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Başak Tatlıtuğ, her religion, her age, her husband, her information and photos

Başak Tatlıtuğ, a Turkish fashion designer, is married to Turkish actor Kivanc Tatlıtuğ, better known as Muhannad in the Turkish series “Nour” and the former lover of Miss Turkey, star Virgin Akin. Her religion is Muslim or Christian. When she started working in the fashion field, she was known for designing the costumes for the Turkish series.” Forbidden Love” that her husband stared in, her age, her husband, her date of birth, her series, her plays, her films, her nationality, her life story, her artistic career, her most important works, her titles, her photo album, complete information about her that we put in your hands today in a detailed report about her from During this interesting article, follow us.

Information about Basak Dezar

Nationality: Turkish
Religion: unknown
Date of Birth: April 13, 1977
Age in 2021: 44 years
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey
Astrological sign: Aries
Marital status: married
Spouse’s name: Kivanc Tatlitug
Marriage year: 2016
Education Qualification: University of the Arts, London
Occupation: Turkish fashion designer
Eye color: brown
Hair color: brown
The beginning of activity in the field of fashion: in the twentieth century
The most important works: her costume design for the series “Forbidden Love”

The life story of Basak Dezar

Turkish model Başak Tatlıtuğ was born on April 13, 1977, she is 41 years old, her astrological sign is Aries, she was born in Istanbul, Turkey, she has Caucasian origins, her father is Cengiz Dezer and her mother is Gulhan Dezer, she graduated from Marmara University in Turkey, a department related to communications, then joined She went to Central Saint Martins at the University of the Arts in London, then completed her degree in fashion design, after which she became a well-known fashion designer in Turkey, followed by many on the “Instagram” site, with which she shares her most important achievements and daily life. As for her private life, she married Turkish actor Kivanc Tatlitug. Since 2016 but no childbearing yet.

 Başak Tatlıtuğ Fashion designer

A few years after Başak Tatlıtuğ graduated from university, she started working in the fashion field and became a famous fashion designer, then she collaborated with many Hollywood actors and Turkish actors, including: Virgin Akin, Edel Firat, in addition to her work in the fashion field, she owns a store that she runs through a website on The Internet, which offers many diverse products such as clothes, bags and jewelry, has a website on Instagram, which is followed by more than 750,000 people, and the publications that you share on it are all supported and add more money to it, her fortune is estimated at more than 200 thousand dollars and the bulk of her wealth She is due to her work in the fashion industry.

Her annual income from this field is approximately 45 thousand dollars, and Basak was known for her founding of the famous fashion brand Room & Roomers, and she works to host many fashion stores in Turkey, and she excelled in this field and designed costumes for many Turkish artists, whether for the costumes of Turkish series. Or for art festivals, and her fame in this field increased dramatically after her marriage to the Turkish actor Kivanc Tatlitug, known as Muhannad.

Başak Tatlıtuğ Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ

In 2013, she began dating between Başak Tatlıtuğ and actor Kivanc Tatlitug, after they met when Basak was working on a TV show as a fashion designer, and then Basak took over the responsibility of designing all the costumes that were seen in the series “Forbidden Love” starring Kivanc Tatlitug. Which allowed them a great opportunity to get to know more.

A great love story arose between them that lasted for years, and was talked about by all the Turkish media, as well as the audience of the famous Turkish actor in the name of Muhannad, although the Turkish actor had been for 12 years and had a relationship with the actress Virgin Akin, but he refused to marry her, and after about two years he decided to marry the designer Başak Tatlıtuğ after he became psychologically ready to be officially associated with her, but the decision to marry her was rejected by the artist Kivanc’s family, specifically from his mother’s side, due to the age difference between them and because Başak was previously married.

Başak Tatlıtuğ and her ex-husband

After the marriage of the fashion designer Başak Tatlıtuğ to the famous Turkish actor Kivanc Tatlıtuğ, her fame increased dramatically and the audience began to want to know more details about her personal life, and after many rumors spread that Kivanc’s family was rejecting their marriage because she was previously married, the audience wanted to know the validity of these words, Who is her ex-husband, and what many do not know is that actor Kivanc was not the first man in her life, but was previously married to Oran Francis, according to the statements of some sources, and that she separated from her ex-husband before a love story occurred between her and Kivanc and fell in love with him.

Marriage of Basak Dezar

February 19, 2016 was the wedding date of Başak Tatlıtuğ and actor Kivanc Tatlitug, and their wedding was at the Turkish embassy in the capital, Paris, and the wedding was attended by a few relatives and friends in a motorcade of the Turkish embassy, ​​and a few friends of the Turkish actor Muhannad attended, including his brothers and close friends of the actors Among them: Kivanc Kasabali, Sadaf Afji, and others and the Turkish ambassador Hakki Akil, but Kivanc’s father did not attend the wedding because he suffers from a fear of flying, which prevented him from traveling to Paris, and his mother did not attend also because of her kidney failure, which made her perform surgeries, which prevented her from attending the wedding And the number of wedding invitations was only 50 for their families and friends, including the expenses of airline tickets and hotel accommodation, and all of this was at the expense of Kivanc Tatlitug.

Başak Tatlıtuğ appeared at the ceremony wearing a simple, hand-embroidered white dress, which showed her natural beauty with a calm and simple hairstyle, and this was designed by their friend, well-known Turkish designer Ozgur Masur, and after their wedding, Başak permanently shares photos of them together that show their love for each other, Which explains that she spends a wonderful time with her husband, accompanied by her pet dog Phoenix, and Kivanc is always keen to express to his wife how much he loves her in different ways. On their first wedding anniversary, he gave her a modern car as a gift to her, which amounted to about 245,000 dollars, and on their second wedding anniversary he gave her A wonderful wristwatch, which was from an international brand, valued at $26,400.

Başak Tatlıtuğ Pregnant

After the marriage of Başak Tatlıtuğ Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, much news spread that she is 3 months pregnant, but she is keen to hide her pregnancy, and it is known that her husband, the Turkish actor, is keen to keep his private life away from the media and that he does not appear significantly in television interviews, and many Turkish websites circulated the news Her pregnancy, specifically after she and her husband appeared at a wedding, wearing wide clothes, which confirmed the news of her pregnancy, and many of her close friends said that they were afraid to publish the news for fear of envy, but Basak denied all this news and expressed her anger at the publication of this false news. And that if a pregnancy occurs, you will announce the news to everyone.

Başak Tatlıtuğ Pregnant
Başak Tatlıtuğ Pregnant
Başak Tatlıtuğ
Başak Tatlıtuğ
Information about Basak Dezar
Information about Basak Dezar
Başak Tatlıtuğ and her ex husband
Başak Tatlıtuğ and her ex husband