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Young Turkish star Ilayda Akdogan and information about her age, nationality and place of residence, and information about the school she studied at and the college she graduated from. Wants to communicate with her.

Curriculum Vitae

Birth Name: Elida Akdogan
Profession: actress
Residence: Istanbul
Date of Birth: July 21, 1998
Age: 20 years old
Nationality: Turkish
School: I graduated from Saint Joseph High School
University: Mimar Sinan State University Conservatory, where she received training on violin and piano damask
Length: 1.63 cm
And her weight: 52 kg
Eye color: brown
Hair color: coffee brown
Astrological sign: Cancer
Marital status: unmarried


Elida Akdogan Series and Movies

2014 War of the Roses – Golru
2013 Love Story – Gilan
2012 in February – Jilin
2010 Turkan – Turhan
2008 Day Night – Pinar
2008 Yes, sir – Caramel
2007 The Storm of Love – Milda Talay
2006 Susman songs – Ishaan
2006 The Phantom Princess – Sedef
2006 Three Daughters by Pertif Beck – Nermin
2005 Open Doors – Gulchin
2004 Shoulder – Bellin
2004 Glass Shoes – Gulchin

the movies

2014 sea level – Damla
2013 You are shining at night – Dafna
2012 is a long story.- Yalla
2011 Tahrir Final Destination – Tolay
2011 short film Al-Alaa – Brother
2010 Chakal.Deniz
2010 Her Majesty Sultana Kosem – Amina Sultana Kosem
2009 Barefoot on Campus – Abro
2009 Bornova Bornova – Ozlim

Complete information about Elida Akdogan

Ilayda Akdogan is a well-known Turkish actress born on July 21, 1998 in Istanbul, Turkey. She is best known for her role in the 2015 hit movie Mustang. It was led by first director Deniz Camzi Ervgen. Ilayda Akdogan is 20 years old. She later appeared as Asuman in the TV series Dolunay. Several years before her acting career, she joined the world of social media by creating her Twitter account in July 2010. After getting her first credit, she became popular on Instagram having gained more than 210,000 followers since then.

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Her role in the movie Mustang

She participated in the movie Mustang and was playing the role of Sonay. The story of the film revolves around a rural village in Turkey, women and girls are fighting for their most basic rights: to education, to a human life without being subjected to domestic violence, the right to self-determination, and the right to get rid of their dependence on men, some of whom are still They pay their lives for that cruel war, and Laila is the younger sister, and her star character, Gunesh Shinsoy, embodies four teenage girls, and although she is the only one among them who has not yet begun adolescence, she lives with them the turmoil of that critical and difficult stage of their lives, which is made more difficult by the actions of a reactionary father who practices on them Various forms of violence end with the forced marriage of two of them, while what the third and fourth did on their wedding day turned the life of the child Laila upside down and made her make a strict and shocking decision for a child of her age. The Turkish film “Mustang” was nominated for an Oscar in 2015 in the Best Picture category. A foreigner, he has caused quite a stir with his daring story, and has been nominated for nearly 40 awards around the world, receiving nearly 20 of them.


Ilayda Akdogan boyfriend

Ilayda Akdogan in Dolunay

The Dolunay series or the full moon in Turkish, Dolunay, and includes some Japanese scenes, which gained great fame in the Arab world in 2017, was shown for the first time on July 4, 2017, and the duration of the episode does not exceed two hours, and there are episodes of two hours and twenty minutes, while the number of episodes of the series Only 26 episodes and there is only one season so far, and although the number of episodes is few, there are many events and interesting scenes.

After that, the story of the Dolunay series begins, where Nazli is presented in order to work on a cooking job in Farid Aslan’s house and discovers that he is a complex character that is difficult to understand with, and sets many laws, regulations and conditions that are difficult for Nazli and she cannot bear, but she is patient, because she needs to work, then You start working hard to hold on to the job and then they have a loving and affectionate relationship. And the story of the Dolunay series also talks about the tragic accident that happened with Farid’s sister and her husband, which led to their death, and the survival of their young son, Umut, forcing Farid to raise him in his home, and the child learns, relates and loves Nazli, and this contributes to Becoming a family friend and a cook in Fred’s house, which makes Fred admire Nazli, and then Nazli opens her own restaurant and many problems appear that strain the relationship between Farid and Nazli, and in the end all problems are found solutions, and the story of the Dolunay series ends with their marriage and interest in raising the child Umut.