The Story of gul masali – Rose Tale



 Story of gul masali The new series gul masali on ATV screens, “gul masali”, has attracted attention after its propaganda and has already managed to enter the radar of TV series fans. An investigation began into the details of the “gul masali” series produced in pastel colours. Find out what is the subject of the series Rose Tale, who are the actors? On what day will it be published?

Turkish series gul masali

Saadullah Senturk sits on the chair of the Director of the Signed Bastille Series, and Ypres Bora Kahyoglu writes the script. The series gul masali will be shown on the screen in the new season of 2022 in the summer. The cast of the new series includes familiar faces. The main roles in the series are Gülber Ozdemir, who we know from the TV series Tell Me, Black Sea, and Erdem Kaynarca, who we watched in the TV series The Forbidden Apples. The audience explores the duo’s harmony and the theme of the series. You can find out the details of the series from our news.

The story of the series gul masali

It tells the story of Rose, the tale of Gonka, who encounters the mysterious secrets of the past thanks to the inheritance left to her after the death of her mother, and Toprak, the son of the Atapi family, one of the leading families of Sparta. The series “Hekayat al-Ward”, written by Ypres Bora and Dilek Aydogdu and directed by Saadullah Şentürk, will be a drama. The series will focus on the story of Junek and Toprak.

Stars of the series gul masali

The cast of the series is as follows:

Gulber Ozdemir
Erdem Kaynarca
Sarp Can Koroglu
Bulent Dozgunoglu
Gulchin Hatihan
know a knife
Aisha Neil Shamlioglu
swat singer
website genay

Showtime and channel

The new series gul masali will be shown on ATV Screens An investigation has begun into the subject and actors of the “gul masali” series, which is planning an ambitious entry for the summer season and attracting public attention through a published promotion.

Erdem Kainarca the hero

The starring role is played by the artist Erdem Kainarca. Erdam was born in Istanbul in 1992. He lived and grew up there in his family. He is a very rational person, and loves dedication to his work. When he was six years old, he resolved to become a philosopher, and his dream was to study philosophy, as he was an athletic boy, March Swimming and entered competitions for a period of four years until he became a professional in it, and as soon as he was twelve years old, he started playing a large number of sports besides swimming, the most important of which are yoga, tennis and basketball, even the sport of the round witch American football. It was his beginning acting by him.

 Gulber Ozdemir the heroine

The starring role will be played by the beautiful actress Gulber Ozdemir. She is a young actress from Turkey. She was born in 1990 in the city of the Federal Republic of Germany. She completed her secondary and university studies and began taking courses and lessons to have a scientific background close to talent. She quickly became one of the most searched stars on the Internet and social media.

We go back to her beginning. She worked as a waitress (submitting applications) when she was a student in Frankfurt. She met a member of a Turkish advertising agency and told her that she had a beautiful face and wanted him to photograph her, until the director of the series (Flinta) saw her and she became a main actress, but she was unable to continue due to her studies. After she finished her studies, she came to Istanbul.

Her first acting experience was through (Tell Me Love Me) and then the series (Black Writing), she gained fame through her role in the series Teach Me How to Love, despite her few roles, except that she got the attention of fans and made her a huge fan base, as she has the face of Beautiful slim body, culture and education, she performs sports exercises all the time to maintain her physical fitness.

Pictures from the scenes of the series

A group of photos from the Turkish series Gul Masali. A soon-to-be summer series is coming soon to ATV screens. The first teaser trailer for the Rose novel series was released and watched by millions of fans. There are a few great details in the presentation. Among the summer projects that will be launched instead of the season finale and the series that reaches the final, Warda’s novel appears to be a highly ambitious work. Soon, the biggest promotion of the series reached the height of social media follow-up. The characters who watched the promo began to search for solutions to the questions of where the work was filmed and who are the actors of Ward’s story. 

gul masali