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nazal kesal her religion is her age her husband her series and biography

The religion of the Turkish actress, nazal kesal, her full name, her series, her husband, her work, her life story, her artistic career, her age, and complete information about her in a detailed report that we present to you through this article, so follow us.

Personal information about nazal kesal

Born: March 28, 1969
Age in 2020: 51 years
Birthplace: Manisa – Turkey
Residence: Istanbul, Turkey
Religion: Muslim
Marital status: married
Languages ​​you speak: Turkish – English
Spouse: Ercan Kesal (since 2005)
Academic Qualification: Master’s degree from Pinkett University (Department of Film and Television)
Profession: Actress-Director
Astrological sign of Nazan: Aries
Eye colour: brunette
Years of work: From 1991 until now


nazal kesal

The life story of nazal kesal

Nazal kesal or Fadela is one of the most beautiful and famous Turkish drama actresses, which has appeared since 1991, and we still enjoy a lot of her artwork. Nazan was born on the twenty-eighth day of March in the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-nine in the city of Manisa, one of the most beautiful Turkish cities. Nazan spent her childhood and education in the city of Manisa. She loved art since her childhood. Nazan completed her primary education in the city of Manisa until high school. At the university stage, she decided to move from the city of Manisa to the city of Izmir to join the Faculty of Fine Arts in Bazmir to enter the theater department at September 9 University, and indeed Nazan joined the theater department at the university, and weighed her talent during her studies at the university, until she graduated and started her actual art career.


The life story of nazal kesal

Transfer of nazal kesal from Izmir to Istanbul

Like many famous people in Turkey, she decided to go to Istanbul to start her artistic career. Indeed, after Nazan graduated from September 9 University, she decided to go to Istanbul to look for a good opportunity that would enable her to practice her favorite hobby, which is acting, and indeed in 1993 was the actual beginning of Nazan, When she participated in the “Super Papa” series as her first acting experience, and since that time, Nazan has not stopped providing wonderful artwork.

Directing experience in the life of nazal kesal

nazal kesal is that lady who should be called the “super lady.” With a unique talent in acting, Nazan was not satisfied with being an actress, but Nazan worked as a director in many plays and artwork, through which Nazan proved that she is not only an actress. A professional, but a skilled director, she can easily compete with Hollywood directors. Nazan directed the play to celebrate International Women’s Day March 8, 2003, and in 2000 the able artist directed a play called “Revenge” and presented it on the State Theater in Diyarbakir, and in its beginnings in 1993, the artist Nazan directed a play entitled “Children of the City” and presented it at the Art Center in Diyarbakir, and the directing experience that Nazan presented in many experiments was credited with proving her talent, in addition to that she added a lot to her acting talent, which then made her appear in many Fabulous Turkish Dramas.

nazal kesal series

After her first directing experience in 1993 in the play “Children of the City”, Nazan participated in the same year in her first acting experience with the Super Mama series, then Nazan presented the Great Father series, to start from here her long journey in many acting experiences and roles with wonderful details, which Nobody can present it as Nazan did.


nazal kesal series

The position of nazal kesal in Turkish theater

Nazal Kesal has worked in the Turkish theater since 1993, and she presented many wonderful roles in the theater as an actress, in addition to directing successful works that are still engraved in the minds of the Turkish public, and due to Nazan’s extensive experience in the field of theater, she was appointed to the State Theater in Bursa, and worked Nazan in private collections in Istanbul theaters in addition to centers of artistic creativity, and in private collections in the city of Enna, to become that capable actress with multiple experiences in the field of television and theater, and then obtained a master’s degree from Bekent University in the Department of Film and Television, to obtain a certificate proving Her vast and varied experience.

nazal kesal, her husband and her lover

Nazan is considered one of the most Turkish artists who always likes to take into account privacy in her personal life. She does not like to talk about her life and only talks about her artwork and her acting experiences, so the audience does not know much about her personal life and her marriage, only in 2005 announced the artist, Nazan, who is in her thirty-sixth year. Her marriage to the well-known Turkish artist Ercan Kesal, one of the most famous artists in Turkey, who has presented many wonderful works of art, and Nazan gave birth to Ercan only one child, Ercan or Nazan never talked about their personal relationship, but Ercan always shows love And attention to Nazan, some pictures were taken during Erjan’s visit to his wife, Nazan, on the set, while she was filming the series The Hole.

Cinema in the life of nazal kesal

After proving her acting abilities that exceeded all expectations by presenting many theater and television works, Nazal Kesal has participated in many wonderful cinematic works since 1992, and one of the most important films that Nazan presented during her artistic career is the movie House for Rent in 1994, and in 1996 the artist presented Nazan, the movie Istanbul Under My Wings, presented the character of Fakhisha, in 2001 Nazan presented the character of the director’s daughter in the movie “The Destiny”, in 2002 she presented the character of Serap in the movie The Far, and in 2014 Nazan presented the movie “The Apartment”, and Nazan still presents many great works .

Awards in the life of nazal kesal

Because of her dramatic and theatrical works presented by Nazan, Nazan deserved many awards that express her thanks and appreciation, for the important work she provided by this wonderful artist. In 2006, Nazan won the Best Supporting Actress award from the Orange International Film Festival for her role in the movie “Al-Manakh” “.
In 2011, she won the Best Actress Award for her role in the film “Poetry” at the Istanbul International Festival.
Then, in 2016, she won the Best Actress Award for her role in the movie “The Apartment” at the Ankara Film Festival.

nazal kesal in the series Fadila and her daughters

In 2017, Nazal Kesal presented one of the most beautiful Turkish dramas, through the series “Fazilet and Her Daughters” or fazilet hanım ve kızları, in which she presented the character of Fadila, the woman who is trying to find husbands for her daughters, after she was divorced from her husband whom she married when she was young. Against her will, Nazan presents the suffering of the mother who is trying to raise her daughters in the absence of the father. The series was shown in 2017, and it is produced by Afshar.

The most important representative works of nazal kesal

Fadila and her daughters series 2017
Freedom play 2010
The play of resistance in 2010
Today’s Balat series 2014
Children of Paradise series 2008