Ölmeden Önce

The story of Ölmeden Önce, Before death



The exciting digital series Ölmeden Önce has a distinct and new story. For the great Turkish stars. They are Ugur Yucel, Erkan Petkkaya, Najib Memli, Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan and Nazan Kesal. Let’s learn about the entire working cast and its story in detail in the following article.

Ölmeden Önce series

The series is wonderful about 8 people who have confidence that they will die, so what will they do. The series Ölmeden Önce is a digital work of only 8 episodes. Produced by Gold Film and will be shown on Trt. Filming for the first episodes will be very soon. It will start on June 20, 2022.

The story of the series Ölmeden Önce

The series Ölmeden Önce revolves around 8 people who know they are going to die. Each episode will tell the story of a person and how he will reform his condition before the promised day.

The story is very interesting with a lot of interesting events. We live with each of the eight people.

Produced by Gold Film for the TRT digital platform, filming will start on June 20. The series tells about eight people who know they are going to die. Each episode will show the story of one of them starring big stars: Uğur Yücel, Erkan Petekkaya, Necip Mimili, Ahmed Mumtaz Taylan and Nazan Kesal.

Cast of Ölmeden Önce

The cast of Ölmeden Önce has a very large and distinguished cast. They are Ugur Yucel, Erkan Petkia, Najib Memli, Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan and Nazan Kesal.

The most important star of the work is the actor Arkan Petkia, after the great actor Arkan Petkia aspired from Anadolu University, he succeeded in acquiring a job, which is the job in the Istanbul State Theatre, and continued to strive in this profession for 12 years, he obtained the abundant amount of evaluation certificates in recognition of his great effort in Theatrical voltage adjustment.

The able Turkish artist, Arkan Batakia, turned to the television effort. He contributed for the first time to presenting a group of entertainment programs, such as hidden camera programs, and so in the year 1994 AD, he actually succeeded in providing himself to the audience in these types of programs.

Arkan Petkia’s ambition was not limited to his work in the Turkish theater and the entertainment programs in which he contributed, and he had a greater ambition than that. Very good, and he made a profit from these actions, which achieved a large number of successes that he did not expect.

The most important factor that helped him to act is his huge artistic presence and his desire to seek excellence and fame. One of the directors who worked with Arkan Batkia stated that Arkan has the advantage that he has his own artistic performance that makes him distinguished in a number of artistic roles in which he can achieve success, and those The roles were specially designed for the artist Arkan Battakia.

Behind the scenes of the series

Casting: Ugur Yucel, Arkan Petkaya, Najib Memli, Ahmed Mumtaz Taylan, Nazan Kisal.
Number of episodes: 8 episodes
Episode duration: 45 minutes
It will tell the story of 8 people who know they are going to die.
Produced by Gold Film, it will be shown on the state channel TRT.
Filming will start on June 20, 2022.

Nazan Kisal participates in the tournament

Nazan Kisal is co-starring in this work. She is a theater and film actress, TV series actress and director. After Nazan Kisal completed her primary and secondary education in Manisa, she joined in 1991 the Department of Theater – Acting at the Faculty of Fine Arts at 9 September University in Izmir. She graduated Of which.

In 2004, she worked as a director and actress in Diyarbakir State Theater. The star who was appointed to Bursa State Theater in early 2004 worked in private groups such as Ankara Sanatevi Theatre, Theatre, Istanbul Theatre, Diyarbakir Arts Center, and worked in many Republic Theaters, her first acting attempt with the Super Papa series in 1993, until today, she has appeared in a large number of television skits, such as “Virtue Lady and Girls”.

I also presented the Child series in 2019, and despite the fact that the work has a large amount of beautiful facts and the viewer loved it and interacted with it, the sad news is that it ended in episode (18), and the series has gone through very abundant developments, the first of which is Hassan knowing that (Asia) is his mother And that she left him in the shelter all these years, and out of her children’s hatred for her, she thought of committing suicide, but he saved her, and that Ali Kamal changed into a selfish person who wanted to keep everything for himself, until the followers were surprised by the transformation of his kind, compassionate and principled personality to one who stood on his feet by burning the work place of his other brother Brother, he made a fake story on Aksha in order to dominate her.

Cast of Ölmeden Önce
Cast of Ölmeden Önce