What is the story of Kolej Turkish series

What is the story of Kolej Turkish series



The story of the Turkish series Kolej you know with us on the story of the series Kolej interesting and fun everything Related to the series his story and his seals and information about them and what are the dates of the series and the circular channel for the series with a range of pictures of the series and its heroes of their participants.

The story of Kolej series

Kolej series is a new Turkish series of output Bilal Calaonesko and from the Kolej’s Can Sarcan. The scenes are mostly similar in his story and events this work breaks boredom and repetition of the scenes because it is quite different from the rest of the Turkish dramas.

The Kolej series is many young artists and new faces in the first appearance of them on the screen because it is a young man from the first place and requires a certain age of young people to suit the nature and story of the series.

The story of Kolej is about a vague and arid murder spoken for one of the school girls within one of the secondary school. Putting a lot under the apparatuses and is working under a sexy and mysterious dramatic frame.

Dates of kolej series

The Kolej series will soon be displayed on one of the NETFLIX electronic platforms and consists of 10 – 12 episodes.

The heroes of Kolej series

– Berfin Nilsu Akta; Nelso Perven Aktash
– Burak Tuzkoparan
EFEKAN CAN Ivkan was
– Delara Calaisi
– Elaida Kirdi
– Ozkan Sagin
– Berna Chaglar
– Asli Bank Oglu
– Torgay Bidor
– Ozoum Shaker
Douglu Konak Mert Kahia
– It was Shuroch
– Ozdale was
– Norsina Ozkenley
– Elaida Demirel
Hakan Burak Bozdogan
– Kerem Alpo original
– Sarkan was
– Zafer Alton
– Rajab was Yilmaz
– Milic Tanker
– Hazan Damla Kanbaz
– Unor Service

The actress Nelso Perfine Aktash serial hero

Nelso Pervine Aktash is a Turkish actress. which was born in 1998 in the city of Ankara. It is not just married.

I got secondary school and is at the age of 19 and graduated from Tarant Arts School. graduated from the Talent House Academy of Talent House. Famous.

In 2018. he was discovered by its appearance by the Turkish director and nominated for the first time a technical work and is the most famous Turkish series North Star First Love and got a major success and mass and public success and joined by the Medo Nus Educational Agency To study representation.

Then she rolled its distinguished and successful Turkish artwork and is now one of the most prominent and famous technical faces among the actresses in Turkey and her well known and distinguished and described as many in Turkey as Berin Satti. in 2018. representing Nelso Perfine Octach participated in a star competition The future. which was presented on the screen of Star T.. was the head of the arbitration of the arbitration. Nur Gul. Yashilkai and got great displays from her talent.

The actor Ivkan kan

Ivakan was a Turkish representative was born in 1994 in Belgik and belong to the Turkish family migrated to Belgium and his religion Islam and astronomy is a bachelor’s tower. It is 70 cm and 70 kg. graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. Istanbul University Institute at the University of Istanbul Student in Social Sciences and came to Istanbul to study and teach representation and joined the representation of representation at Atölye Craft.

The Turkish actor Ivakan was the technical journal since 2018 and his first appearance on the screen through the Turkish series Little Tefek Murders in Arabic and then in 2019 a dear series and in 2020 feet and the most successful Turkish series and is the series Tuğrul teacher The series of the red truck and then Yati in 2021 to appear in the youth serial and is the Kolej series.

Representative Burak Tuzkoparan

Burak Tuzkoparan is a Turkish representative of 1992 in Istanbul and is a Muslim religion and astronomer. His blond hair and his attractive and despite a little year. but he achieved great success in a short time.

He initially worked with a musician as a sheet in a band and then participated in a number of different performances and also appeared in much famous advertising. In terms of entering the technical and representation. encouraged friends close to it to enter representation because through representation will get high famous And becomes a bigger audience.

Porsche to represent the study of cinema to develop his experience and his talent in acting and his first artwork. which participated in the representative Borak Tuzkoparan in 2014. a major success in Turkey and was one of the highest series in the proportion of viewing and duplicated for Arabic. In 2016. the play was made of love account and participated in the large Turkish actress Bossi Meral in the series “One Heart” by the real story and as a distinctive appearance in the famous Turkish series “sad floral” and his last drama is participating in the new Turkish series Kolej One of the students in a high school. which sparked around them. embodies the crime of murder and is one of the accused in the crime.