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The Turkish series duy beni is a new youth work. It will be shown on the Turkish Star Channel soon. The first trailer was published on June 10, 2022. Let’s know the story of the duy beni series in detail, who are the heroes of the series and brief information about them.

duy beni series

Family series. It takes place in a school. In which he told many new and exciting stories about a group of students, teachers and families.

Duy Beni, directed by Ali Belgi and written by Makbouli Kossif (Heartbeat, Mother’s Secret Child). This work has a large staff of young Turkish stars. duy beni, a series of star TV.

Filming for the first episodes began on June 10, 2022, to be shown in the summer season. And enters in the list of summer business for this year a competitor. Especially since this series is my youth.

The date of the series duy beni will be shown at the end of June on the Turkish Star TV channel.

The story of the series duy beni

The events of the Turkish series duy beni revolve around bullying in schools. The first promo showed a girl inside a school who, along with everyone else inside that school, tries to hear her but they can’t hear her.

On the other hand, a woman named “Bahar” appears, who started teaching in the “Dogro” school after she was working in a non-governmental organization to fight drugs.

Bahar will make many mistakes at the beginning of her work as a teacher due to the lack of experience in this job, but with time, she will realize how much bullying and the problems some girls face and is shared by this teacher “Hackman”.

stars duy beni

The heroes of the Duy Beni series are Rabia Soytürk and Janir Topcho, the heroes of the new Star Channel series “Listen to Me”, and Helen Kandemir, Berk Hackman and Burak Jan joined the work. The duy beni series has a great crew joined by Feride Şetin, Dorol Bazin, Itash Yoshun and Badir Bader join the cast of the series “duy beni” starring Rabia Soytürk and Caner Topçu.

The heroine of the series, Rabia Soytürk

Co-starring in the duy beni series, actress Rabia Soytürk. Which presents the role of a girl student in the school. The artist, Rabia Sotik, was born on March 11, 1996. She is now 24 years old. Her nationality is Turkish, and she is Pisces. Her height is 1.66 cm and weight is 52 kg. As for family data and family details, they are unknown and we will present them to you when accessing them. The artist, Rabia, is a graduate of the Faculty of Health, Nursing Department in Istanbul, her religion is currently unknown.

Although it was her first artistic work, through this series she was able to achieve remarkable success and worked to prove her artistic talent. The Personality series is a Turkish drama series that revolves around Turkish crime and mystery. The series’ author is Hakan Gunday – directed by Onur Saylak and produced by the moon” .

Also co-starring is the actress Eje Kokkanli who plays the role of Bahar, a teacher at Dogro School. In 2013, when she was eleven years old, Ege had her first acting experience with the Best Friend series, and she participated in the series “Anatolian Tiger”, “Yahzi Kazepi”, “Maalem Kemal”, “Chalikosu”, “Cichik”, “No” Never Surrender” and “Daughters of the Sun”.

Aegean Kokinli is about 166 cm tall. Which brings Yagmur to life in the Forbidden Apple series on TV audio. She embodied the character of Marie in the Calikusu series. It was adapted from the Resat Nuri Gultekin novel of the same name. In 2015, she appeared in the series Cunesun Kizlari Girls Of The Sun in 2017. The Babar tunc character gave life to Heartbeat.

The hero of the series Caner Topçu

The hero of the series is the young actor Caner Topçu. The handsome actor, who was born in June 1997, is a native of Istanbul. It’s a stage name. He has acted in many plays before. As of today, next to the theater, he also takes part in film actions and TV series. He continues his life in the Kartal district of Istanbul.

He is kind-hearted as the owner of pain feelings, emotional and intuition with pain, and is characterized by loyalty and mercy. Creativity: It is characterized by a wide imagination that is likely to be transformed into a story or reality in a short period of time. Loving and giving: loves giving and loving from the heart and loves to give care. Loyal: He is interested in forming a secure and faithful relationship that lasts with him, as he is a person who loves preservation and deep and sincere emotional relationships, because he tends to always be careful, and is loyal to those he loves.

He got on his feet with his first acting attempt with the TV series called The Shift Nöbet, which was broadcast on Show TV. In 2019, this moment joined the cast of the series Barbarossa for the year 2021, who is considered one of the modern productions of TRT screens, to embody the character of Elias in the series. The character Elias, played by Janir Topshaw, is the brother of Khidir Rais (Engin Altan). In addition to this, Ulaş Tuna Astepe and Yetkin Dikinciler also participated in the series.