The story of the series A Tale of the Far City The staff and dates


The story of the series Tale Distant City, a new Turkish action starring Turkish actress Aslihan Juner. And she recently finished her last class series “Najma Al Shamal” after her great success for two seasons. To decide to quickly enter into a new job with an amount of excitement and fun.

We will show you a lot of information about the Turkish series Tale distant city in the next few lines.

Information about the series Tale distant city

The popular Turkish star Aslıhan Güner decided to enter the summer season with a new job. She decided to steer clear of comedy dramas for a bit and go into action and romance. The show channel was chosen to be shown on Fox TV.

The broadcasting channel of Tale distant city is Fox TV. Produced by the movie 25. Tale distant city written by Jean Senan, his works are human guilt and that is my life and I and the phoenix. It is directed by Mustafa Shofki Dogan, from his works, Mariam, Ramo, My Girl, and Al-Ishq Anada and others.


The story of the series A Tale of the Far City

What is The story of the series A Tale of the Far City ?

The story of the series revolves around two people whose lives meet together. A woman named “Omai” and a man on the run from something. This strong, steadfast woman has many adventures and secrets. They cross a lot together. Will they succeed in dealing with the consequences?

We recall that his latest work is the heroine of the series Tale distant city, the North Star series, which was his story about the story of a man who left his city twenty-five years ago, nicknamed Kozai, and so in order to study one of the universities of Istanbul, to fall in love with an Istanbul girl there and marry her, but his family made a betrothal A beautiful girl from his village, and his childhood friend at the time was called Yildiz, but he rescinded that letter and married the girl he loved, and had three daughters with her, and his father repudiated him because he disobeyed his orders and did not marry the girl called Yildiz, and enmity between the two families, to the extent that no one is blocked On the part of the Kozai family to marry any girl or young man in the prime of life from the other family, and they considered them their enemies, and the same was true of the Yildiz family.

Who is the hero of the series Tale distant city?

The hero has not yet been tested against Aslihan. We recall that the actress Aslihan had her last work in the series “Najma Al Shamal”, a comedy-drama series. Much work has been done. The story of the work revolved around the novel of a series about a man named Kozai who lives a happy life with his family. His source goes back to the small village of Ordu and the incident is within the borders of the Black Sea region in Turkey, but he leaves it to live in Istanbul for school education, and for his refusal to work in his family’s institution, and when He inaugurates a modern life there in Istanbul.

 He never returns to his village. Suddenly, his entire life is reversed, as she gets out of his headquarters, taking all the money of her daughters, and leaves her family behind without caring for her, and then Kozai finds himself penniless, lost, and he does not know how to begin his existence. In the world repeated with his three daughters in their teenage years, who are: Mumtaz, Minaj, and Gökçe.

With distinguished characteristics, she is the eldest daughter, and she is the most supportive of his daughters, and she and her sisters face difficulty in meeting their mother’s exit, but they continue life with the hope of transcending that formed, and later, Kozai borrows property with the aim of starting a modern project, but he is unable to pay the debts He rejects the idea proposed by his co-worker, which is his marriage to his eldest daughter with distinguished specifications instead of paying the debt, to seize all his money, including his house.

In the wake of everything that happened, Kozai returns to his place of birth, the place where his parents live, and then he is unable to live in their house, because he has not spoken for a long time with his father, and he has pursued a house in which he and his daughters live, and in that period he seeks to develop a merger with The people of his village asked permission from the girl he loved in his childhood, and she was called Yildiz, and she is the heroine of the North Star series.

Yildiz is a beautiful girl, she was engaged to Kozai, but he left 20 years ago and left her, and she was unable to forgive him, although she still loves him, she never married in the wake of his departure, and the presence of Kozai and his daughters completely changes her age, which makes her work to exclude him from her age.

Who is the heroineactress of the series Tale distant city?

Our star is a well-known and beloved actress, who has more than 2 million followers around the world. An artist whose birth was in Istanbul on December 17, 1987, on June 9, 2013 she married Mert Kılıç, whom she met in the Hefkat Tepe series, she studied acting in the Barış Manchu cultural order. She appeared for the first time in the television series The World of Secrets in 2002 after Aslihan Kandemir aspired from the Department of Theater at Bilkent University in 1995, she obtained a professor’s degree in the same department.

In 1993-94, Aslihan Kandemir acted in a play entitled “The Violinist at the Top” and therefore in the country’s opera house in Ankara and in ballet music, directed by director Jünette Gokcher. In 1994 Aslihan Kandemir performed rehearsing at the Huntington Theater in Boston, and in 1995 Aslihan Kandemir took a position as an actress at the Roxbury Outreach Shakespeare Experiment.

Pictures of The story of the series A Tale of the Far city heroes

One of the heroes of the series “Tale distant city” is the actress Aslihan Jones. Let’s get to know a little more about it:

I contributed to the Assi series, a local series that aired on Kanal channel, which started on October 26, 2007. The series, which had 71 episodes, concluded on June 19, 2009. In Hatay, the series tells the story of two families from four generations. The love novel of Assi Kuzkooglu (Tuba Buyukustun) and Demir Doğan (Murat Yildirim) and the tension between their families embody the central theme of the series. The Kuzkooglu family has been inhabiting Hatay lands for generations. Farm owner Ihsan Kuzkooglu (Cetin Tekindor) and his daughter Asi set their lives to keep their farms alive. Their lives are transformed when Demir Dogan comes to town as a successful practitioner. Demir’s mother, Emine (Elif Sümbül Sert) and aunt Süheyla (Tülay Günal) worked on Kozcuoğlu’s farm years ago and committed suicide by jumping into a stream Emine Asi (Orontes). Demir’s benefit in Asi and his relationship with his aunt and sister Melek (Elif Sonmez) will be tested in every chapter with upcoming challenges.