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Aslihan Malbora

Aslihan Malbora religion

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Aslihan Malbora – Aslihan Malbora Zeynep, the heroine of the Aglama anne

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beginning, her work and her upcoming projects, her upbringing, her family,

her lover, many secrets about her life that she knows for the first time, her
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Personal card and private information about it

Date of Birth: March 1, 1995, AD.

Age in 2018: 23 years old.
Place of
Birth: She was born in Afyon – Turkey.
Nationality: Turkey.
Malbora’s religion: Muslim.
Aslihan Malbora and her husband: In love with
Metin Temel.
Weight: 52 kg.

Height: 163 cm.
Hair colour:
Eye colour: brown.
Astrological sign: Pisces.

qualification: Istanbul Technical University, Department of Food and Chemical
When did she start her artistic career: She started her
artistic career in 2017.

What is her favorite sport: swimming.
is her hobby: Her hobbies are traveling, listening to music, spending a lot of
time with her boyfriend.

Works of Aslihan Malbora Movies, TV Shows, Plays

2022 Herseye Ragmen (completed) 2021 Üç Kurus (TV Series) Leyla 2021
Etkileyici (TV Series) Leyla Demir 2021 Geçen Yaz 2021 Oluversin Gari 2020
Aile Hükümeti 2020

Gel Dese Ask (TV Series) 2019 Her Yerde Sen (TV Series)
2018 Aglama anne (TV Series) 2018 Kalbimin Sultani (TV Series) 2017 Seven Ne
Yapmaz (TV Mini Series)

Secrets, his life story, biography, origin and study

Aslihan Malbora is a young Turkish actress, born in the Turkish city of
Afyon, a diligent child, with great energy. Her studies were far from art and

she studied the Department of Food Engineering and Chemical
Engineering and at the same time, at Istanbul Technical University, but she
insisted that she study acting at Academy 35.5 Art House.

Getting started with acting

Aslihan Malbora started the real artistic work through the role of
Zeynep in the series (The Lover Does the Impossible) in 2017,

although it is a simple but influential role, and it affected the viewer a lot, he was
impressed by her beauty, presence, and ability to act,

despite the simplicity of the role, but it succeeded a lot. The story of the work, revolves around
Nazli, a village girl who lived in a village,

Ozan is the eldest heir to a rich family. His father punished him and sent him to the village where his
father was raised. There he met Nazli

after many events, Ozan was actually put in place to marry Nazli, On the day of the wedding, his mother called him and left her, starring (Deniz Gundoğdu – Emre Bulut – Ulas Albayrak – Ferzan
Hekimoglu – Sirin Sirince – Sirhat Barel – Leyla Kadir Ilhan).

2018, I participated in the role of Saliha Bint Al Sultan, a short TV
historical series, a drama and a comedy, about Sultan Mahmoud and Anna, who
teaches his children French,

after pressure from the Russian ambassador on Anna to become a spy inside the palace, but Sultan Mahmoud fell in love with he Russian school, As for the role of Asli, she presented the role of the arrogant daughter of the Sultan, who refuses to learn,

strengthens her
sisters against the teacher Anna in order to reject her, and she is expelled
from the palace, this series starring (Ali Ersen Duru – Alexandra Nikiforova –
Emil Joggin – Tuncer Salman – Taner Rumli – Bulent Siran – Saadi Silil Cengiz
– Dimitri Shecherbina).

Zeynep from Aglama anne

Among the most recent works that she presented as Zeynep in the series
Aglama anne, Zeynep is a girl born from an illegal relationship, her mother
entered prison after she tried to kill her, and she was raised by her aunt,
who raised her as her mother, and in the midst of her family who insisted on
Zeynep books in the name of her aunt and not her mother After her mother’s
release from prison, she wants to take her daughter Zeinab, and introduce her
to herself. This work stars (Perse Akalay – Ozlem Yilmaz – Kansel Elkin –
Sezen Akpasbulogari – Selim Bayraktar – Ekin Mert Dimaz – Nihan Koldas).

Her personal secrets and relationships

As for the actress’s passion life, she shared more than one picture of
her with a young man named Metin Temel on her official Instagram, and when her
followers asked her about him, she knew him as her lover.

Laila, the heroine of the series Three quruş üç kuruş

When a serial killer stalks a Romani neighborhood, a hardboiled police
captain teams up with a Gypsy crime boss to bring the killer to justice.

Zeynep from Aglama anne
Zeynep from Aglama anne
Actress Aslihan Malbora
Actress Aslihan Malbora
Aslihan Malbora
Aslihan Malbora