
Turkey Competition was held at Star TV Studios in Istanbul on May 27, 2014.
She then competed in the Miss Universe pageant, but was eliminated.

Dylan çiçek 's Life Story
Dylan çiçek ‘s Life Story

Dilan çiçek deniz acting works

Turkish actress Dilan çiçek deniz, which is considered one of the most famous
and beautiful actresses of Turkey. She began her acting career in 2013 by
playing a role in The Honeymoon. She then participated in several works,
including the series “Daughters of the Sun” and the series “Little Sweet
Liars” and became famous for the role of Sanaa in the series “Al-Hohar”, one
of its most famous roles and most important works. Her successful acting
career was then rolled over.

Series of Dilan çiçek deniz

Dilan çiçek deniz made her first on-screen role with the film “Honeymoon” in
2013. Played a major role in the series “The Bodrum Tale” in 2016. It is a
drama series with a comedy character and the series revolves around a very
wealthy family but is exposed to bankruptcy due to some companies and the
accumulation of taxes and thus a loss of all its property of hotels, ships and
others and hence the family returns to Bodrum to start life from scratch but
can the sons of this family who grew up on a life of luxury and wealth to
adapt to these new conditions. 

From here we find a group of young men and girls who talk about adventures,
exciting events and romantic relationships. Events begin to get tangled up.
The series features a group of heroes, Dilan çiçek deniz. Sival Sam. Mourad
Egin. Timoshin Assen and others and the series directed by Murad Ada
She starred in the series “Al-Pit”, a police drama series, action and crime,
which was screened in 2017 and revolves around a dangerous neighborhood in
Istanbul called The Pit and this area is under the control of a family called
Kushofali. This family tries to protect the area from any danger from
criminals or drug traffickers, but over time some drug traffickers try to
reach the area and trade drugs there and events begin in the stage of action
and adventure to take over the pit. The series features a group of heroes,
Arras Bulut Inmle, and presents the role of the hero Yamash. Dilan çiçek
deniz, which presents the role of Sana Kuchovali, who will face the Kochovali
family and will have to live with them. Ergal Kisal, who plays Idris Sokovali.
Brehan Savash, who plays the role of Sultan Of Kushofali. Najib Mimili, who
portrays The Character of Jomali Kochovali. And other acting stars in Turkey.
Dilan çiçek deniz her religion
Dilan çiçek deniz her religion

The series was a great success. Dilan çiçek plays Sana, the great love of
yamash and his beautiful wife, who is sharp-tempered, but will die in the
second part of the series. However, the audience’s viewership was reduced in
the 18th episode and the audience attributed the reason to Dilan çiçek deniz
in order to focus the episode completely on its presence with Yamash, the hero
of the series in the hospital, as well as the end of the episode was also on
Dylan, which also increased the audience’s displeasure and reduced the
viewership ratios for the next episode, it seems that Dylan was not convincing
to the audience in conveying her feelings through the events of the episode.
But the series was a great success. It is now being shown on Arab screens and
has also met with success among Arab audiences.
Actress Dilan çiçek deniz has contracted a new series entitled “The President”
and will star in the role. Which will soon begin filming for the new season
and will be co-starring actor Burak Deniz, who has begun to read and prepare
for the character and the rest of the staff will be selected in the coming
days. The events revolve around a mafia gang and the events are within the
scope of adventures but in a romantic and interesting nature.
She also played a role in the series “Girls of the Sun” in 2015. She also
presented a series entitled “Little Sweet Girls” in the same year 2015. 
She won the Golden Butterfly Award in 2018 for best TV series. She won the
best television series award at this year’s Star Awards, organized by Yildiz
University and ranked 17th in 2019. In 2018, she won the Best Tv Series award
at the Ayakli Gazete TV Stars Awards.

Kusursuz Kiraci – The Perfect Tenant

Dilan çiçek deniz and her lover

The star, Perkan Sokolo, is Dylan’s lover, but their love story lasted only
three months and they separated. Dylan was linked to Percan a few months after
she broke up with her ex-boyfriend, star Farqan Andesh. The star, with whom
she spent a romantic holiday, posted some pictures of them together on social
media. It is therefore said that the news of their separation is merely a
rumour that has no basis in truth.

The star, Okan Banter, who has been in a relationship with two surrogates for
two years, also broke up with her and justified the breakup because he watched
her in daring scenes through the series The Pit. Turkish newspaper “Posta”
published. The young Turkish actress “Dilan çiçek deniz” . She broke up with
her boyfriend, O’Canter. After a two-year relationship. The newspaper claimed
that the reason for their breakup is its bold scenes recently made by the
tribes in the series “The Hole” . The work that is currently being shown on
Turkish screens.


Dilan çiçek deniz and her lover
Dilan çiçek deniz and her lover