Hazal Subaşı

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Turkish star Hazal Subaşı We have collected for you a full report and information that you know for the first time about the artist Hazal Subaşı, her nationality, religion, age, family life, private secrets, when she started her artistic career and what works of art she participated in and the works of art that she will participate in during the coming period And many other details about it.


Hazal Subaşı Religion, Nationality Date Of Birth, Age

Born: May 2, 1995
Birthplace: Izmir, Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Her religion: Muslim
Age: 26 years old
Occupation: Actress, model
Astrological sign: Taurus
Length: 163 cm
Weighing: 81 kilograms
Eye color: brown
Hair color: black
Marital status: unrelated
Academic qualification: I graduated from Izmir University of Economics, Department of Public Relations and Advertising
The beginning of her artistic career: 2016 – until now

Hazal Subaşı, her biography and a lot of information about her

The beautiful Turkish artist, Hazal Subaşı, achieved great popularity in art after she participated in the 2015 beauty pageant in Turkey, and despite the fact that she did not learn the origins of acting, but she managed to stand out as one of the talented actresses on the Turkish scene, her fame exceeded the barriers of her country, and she knew spread In the Arab world, through the series “The Hole”, and other dramatic acts.

Hazal Subaşı was born on the second day of May 1996 and was born and raised in the Turkish city of Izmir. Childhood, stardom, and access to the lights of fame in art.

Hazal Subaşı
Hazal Subaşı

Al-Hassan competitions were taken as an outlet for her to reach her goal, and she actually participated many times in that type of competition at the school and university level as well, until the decision of the competition was issued for the title of Queen Hassan Turkey in 2015, and she reached the final matches, achieving the 3rd place among all the young women For those who participated, the competition was not simplistic in any way, and it was always compared to Korean women, which made it difficult for a limited number of positions.

The beginning of her acting career

It was only a year after she acquired the title of second runner-up, and then she was able to make her way towards her real dream, and in 2016 she began appearing in television shows and her first series was a series called Adını Sen Koy, as she presented in 2018 the second championship in the series One Hope is enough. .

In 2019, Hazal Subaşı contributed to the series “Helqa” and “Al Hofra”, which achieved great success in the Arab world, and contributed to her fame outside Turkey and the Middle East in a larger way, and after her contribution to that series, the number of her audience on Instagram electronic platforms increased from 250 thousand followers to 760 Almost a thousand.

actress Hazal Subaşı boyfriend

After embodying the starring role in the series “Call It What You Want”, Hazal Subaşı was associated with the hero of the series Erkan Merç, who is also the winner of the title of best fashion model in 2009, and she has been spending most of her time with him, and she publishes many photos with him through her pages on the communication platforms. However, in March 2020, the duo announced the end of their relationship, and Hazal Subaşı’s daughter on her page: “I loved him and he loved me, we laughed and grieved together, and also we struggled together, and collected many memories, we shared life, I wish him to pursue his dreams from the depths of my heart I wish you happiness Good luck and take good care of yourself.

This news shocked the fans of the series, who loved this duo very much through the series that brought them together, and thus through their pictures together, and Hazal Subaşı decided to focus on her work and her artistic career more, instead of giving her effort to love and romantic relationships.

Hazal Subaşı's girl
Hazal Subaşı’s girl

The series presented by Hazal Subaşı

In 2016, her first TV series, which was presented in our star, was the Turkish series, “Call it what you want.” Erkan Merç, Babrak Dormaz, Aykut Egdeli and Ali Kuban, and Hazal Subaşı embodied in the series the role of “Zahra”, and the series’ activities revolve around the hero “Omar”.

who was left by his mother with his father, Omar grew up hating women and expressing that they are all traitors, except for his sister, who searches for love and happiness for her and her brother, and then his sister gets sick, so he agrees with “Zahra”, a young woman who needs wealth in an arranged marriage, to make his sister happy. Before her death, and then improve their relationship.

Then he meets Zahra, who plays the role of the star Hazal, and arranges a business transaction with her. Or management, who only desires wealth, so he treats her without affection, and predicts that she will achieve her interest and leave him as his mother did, but he discovers that she is a different girl and begins to get close to her and the bond between them develops further.

Hazal Subaşı series

In 2018, she presented her second work through a recent role in a drama series that is not similar to her model, and the competition is the second championship for her, which is the series “One Hope is Enough.” Yılmaz works as a port guard in the army, and when she first saw him,

she fell in love with him, to the point that she asked to marry him. Yılmaz was on one of the air attack flights. All his battalion died except for him. The eldest, but they lost him at the beginning of pregnancy, then she became pregnant with her second child, who also died.

Hazal Subaşı series
Hazal Subaşı series

While burying their child, they heard the crying of a small little boy, Elif saw him and persuaded her husband to take the little boy and raise him instead of her son who died, but he refused in the first place and after being intimidated by her execution and killing the little boy Radhi, the facts began to improve after Yilmaz discovered that that boy The little one, or you think that he and his father died at sea, the facts multiply, exciting and suspenseful in each episode, with the participation of the artist Toljahan Saysman, the artist Esra Bilgic, Serhat Tutumluer, Kim Ochan, Emre Arslan and Feyza Civelek.

works In 2019,

she participated in the Turkish series Halka episode with the artist Handa Archal and the artist Serkan Çayoğlu and presented in the role of Bahar. The novel of the series revolves around two officers, Cihangir, and each of them had a different personality from the other, trying to arrest a criminal network called the triple episode.

In 2020, she participated in the 3 seasons series Hole, and presented the role of Nehir Bursli with the artist Aras Bulut Enimli. The series revolves around one of the neighborhoods of Istanbul, which is controlled by the “Koçovali” family, and imposes its laws in the neighborhood, as it is not possible to discuss or argue about those laws. In 2021, she participated in the series The Line That Separates Us, Bizi Ayıran Çizgi, and presented in the role of a cinema.