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Information about the actress Kayra Zabcı , who is co-starring in the series “Alparslan” as Alparslan’s new wife.

More data about Kayra Zabcı  Her birth date Her age, religion, height and weight Who is her boyfriend?

Details about “Kayra Zabci” her acting debut. And a lot about the first series she participated in and her new series.

Who is Kayra Zabcı ?

A star born in Istanbul, here is the most important information:

Kayra Zabci was born on August 24, 2001.
Her age in 2022 is 19 years old
Kayra Zabci’s religion is Islam.
Virgo astrological sign
She is 165 cm tall
weighs 47 kg
She studied at the Institute of Acting Conservatory of Istanbul State University

Kayra Zabci
Kayra Zabci

The story of her life and childhood

Our star is Kayra Zabci, an actress who recently starred in Turkish TV dramas despite her young age.

This star participated in the most important TV drama series “Alparslan” to be the new wife of the father. This gives her a major artistic leap.

Kayra Zabci was born in Istanbul, Turkey. Her full name is Kaira Alina Zabji. She was born in August 2001. Kayra Zabci’s astrological sign is Virgo.

she has great physical specifications. Kayra has attractive hazel eyes. She is 165 cm tall and weighs 47 kg. To be considered one of the stars with the perfect body.

Kayra Zabci continues her studies up to the date of this article in the Acting Department of Istanbul State University Conservatory today.

Kayra Zabci attended High School at Mimar Sinan School of Fine Arts. She began acting at the age of twelve as a child actress.

She won first place in the competitions of the best child model in Turkey for the year 2013 and the best child model in the world.

Kayra Zabcı and her boyfriend

Our star “Kyra” is currently not romantically involved. She is only interested in her practical and academic future at the moment. Where he started acting through Turkish series.

One of the most important series is the Great Century, Little Agha, Love Cannot Be Escaped, Syed Al Baher 32 Hours, You Are My Patriot, Gulberry, The House You Were Born Is Your Destiny.

Kayra Zabcı started acting

Kayra Zabci started working as an actress through the series “Harem” in 2013, a series that talks about the Ottoman Empire in a dramatic and historical fiction.

She was 12 years old in the series Harem. In the same year, she entered a new series, “The Sultan’s Harem.”

In 2015, she played a real role in the series “Aydamaya”, which is a family work, fantasy and adventure. At the beginning of 2016, she played the role of Kaira in the short series “Sad El Bahr”.

She played the role of Elif in the Turkish series “The Art of Survival” and its story was about a twenty-year-old boy who lost his mother, father and sister in a traffic accident, who takes a caravan trip with his best friends in order to hold on to life again.

Kayra Zabci
Kayra Zabci

Kayra Zabci series

One of the most famous Kayra Zabci series in which she participated is “You Are My Homeland” in 2017 and 2018.

As for her real beginning, she showed her talent in the Gulberry series. When she played the role of Gulberry when she was young.

She participated in a strong role in the series Home. In it she played the role of Jasmine. The series was shown in 2019-2020.

Kayra Zabci starred in the Netflix series Another Self. which premiered in 2022.

“Canim Annem” series

She played the character of Nazli’s half-sister in the series “Canim Annem” and the story of the series revolved around Zainab, an innocent and beautiful girl who is very fond of her mother.

One day her mother Cemre died in an accident. No one can tell Zainab that her mother died.

Zainab was born with a heart condition and is not strong enough to stand the news.

When she was dying, Zainab’s mother was so slandered that Murat, who had been madly in love with her, now hates her so fiercely.

Now that Asude has the perfect conditions to get Murat to marry Melek, the woman she would like to see as her daughter-in-law.

The night that Zeynep finds out about her mother’s death, she also finds out that Murat is going to marry Melek and is attacked. When Zainab’s heart is about to stop, a miracle happens.

Kayra Zabçi
Kayra Zabçi

She came across Zainab Nazli, who looks exactly like her mother. Zainab’s life is saved in time as she hugs Nazli thinking she is her mother.

Murat offers Nazli, a woman who looks just like his wife he hates, to become the surrogate mother for her daughter until she undergoes surgery.

No one, not even Nazli knew Jammar were twins. However, fate had sent her there to find out the truth.

Alparslan’s wife’s

Kayra Zabci participates in the famous Turkish historical series “Alparslan. To play the role of the new wife’s traveller.

Kaira will appear in the second season of Alp Navrose, starring Barış Ardesh. To be her first tournament.

Fahriye Afghan has withdrawn from the series Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu, starring Barış Arduç, and has announced that she will replace Fahriye Afghan as the second wife of actress Kayra.

Rising star Kayra Zabci, 21, will be Barış Arduç’s soon-to-be partner, and will play Rehlat Khatun, the Sultan’s consort and Malikshah’s mother, in the second season of the series “Alparslan.”

The star Kayra Zabci participated in a number of acts during the past period, the most important of which is the series “Your Destiny is the House In Which You Were Born,” known as “My Home,” Doğduğun Ev Kaderindir, and she also participated in the Gülperi series.

Instagram Kayra Zabci and Facebook

Kaira has many pages to her name but most of them are for her fans. As for her official account on Instagram, the number of followers has reached more than 30 thousand. And her account is “kayrazabci”