The story of series Baş Belası (The Misfortune of My Head) crew, and dates



The series baş belası, the Turkish drama star Seçkin Özdemir returns again in the summer of 2021 with a new series called “The Misfortune of My Head -bas belası”. And he is joined by the popular actress, the star of the series Explain Oh The Black Sea, Eram Hilfjioglu. But from the name of the work we move away from absolute comedic or romantic drama. And the series may contain a lot of adventure and interesting events, so follow us to find out the full story of the Baş Belası series.

Baş belası show date

Actors İrem Helvacıoğlu and Seçkin Özdemir came together in a single act for the first time. baş belası will be premiering on ATV and produced by ARC Film and directed by Murat Onbol.

The new series, whose preparations are continuing at full speed, is drawing attention to an issue. There will be a new murder theme every week in the series. Because it is a summer series, there will be fun scenes and love in the police genre.

Journalist Bersen Altentasch announced in his news on tv100 that filming for the series will begin this weekend. Accordingly, posters for the series are scheduled to be shot on May 14th.

It is expected to hit ATV screens in the coming days. Erm Helvagioglu will revive the character of Ipek, a psychiatrist, who disappeared after the father of her child was involved in a murder.


The story of series Baş Belası

What is the story of the Baş Belası series?

The story of the series “Baş Belası Baş Belası” The series revolves around one murder every week, meaning there will be one murder in each episode. Iram will play the role of Ipek’s psychiatrist, and Ipek began working at the police station after losing the father of the child suspected of committing a murder for a while. Sechkin will play Shaheen, the head of the crime department, and he and Waibek will be the exact opposite.

The police tale of Baş Belası

The series is directed by Murat Anbal, Orçun Oksar, written by Ozil Gettinell and Ramzan Demirli. Toss Helvagioglu and Seshkin Ozdemir are among the crew of the series The Tragedy of Rasi.

Erm Helvajioglu will revive a psychiatrist named Ipek, who was involved in the murder of Aynaha’s father and disappeared. Ibek, who will start working in the police station, will work here with Shaheen, played by سيekin Özdemir. However, since they are both opposite characters, there will be many events between them in the story.

In the series, Seçkin Özdemir plays Shaheen, the chief commissioner of the murders office. Ipek starts out at the police station and works with the murders office, and they have two personalities who are very opposed to Chief Commissioner Shaheen.

Eram Hilfjioglu is the heroine of Baş Belası

You will play the absolute lead role, the beautiful actress and the hero of the series Explain Oh Black Sea Iram. And which she gained great fame through many of her previous works. Let’s get to know our heroine more.

A well-known Turkish artist in the Arab world, her Turkish name is Erm Hilvashoglu, and her date of birth is February 2, 1990, she was born in Germany and lived in Germany until she was 11 years old, then she lived in Ankara with her family from Ankara. She is from 2018 and she is 28 years old, and she is from Ankara Turkey. About her personal life, she is religiously married, Christian, height is 170 cm and weight ranges from 55 to 60 kg.

Because she loves acting and drama, and after completing her training, she had the opportunity to appear in the series Behzat Police, and this is a turning point in her career and she gained a medium reputation, which helps her to be the second strongest in which she plays an important role in the performance. The entire historical series (The Magnificent Century Series – Harlem Sultan) of this series is loved very much by the audience and believes that she is one of the emerging artists who march towards the star and the top. Through dubbing the series, its translation and Arabic, the audience began to get to know her.

Sichkin Ozdemir is the hero of the Baş Belası series

The star of our series is the artist Seshkin Ozdemir. He is considered one of the most famous Turkish actors. He was born in Istanbul on August 25, 1981. After completing his primary and secondary education in Istanbul, he studied at the Faculty of Economics and obtained a BA in economics. He started his artistic career in 2008. His mother is a Greek-Turkish housewife. She has three brothers, two older sisters and an older brother, whose father is a craftsman and owns a shoe factory. But he is now retired and cannot spend the money. Since he is very busy and spends a lot of time with his family. It is preferable to exercise in the morning.

He is a famous Turkish artist, known by the name Barış Boca in the Seraj Al-Layl series, he was born in Istanbul in 1981 from a Muslim family, his mother is a Greek-Turkish housewife, and his father is a craftsman – he has a shoe-making workshop, and his family consists of four brothers, and their childhood and education until high school in Istanbul, and then moved to study economics at Kocaeli University at Izmit University, and after graduation he gained fame and fame. He presented his show in 2002. He worked as a broadcaster in one of the Red FM radio stations, and in 2002 he proposed his own program (Brainstorm), and his reputation gradually increased since then, and he got to know him. For a long time on the radio she began appearing in commercials such as Akbank, Coca-Cola and Ulker, she loves the face of the TV screen and is known for her self-confidence and strong influence.

the episodes of the new Seçkin Özdemir series

Filming has begun for the first episodes of the story of the Baş Belası series, scheduled to be shown in the summer of 2021 for the first time. We are waiting for a great series that brings together two big stars such as Iram and Sitchkin.

Seshkin Ozdemir is one of the most famous Turkish actors. He was born in Istanbul on August 25, 1981. After completing his primary and secondary education in Istanbul, he studied at the Faculty of Economics and obtained a degree in economics to start his artistic career. Professional life. In 2008, his mother was a Turkish Greek housewife. He has three brothers and sisters, two older sisters and an older brother. His father is a craftsman, and he owns a shoe factory, but he is now retired. Because of his busyness, he spends a lot of time with his family and prefers to exercise in the morning.

What is the story of the Baş Belası series?

The Troublemaker Series Working Group has not been identified. If new players are included on the Troublemaker Series business team, we will provide information on these pages. Although summer dramas generally attract attention with young actors, ARC Film has set aside a large budget for its new series, baş belası, and is preparing a project that may continue even into the new season. For this reason, the actions of the hero of the series Ba are chosen; Belası by examining actors and characters in a very detailed way. Several actors were offered to participate in the TV series Baş Belası. Let’s see who the protagonists of our series are and who will read the script and star in the Baş Belası series.