Burak Yörük joins the series starring

The story of the series Aşk Mantık İntikam the cast



Prepared for a new Turkish series under the name Aşk Mantık İntikam. with a new story starring Burcu Özberk. İlhan Şen. Burak Yörük and Melissa Dongil. It is a summer series based on the Korean drama The Cunning Single Woman. The production company MED is the number one company in the cited business. Here is all the information about the series Aşk Mantık İntikam Cunning Single Lady.

Details on Aşk Mantık İntikam

Filming of the new Turkish series Aşk Mantık İntikam began on May 17. 2021. A summer series starring the artist. the owner of the always successful series. Burcu Özberk. who presented many successful Turkish summer series such as the bad girl or the luxurious love.

Media Foundation Medyapım will produce the Turkish version of the Korean series The Crafty Unmarried Woman. which will be shown during the summer on FOX Turkiye.

MediaBeam Media Foundation will produce the Turkish version of the Korean series “The Cunning Unmarried Woman”. which will be shown on Turkish Fox channel in the summer. Series story: A couple separated due to their differences. then the divorcee tried to urge her to divorce again after she became rich in the world of technology. Young creator Han Shan is the hero of the Turkish version of the Korean series. The facts revolved around a quarrel between the spouses and a divorce. and after becoming a tech-rich teacher. she tried to get her to divorce again.

The story of the series Aşk Mantık İntikam

The story of the series: A couple divorced due to a quarrel between them. Then the woman seeks to seduce her divorced again after he became rich in the world of technology. The young creator. Han Shan. is the hero of the Turkish version of the Korean series. The facts revolve around a married couple who were divorced due to a quarrel between them. and then a female teacher seeks to seduce her divorced again after he became rich in the world of technology.

The staff of Aşk Mantık İntikam

Here is the list of the heroes of the Aşk Mantık İntikam series:

Burcu Özberk
İlhan Şen
Burak Yörük.
Melisa Döngel.

Aşk Mantık İntikam Tournament of Burcu Özberk

Burcu Özberk is the heroine of the series Aşk Mantık İntikam. let’s get to know a little bit about this lovely and beloved star. Which has always brought us with it what it offers us every year in the summer. She is one of the important and great heroines of the Turkish TV series. and her figure. long neck. long hair. and face are very popular with the camera and the audience. and she quickly attracted the attention of the audience. and her charm also lost her. stare. Get to know the artist better.
She was born in Istanbul in 1989. her sign is Sagittarius. and she is a very curious person who tries to discover new things in life because she searches for the truth in everything. she is philosophical in thinking and loves to discover new things. She was not disappointed by the opportunities and options available to her.

She started with the TV series “Women of the Sultan” and at the time she pushed her to the fore. she felt satisfied with her. which allowed her to acquire a performance in the 2015 Turkish Youth Drama series. Sun City Girls Competition. Kenai. Efrem Alasya. Turga from rival Saritak. Burcu Özberk. Birk Atan and Handa Arshel appeared on Turkish Channel TV on June 18. 2015.

The series consists of 39 episodes. and in 2016 it ended on March 19. 2016. dubbed in Arabic. and broadcast on the mbc2 channel on November 20. . 2016.

This story revolves around a woman who works in school and education. and her husband invited her to marry three girls to marry a newer man named Farouk. so he thought he smiled at her at this age. But he looked like an individual that he loved. A wife and three children. These two girls. But one after the other in the Farouk family. She announced the secret. meaning that Shams imagines she is the perfect family. She discovered that Farouk was the one who raped her when she was young. and his twin daughter Nazli was. Warning whistle.

İlhan Şen hero of love waiting revenge

The Turkish artist. İlhan Şen İLHAN. EN – Nijo. the hero of the Ramo series – was born on 19.12.1987. He used to live in Bulgaria before he and his family moved to Istanbul. The age of the Turkish star Han Shan İLHAN in 2020 is 33 years old.

The Turkish religion İlhan Şen İLHAN is Islam. the length of İlhan Şen İLHAN is 189 cm. İlhan Şen İLHANE EN is Turkish. The weight of İlhan Şen İLHAN is 82 kilograms. İlhan Şen İLHAN EN. who moved with his family to Istanbul. When his life was two years. he left from Istanbul University of Technology Yıldız Teknik-niversitesi. which embodies one of the toughest universities in Turkey. Faculty of Engineering. Department of Civil Engineering.

In 2008. he participated in the best model program in Turkey. but did not win the largest position. But he returned to participate in the competition in 2009 and was chosen the best model in Turkey and represented a Turkish in a meeting with the best model in the world. Dünyanın En İyi Modeli. It won the largest position as the best model in Europe and was chosen within the final index of the best model on the planet.

Burak Yörük joins the series starring

We made sure that the artist Burak Yörük joined the crew of the series. we recall that the artist Burak
Burak was born on May 26. 1995. in Istanbul. and one of its most famous areas is işli. and since 2002. like a large number of people (as an actor). he loves to act and is famous and to perform. Art began to grow in him when he was 10 years old in the world. he loves to play basketball. next to that he loves to ride a motorcycle. he is not a little young man in his early age. but he is very confident of himself and his abilities. he loves to play the sport of the round witch football And have fun. In addition to his passion for heroism in effort and life. he loves Bazzle to give the life he deserves. He speaks British very well. His best friend is actress Alina Bose. They are very close to each other and love to raise a dog. draw and draw.

Melissa Dongil is the star of the Aşk Mantık İntikam series

Her birthdate is October 25. 1999. her birthplace is Istanbul. Turkey. her nationality is Turkish. her life is twenty years. her constellation Scorpio. and she imagines in Islam. Height 170 cm. weight 50 kg. blond hair. green eyes. educational background.

He studied at Osmanya Moredilili Academy of Arts. his favorite sport is swimming. his favorite hobby is acting. and he started his artistic career in the year 2014. The job is an actress and model and she is not married yet in a social position.

She got many lessons in order to start acting with Melissa’s skill. when she is small. She did not think much about acting. unless what she wanted was to be a doctor or psychologist. and her age and her choices changed with the passage of time. but she finds a similarity between acting and psychology. Her sole goal and preoccupation has become to be an original actress. and when she asked in a press interview with a Turkish newspaper about her idol in acting. Johnny Depp. and she hopes to stand up and be considered facing him.