The story of series Kasaba Doktoru – village doctor


Information about the story of the Kasaba Doktoru series, the Turkish action taken from the famous Korean series, The Romantic Doctor. Several stars have joined this work, Kasaba Doktoru, which is scheduled to be shown in the upcoming fall season. Let’s get to know the stars and crew of the series and the heroes of the story with the story in detail.


Kasaba Doktoru series

Kasaba Doktoru is one of the Turkish series for which he has begun preparations to start filming next March. This series is based on a popular Korean series, The Romantic Doctor. Choosing the heroes of the work began, preparing the filming locations and choosing the appropriate location for the series.

Kasaba Doktoru staff

So far, star Deniz Can Aktaş, actress Hazal Subasi and actor Ozan Akbaya have been chosen to star in the action. Actor Ozan wrote on his page that the series Kasaba Doktoru is produced by “ARC Yapım.” It is scheduled to be shown on TRT1 channel.

Kasaba Doktoru’s story in detail

Our series is adapted from “The Romantic Doctor”, a Korean series. The story of Kasaba Doktoru is about a genius male doctor. He chooses to work in a small hospital in a village. We watch the good and exciting dramatic events that occur with each case that this doctor enters into.

My two main hero Kasaba Doktoru

Actress Hazal Subasi and star actor Deniz Can Aktaş joined the series Kasaba Doktoru. Ozan Akbaba is the star of the work, and the search for the rest of the stars of the work continues until the beginning of March and the start of filming.

Let’s find out who “Ozan Kababa” is. The star Ozan Akbaba was born in Kars, Turkey on June 9, 1982. He is a famous Turkish film, television and theater actor. He graduated from Akdeniz University from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design. He began his artistic career in 2007, as he participated in the series “Riyah Al-Hoor”. Ozan has been involved in the plethora of important Turkish technical procedures. Including: Bandits Will Not Rule the World Series, Back Streets, and the Kings Club.

Jara worked as a chef throughout his childhood years, going to the theater with the money he earned. Then he began acting in theaters. Even though he studied interior architecture at his father’s behest throughout his university studies, he was unable to demonstrate his love for acting. “My dad said, ‘Take that craft, you’re doing your job. “I was in the theater, though. I play in short films. I was writing a script code. I was not far from art. ”

Denise’s participation in Kasaba Doktoru

Star actor “Deniz Can Aktaş” has agreed to star in the series. Next to the rest of the action stars Ozan Kababa and Hazal Subasi. He is a Turkish actor at the beginning of his artistic career, but he was able to gain a great position among the stars quickly. He was born in the town of Izmir, in the year 2014, weighing 75 kg, 183 cm tall. A model in Turkey, after that he gained great popularity among his generation. He is an example to young people. He loves to play football and always performs sports exercises. He loves to travel a lot. He entered the world of acting and started acting in 2015 and was famous for his role in the famous Turkish series Sweet Little Liars.

Behind-the-scenes photos

The Kasaba Doktoru series is being prepared for the beginning of filming in March 2022. The series starring Hazal Subashi, whose birth was May 2, 1996. Her astrological sign is Taurus, she was born in Izmir, Turkey, and has a brother named Batuhan. She joined Izmir University of Economics and studied public relations, publishing and promotion, and decided to study that major because she knew that it would bring her closer to the stardom that she had dreamed of since her childhood and reaching fame.

Denise's participation in Kasaba Doktoru

Denise's participation in Kasaba Doktoru