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Personal card and private information

Metin Akdulger was born on April 10, 1988.
Age in 2019: 31 years old.
Place of Birth: Born in Bursa – Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Height: 184 cm.
Weight: 75 kg.
Hair colour: brown.
Eye colour: brown.
What is the religion of Metin Akdulger: Muslim.
Astrological sign: It is the sign of Aries.
Academic/scientific qualification: Graduated from Koç University, Department of International Relations.
Wife or Girlfriend of Metin Akdulger: Unmarried
When did his artistic career begin: His artistic career began in 2011.

Metin Akdulger and his girlfriend
Metin Akdulger and his girlfriend

Works by Metin Akdulger Films, TV shows, and plays

Madd and Jazr series 2013 – Mothers and Mothers 2015 – Harem of Sultan (Cosim) – Heroes – Without Me – Bank of Broken Hearts.

Secrets, his life story and biography

An actor born in the Stock Exchange in Turkey, from an immigrant family, his astrological sign is Aries, his love for art is not purely coincidental, but he loves acting from a young age. Successful, so he excelled in this field and direction, but his dream was not only to become a famous model, but his dream was bigger and more important, he wished to become an actor, so he took intensive acting lessons, and attended hundreds of acting workshops.

His artistic beginnings are acting

The fifth series, the series was among the most successful productions in the world, in addition to receiving positive reviews, commenting many times as being better than the original, and winning two awards in the categories of “Best Actress” and “Best Musical Ensemble” at the No. Golden Butterfly Awards. 41 in 2014, and at the 42nd Golden Awards in 2015 he received four awards at the same time in the categories of “Best Actress”, “Best Actor”, “Best Series Director” and “Best Band Music”, the story of the series Tides revolves around Yaman, who lives in a suburb of Istanbul, was arrested one day for stealing a car, which was stolen by his brother, exonerating Yaman from his brother.

Metin Akdulger
Metin Akdulger

He got a bigger role in the series Mothers of Mothers, and the audience knew him through this work, the first part of the TV series was shown on October 22, 2015 the screen, starring Sinem Kopal, Hazar Ergulu, Akan Yalabik, Benur Kaya, Mehmet Ada Oztekin, the story of Kader, a young man From Anatolia lives in a small village in Anatolia, and Zliha, a married young woman studying at a university in Istanbul, because of the poor viewership, the work was stopped at Episode Nine.

Great Century Cosim series

The most famous series ever, which was the reason for him to gain a lot of fame and presentation, came the role of Murad in the series Sultana Kosem, the subject of the series is Ahmed’s first wife, the fourth, Murad and Sultan Ibrahim, the mother of the fourth, built by Sayed Mohammed the Great, Kosem Sultan, the series was sold to more From 50 countries before it began broadcasting, after the sudden death of his father in this season, Sultan Ahmed, who came unusual to the throne of the board of directors, said that he would not kill his younger brother at a younger age, Anastasia appears as a gift to Sultan Ahmed, falls in love with the Sultan Ahmed and changed her name Kosem, Kosem gives birth to four princes and four sultans and overcomes all his enemies and increases his dominance over the palace.

The years following the death of Sultan Ahmed Kosem Sultan begin for the new winter, Shahzadeh Mustafa came to the throne but Shahzadeh Mustafa came to the throne and took him to the throne his son Kosem Sultan However, because Sultan Osman wanted to create a new army instead of the Janissary army, the death of Muhammad came on the throne And at this time to the palace as a concubine in the concubines that they fell in love with each other with Kosem Sultan, then the game of revenge began from the power game taken by Kosem Sultan.

The following seasons will witness the Kosem Sultanate, which has ruled the throne for 11 years, a sultana to whom the world kneels with his royal court, her fourth son, who became the greatest sultan in the state over Murad, shaken by the iron fist of Sultan Murad, who wanted to seize power, his determination and authority On the Ottoman Empire after Suleiman, the restoration of strong periods of the Ottoman Empire, Murad’s ruling march against Kosem Sultan, along with the legend of his passionate love for Princess Farya, and the death of his brother.

Metin Akdulger and his girlfriend and wife

Mateen is an actor and athlete, but has an obsession with sports and an interest in his fitness. He loves swimming, boxing, skiing, surfing and sea skiing. He also received training to use weapons and learn fighting techniques. He is also learning English now. As for his emotional life, he was in a relationship with the artist Farah Zainab in 2017 AD, but they separated, and Dilara Vindicolo (2014).