What is the story of Tosun

What is the story of Tosun? exclusive information



1. What is the story of the series Tosun?
The story and events revolve there, and the story goes back to 2016, when one of the people, whose name is Muhammad Aydin, rises.
2. Who is the protagonist of Tosun?
Turkish artist Utku Kurbaci.
3. Who is the hero of the second series Tosun?
Turkish artist Tekin Dickensler.
4. What is Tosun Staff?
The protagonists are (Tekken dickensler, utku corbaci).
5. What is the date of the show Tosun?
Tosun will be shown as a summer series for 2021.
6. What channel is Tosun?
Tosun will be shown as a summer series for 2021, and its episodes will start in the middle of summer 2021, and the series will be shown on the Turkish digital platform Exxen.

Toson series

The name of the series in Turkish: “Tosun”
Series name in Arabic: Toson
The series is written and directed by: Ozer Fizyoglu
The series is produced by: Digital Arts
Number of episodes of the series: 6 episodes
Series Genre: Thriller – Suspense

The Tosun series belongs to the type of Turkish exciting and different works with its events and story, as it moves away from the type of Turkish works known for its tendency to romantic stories in its events, and the story of the Tosun series revolves around a true story that actually happened in Turkey and is filmed in the city of Cyprus.

The story of the series Toson

The story and events revolve there, and the story goes back to 2016, when a person named Muhammad Aydin established a bank called the Farm Bank, and Muhammad Aydin puts a large group of animals on this farm for use in distributing their production to other animal farms in different cities In Turkey and sell it to meat traders and with time he starts taking money from investors until they discover in the end that he is a scammer and the operations in which he is targeting customers are discovered by the Turkish authorities in 2018 and they confiscate the farm and the company’s assets and arrest Ali people who work with him, but Mehmet Aydin flees from Turkey abroad after taking about 511 million dollars.

With time, he became one of the most famous and most dangerous scammers in the history of Turkey, and he has not been arrested yet, and the Turkish authorities are trying to search for and arrest him and return the money with which he escaped, and the events of the series continue in an interesting and exciting framework.

A list of the names of the heroes and actors of the Toson series

– Yetkin Dikinciler

– utku corbaci

With another large group of artists in Turkey and they will be announced soon

Information about the hero of the series Toson

The artist Tekin Dickensler is a Turkish actor, born in 1968 in Istanbul, Turkey, and he is the only son of his family.
Turkish artist Tekin Dickensler received his education from primary to secondary school in Istanbul, while secondary school graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Department of Conservatory Theater.

The start of his artistic career since 1998 until now, and the Turkish artist Tekin Dickensler participated in many and many Turkish series, films and plays. And the Han movie and the Blue Eyed Giant series, and about his latest drama was a series called “Call my agent” in 2020, and recently a new Turkish series entitled Yesilkam for the year 2021.

Dickensler also received many artistic awards, including the 2007 award for the giant blue-eyed movie, the Contemporary Actors Association Cinema Awards on behalf of the film My Father and My Son, and the Best Actor Award for Sidre Elsek.

A bouquet of the brightest stars

The Turkish artist, utku corbaci, is starring in the Turkish series Tosun, and this series is considered his first absolute starring in Turkish dramas, and the series performs the character of the fugitive Muhammad Tosun, who stole a lot of money from many people and fled and the Turkish authorities are trying to find and arrest him To get back the huge money that Tosun had seized.

Who is the artist utku corbaci: He is a Turkish actor whose name in Turkish is utku corbaci. He was born in 1987 in Istanbul, Turkey. He is 190 cm tall and 88 kg. He graduated from Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University or Çanakkale Ansekiz Mart Department of Theater, Television and Film Then he completed his studies at Bahcesehir University – Department of Advanced Acting.

The artist utku corbaci started his acting career since 2014, and his first appearance on the Turkish screen was through the series Ghalib Darwish, then he was absent for four years and returned in 2018 to appear in the Turkish series Gast, and then participated in the series Vatanım Sensin and the series Nafs for Nefes Nefes and in 2019 he participated in the Wounded Birds series with a large group of distinguished artists in Turkey.