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Ayça Bingöl, her religion, her age, her husband, her nationality, her life story, her place of birth, her date of birth, her works, her artistic beginnings.

Ayça Bingöl


Her academic qualifications, her astrological sign, and the role of Jamila in the series “Mar Al-Zaman”, all of which we will present to you in a complete and detailed report on her.

Information about Ayça Bingöl

Birthplace: Moda, Istanbul, Turkey.
Birthdate: January 16, 1975.
Marital Status: Married.
Spouse’s name: Ali Gokmen Altug
Number of boys: 2 Layla and Elaine.
Astrological sign: Capricorn.
Academic qualification: She graduated from the theater department of the Conservatory of Istanbul University.
Graduation year: 1998.
Artistic debut: 1996.
Religion of Ayça Bingöl Islam.
Nationality: Turkish.
Occupation: Actress.
Weighing: 50 kg.
Length: 163 cm.
Age: 45 years old.

Actress Ayça Bingöl’s life story

Ayça Bingöl is a Turkish artist who has done many wonderful and many works. Actress Ayça Bingöl grew up in a middle class family, her mother works in a bank while her father works as a typist, and she was without a brother for seventeen years of her age and then her mother gave birth to a brother, which was one of the ambitions of the actress Ayça Bingöl wanted to become a dentist, but when she finished her secondary school studies, she could not fulfill her dream because of her grades, so she entered the chemistry department, but a year after entering the university, she decided to become an actress, so she joined the Music Institute, took some tests and passed them, and that was in 1994.

Actress Ayça Bingöl graduated from the theater department of the Conservatory of Istanbul University in 1998. Bingöl started in the field of art and acting in 1996, when she first appeared on stage, and the first theater she acted in was Dorman Theater, which is considered one of the largest and oldest theaters in Turkey. Acting on the stages of other major theaters.

Actress Ayça Bingöl appeared in many commercials, series and television films, and not only did that, but also appeared in many wonderful plays at the beginning of her artistic career, and she also worked in dubbed cartoons.

The 45-year-old actress, Ayça Bingöl, is very famous not only in Turkey but throughout the Arab world, many viewers loved her because of her wonderful acting and mastery of the roles she plays.

It is known about Turkish artists, especially women, that they do not like to talk much about their affairs and personal life, so we do not know many things about the life of actress Ayça Bingöl, but all we know is that she married theatrical actor Ali Gokmen Altuğ, and that was in 2001 and the actress Ayça Bingöl announced About the fact that she gave birth to twin daughters named Layla and Elaine, and she also published some photos that bring them together, actress Ayça Bingöl won many wonderful awards during her artistic career, which indicates her wonderful acting talent.

Awards won by Ayça Bingöl

She received the New Theater magazine’s Work and Achievement Award as the best actress in a supporting role in the play Chekhov’s Machine in 2013.
She won the Antalya TV Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series in a series Like This Time in 2012, and she also won the same award in 2011.

She won an award at the 38th Golden Butterfly Awards as Best Actress in a Drama for her role in a series Like This Time in 2011.
She won the sixth theater award as the best actress of the year for her role in the series I Need Picasso in 2008.
won an award at the 12th Afifi Awards for her role in the series I Need Picasso in 2008.
She won the 16th Ciragan Lions Award for Best Actress that year for her role in the series Pale River Face in 2009.

Actress Ayça Bingöl’s role in the series “Ala Al Zaman”

Actress Ayça Bingöl participated in this wonderful work by performing the role of “Jamila”, who is Ali the captain’s wife and was a dedicated housewife. The series revolves around a family consisting of a husband named Ali who works as a captain and his wife is Jamila and works as a housewife and four children, two girls and two sons, and there is also a mother Ali is with them at home, while Ali travels to America, he falls in love with a girl named Caroline, and she always urges him to abandon his wife and children. In a very bad far house.

Ayça Bingol plays

She participated in the play Chekhov’s Machine in 2013.
She participated in the play Pale River Face in 2008.
participated in the play I Need a Pascal, which was in 2007.
She participated in the play Paramparça in 2006.
She participated in the play Klakson, Borazan and Bırtlar in 2001.
participated in the play Today Goes Tomorrow Comes and that was in 2001.
She participated in the play One Above in 1999.

Ayça Bingöl series

the series cennetin çocukları 2022

She participated in the series My Name Gultepe, and that work was in 2014.

She participated in an international series, and that was in 2013.
She participated in the series Mara Al Zaman and played the role of Jamila from 2010 to 2013.
participated in the series Young Women in 2008.
She participated in the series Fast and Furious 5 in 2011.
She participated in the series Samanyolu in 2010.
participated in the series Hadd Al-Skin in 2007.
She participated in the series “The Secret of the Stones” in 2006.
She participated in the series Magic Mother from 2004 to 2006.
participated in the series Gharib in the House in 2000.
She participated in the series “Secret File” in 1999.

Ayca Bingol movies

She participated in some dubbed films, including Atlantis: The Lost Empire, in 2001.
Also, the 1999 movie, An Astronaut’s Wife.
The Shark Story movie, 2004.
Ice Age 2 movie in 2006.
I can’t sleep while the moon is growing movie in 2011.

Ayca Bingöl’s photo

There are a bunch of the most wonderful pictures of the artist Iga, which she collects with her family, and there are many pictures that show the beauty of the look of the actress Iga, which was taken for her on some of the occasions she attended, and we will show them to you.

Actress Ayça Bingöl


Ayça Bingöl

Religion of Ayça Bingöl Islam