Bora Cengiz religion lover (Mirza) the hero of Kalp Yarasi

Bora Cengiz, the invisible young man in the series Kalp Yarasi “Mirza”, who watches Aisha in the series. Bora Cengiz is a Turkish star and actor who has appeared in many works. He has a really great and different talent. He is a fan of the spirited roles of Seiko. And that’s what we found in the role of Mirza in Kalp Yarasi. Let’s learn in the following article about everything about Bora in detail about his religion, Christian or Muslim. Who is his wife and lover? His qualities, his most accurate secrets, and a group of photos from Instagram, Bora Cengiz.

Information about Bora Cengiz

One of the most important information is the uncle of the Turkish actor, the hero of Bora Cengiz’s Heart Wound.

Bora Cengiz was born on December 9, 1990.
His age in 2022 is 31 years.
Born in Istanbul, his nationality is Turkish.
His religion is probably Christianity.
He started working as an actor in 2008 through the series “Hearta”.
Bora Cengiz’s wife and lover none.
The Bora Cengiz astrological sign is Sagittarius.


his life story

Bora Cengiz was born in Istanbul and was a beautiful child with golden hair, brown eyes and white skin. This star is one of the stars, as he is an artist with a lot of talents. From his childhood until he discovered that he belongs to the world of art, acting and directing as well.

Born in the city of Istanbul in 1990, he is a talented actor full of talents. He has the ability to reconcile between acting and directing. He contributed to the abundant amount of artistic procedures and directed two films, then worked in music and photography as well. It is a fairy tale series in 2008 and contributed to a number of plays, and despite his young age, he became one of Turkey’s most famous artists. He is a popular and famous artist in Turkey and all regions of the world.

his religion

Many of Bora Cengiz’s followers wonder what his religion is and whether he is a Christian or a Muslim. After a long search in the Turkish websites, we learned that our star’s religion is Christianity.

its specifications

He is one of the children of the sign of Sagittarius, and he has many characteristics between him and the children of this sign. The most important of these qualities optimistic, lively and gentle. He can quickly tolerate and forgive others, is bold and brave, is distinguished by romance and poetry in the most difficult situations, he is a social individual and a working person. Regulators who can choose between right and wrong, love of risk, and steady innovation, all can meet the difficulties they encounter, which are characterized by a greater quantity of intelligence, love of freedom, and forge ahead.

He gives confidence to someone who has no right to others, has no flaws in dealing with others, does not care about his family, especially in the aftermath of marriage, is impatient with the fidelity of many of his promises, and is characterized by impatience and tolerance. soon after. His confidence in his person makes him arrogant and arrogant, and in many cases he still enjoys a contradictory personality and does not take responsibility for himself.


Bora Cengiz religion

Bora Cengiz’s sweetheart

At the time of this article’s publication, actor Bora Cengiz has no known romantic relationships. As for the characteristics of the beloved that Bora is looking for, he likes to look at that woman whom he respects but who is far away, so that he can know whether she can treat herself as a separate person, or whether she is dependent on others, and whether she enjoys confidence, strength and determination if That face shape is found in a woman, she is strongly attracted to her, and that independent personality is his future partner.

His start in acting

Our star started acting in 2008. As for his real start through the Turkan series, in 2010. The series is one of the best Turkish artistic procedures that met Tawfik Aram. The story of the series revolves around the personal biography of a famous woman called Turkan, a famous and successful worker who devoted all her life to To appoint females in different countries of the world and helped to disrupt the battle, and some say the highest angel came from heaven in order to save humanity and the series from competing with the star Ujz, Garen Javik, Damla Sunmaz and Pinar Ogun.

Just as he participated in the series Our School in 2013, and the story of the series revolves around the lives of high school students and the problems and feelings they face, then the professor of literature, who is called Professor Ali, comes.

Bora Cengiz series

Among the most famous works in which the Turkish actor, Bora Cengiz, participated in our school, the series “The Smell of Strawberry” and Turkan, and a strong group of works. We see his role in the famous series The Strawberry Smell, which is a Turkish emotional comedy series, which was produced on April 24, 2015 and was shown on Star TV. It was shown on MBC on July 10, 2016 and ended on November 27, 2015. Cem and Ekin Mert Dimaz, Mina Tugai, Mahir Jun Shirai, Lachin Ceylan, Murat Başoğlu and Gözda Kaya.

The young actor participated in a group of Turkish cinematic works in the year 2009 AD. He participated in the film Al-Hasad. In 2013, he participated in a film work only for one day. In the year 2014, the film The Long Way. The cinematic work in a dramatic scope to a historical journey so far, a war called Sari Qamish, and the cinematic work highlights the psychological and physical effects that this war created on the lives of seven characters.

Mirza Champion Kalp Yarasi

Bora Cengiz co-stars in the Kalp Yarasi series. It is one of the most important and famous series in which he participated. Where he appeared in the 16th episode, tracking the heroine of the work. Mirza continued to deliver the role brilliantly, subtle, and entertaining until audiences and viewers began to worry about his role in action.

Casting: Toprak Jan Adiguzal, Gökhan Alkan, Shenai Gurlar, Mahir John Shirai, Marwa Jagran, Yagmur Tanri Svarsin.

Bora Cengiz Instagram and Facebook

Bora Cengiz has a lot of followers on social media. As for his Instagram account, he is “booracengiz”. He is one of the men who appreciate honesty and truth in abundance, and women love to be his wife, and she is an honorable woman who opens her mind to him and narrates what happened to her and what happened to her. .

Observance of elegance It is necessary for a woman to take care of her elegance, her development and herself, because those qualities are love for a woman Mystery delights a woman who loves strangeness arouses the passion of the Archer man and arouses his interest.

Bora Cengiz's sweetheart


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