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Miray Daner

the Turkish actress, her full name, her date of birth, her religion, her family, her personal life, her romantic relationships, her artistic career, her films, her series, and all the information about her in a full report, she is from an artistic family, she started acting from her early age, until she became one of the best The stars of her generation, and this is what we offer you through this article, so follow us.

Personal Information about Actress Miray Daner

Date of Birth: January 15, 1999, AD.
Age in 2020: 21 years old.
Birthplace: Istanbul, Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion: Christian.
Marital Status: Not married.
Astrological sign: Capricorn.
Years of activity: – I started working since 2006 until now.

Information about Miray Daner’s personal life

Turkish actress Miray Daner was born in Istanbul, Turkey on January 15, 1999, AD. Danyer loved art since she was young because she belongs to an artistic family, her cousin is the actor Aras Bulut Enimli and Yasim Enimli. She began showing her acting talent from her early childhood, at the age of seven. In her first role while she was still a young child, but she was talented since her childhood, she was imitating actors, Miray Daner studied English at Cemal Resit Rey School of Fine Arts, and also completed her studies in the music department at Mimar Sinan High School, and Miray Daner graduated in 2018.

star Miray Daner
star Miray Daner


Who is Miray Daner’s boyfriend and love

Miray Daner was associated with the Turkish actor Kubilay Aka. A love story arose between them during the filming of the series “You are my homeland”, where he participated in acting for two consecutive seasons, and their relationship extended to more than two years, but they separated after that. Miray Daner justified the reason for the separation because she discovered Kubilay’s betrayal of her after Pictures of him with the Turkish artist (Hilal Altin Black), the heroine of the famous series “Once Upon a Time in Cukurova”, spread, but the matter was no more than just pictures.

Some messages and pictures between Kubilay and Hilal, but when she confronted him, he denied the existence of any relationship Her and Hilal were outside the scope of work, but the surprise was after that, when Miray Daner received a set of intimate photos between Kobilai and Hilal through social networking sites from an unknown person, and here she was confirmed and doubt became certain, so Miray Daner decided to separate from him completely.

Miray Daner broke up with her boyfriend

Kubilay also announced the news of his separation from Miray Daner, but wrote a letter in which he said: “We made a joint decision to separate, from here on our friendship will remain permanent, with my love forever, for two and a half years I was serious about our relationship until the end, I only looked at those beautiful eyes , so the reason cannot be treason, goodbye, everything to me, you will always remain unique, I will always be by your side and support you.” Recently, some news spread about Miray Daner entering into a new romantic relationship with the young star Boran Kuzum, who co-starred in the famous series “You are my patriot,” but Miray Daner denied this news, saying that she and Boran have no relationship and that they are all just friendship.

Her first major role In 2018, Miray Daner also played a major role in the Turkish series “A Liter of Tears”, in which she embodies the role of an 18-year-old girl who suffers from a brain disease that causes her spinal cord atrophy, and this is a great shock to her family and embodies the role of Jihan Miray Daner said that this role requires a great deal of effort and a significant loss of weight in order to perform the role persuasively and worthy.