The story of the series ah where ah nerede

Ah Nerede The new series, which began filming in Istanbul, has been announced and is eagerly awaited by viewers. Let’s learn more information about the series ah where ah nerede who are its heroes, what is its story, its show date and channel in the following article.


Series Ah Where ah nerede

A new summer series called Ah Where is being filmed. Filming of its first episode has already begun in Istanbul. It is one of the most awaited series by viewers.

The director of the series is Yolant Aspelin. Based on a Turkish movie, the story is based on Orhan Aksoy and Sadık Şendil’s original script, bringing the film back to life from the past to the present.

The story of the series ah where ah nerede

The series revolves around the “three sons of Hakim (Tariq Babuçoğlu) and Sneha (Ayesha Çubuk) Serpetlioglu, one of the prominent families in Bursa, who were sent to Istanbul for university education, to live a life they never expected.

Their middle son Murat (Korhan Herdoran) is a voucher junkie who bets on everything in life when he should have studied law. Their young son Omar (Batuhan Siirt), who they believed was studying engineering, became a musician working in bars. Their eldest son, Fred (Oktay Gubok), left medical school unbeknownst to his family, and turned into an irredeemable womanizer with his father’s money.

Fred is a womanizer her whole life is women. The unique that beautiful and young girls dream of getting married. He enjoys being a spoiled child in the face of girls’ attention and isn’t satisfied with just one. He loved three different girls on different tracks and skillfully managed each of them. Until he meets a flower.

When Burçak (Asena Keskinci), Nihal (Berfe Sancak) and Sera (Melis Özçimen) realize they have been deceived, they band together and plot a plan for revenge.

They will break Fred’s heart just as Fred broke their own. The architect of this plan is Zahra (Nil Keser), who lives with her mother Berrihan (Derya Alapura), her brother Ali (Mert Karim), her cousin Hori (Bala Atabek) and her niece Duigu (the best Turkeyalmaz).

The heroes of the series ah where ah nerede

Oktay Çubuk will play ‘Firat’ and Nil Keser will play ‘Flower’ in the series. “Oh Where” is coming soon to Star with its warm story that will warm your heart.

It is clear that it was the first work in which Nil Keser contributed, the series “The Crazy School” is a comedy series produced in 2014. He was stopped on his feet to perform roles by a group of young actors who perfected their roles, which were largely comedic. It is a work that was produced in several works, it was made as a movie and its production was recovered in various seasons.

The events of the series revolve around the universities and the youth they attend, and the series discusses their problems and conditions and what these years and this stage mean regarding university youth.

The series also includes the entertainment life of university students, which is represented in the recreational activities carried out by the university, not to mention the tourist trips that young people spend on the beach or between tourist resorts. The series was produced in 2014, and the series is directed by the Turkish director Yasin Uslu.


ah nerede

The heroine of the series ah nerede

She is Zahra, who does not trust men, advises the young women to take revenge on the man who did this to them instead of eating each other. However, there is something he does not know. Zahra will be the main role in the revenge that will be taken from the spinner Fred. Things get complicated when the Vered family discovers in Bursa that their son is not studying.

Star Nil Keser has a joyful childhood life, who started acting at the age of 19. She was the owner of a strong advent and a likable personality. Nil Keser, born in Istanbul in 2019. The public asks her about her religion. Is she Muslim or Christian? We recently confirmed that she embraces the Islamic religion. The beautiful face received a strong acting education and joined acting workshops to strengthen her overwhelming talent.

Nil Keser is 160 cm tall and weighs only 55 kg. Butterfly of sad floral butterflies. Her astrological sign is Aries. Born on March 25th. She loves to help people and give gifts to the needy and help in times of adversity, life for her is not mutual relations, but mutual possession, and everything is subject to exchange. The house is in the process of disciplinary action because the practices of the house do not absorb her talents and creativity, and she was not created for the sake of producing children. It may give warmth and a feeling of family, so beware that you hold the newspaper and have breakfast with her, so do not distract her with the newspaper, for she is not a maid who prepares the breakfast. Try to convey to her your feelings and feelings as evidence of happiness, so wake up before its time and prepare yourself breakfast, and do not bother yourself with the difficulty of conversation.

Main Actor of Oh Where

The male lead will be played by young actor Oktay Çubuk. Oktay Çubuk was born on March 12, 1996 in Izmir, completed his secondary education at the American College of Izmir, entered Bilgi University and the Department of Film and Television and got first place in the Faculty of Communication and continued his education there with a full scholarship. Having received his acting education at the Cüneyt Sayil atelier, he attended several workshops. He made his debut in the TV series Heaven’s Tears, then starred in Nisan Dağ’s One Breath. Finally, he will portray the character of Firat in the series Ask Ağlatır on Show TV.