Gonca Vuslateri

Gonca Vuslateri husband religion, age and life story

The young actress Gonca Vuslateri, her full name, religion, age, nationality, life story, artistic career, most important works, marriage, films, series, that star who presented to Turkish cinema and television a set of successful works of art, we talk about her and everything related to her Information in a full report.

Personal information about Turkish actress Gonca Vuslateri

Date of birth: September 2, 1986.
Place of birth: Bursa, Turkey.
Age in 2020: 34 years old.
Nationality: Turkish.
Profession: Actress.
Marital Status: Married to Edip Burak Artogan.
Astrological Sign: Virgo.
Years of activity: from 1997 until now.

Life story of Turkish actress Gonca Vuslateri

Turkish actress Gonca Vuslateri was born on September 2. 1986. and she is of Turkish origin and was born in the city of Al-Jarab in the Stock Exchange. She graduated from the university in the Arts Center. Theater Department. She performed a variety of roles in theater. cinema and television. Her father retired from work. who was a non-commissioned officer. and she and her family returned again to Bursa. and in 1998 her father and mother separated and she lived in Istanbul with her sister.

Gonca Vuslateri’s Study

Gonga studied acting in 2003 and graduated from the Arts Center. Theater Department. Her first work was theater in 1997. and she won many awards. She won the Best Actress Award for her role in the comic series “The World Lie” In 2014. Gonga married the actor. Edip Burak Ertogan.

Gonca Vuslateri
Gonca Vuslateri

Turkish actress Gonca Vuslateri’s career begins

Gonca Vuslateri is a Turkish actress. who started her artistic career at the age of nine years old through a play she presented in 1997. the play “Ruhsar”. She studied acting and became a trainer. She also trains young faces in the arts of acting. The famous actress performed several personalities. including Anne. the comedian. and she also worked on a radio program where she was the one who presented it.

The most important artworks of Turkish actress Gonca Vuslateri

Gonca Vuslateri is one of the most famous actresses in Turkey. She presented a wide range of series. films. and plays. You will get to know her range of works. namely:

In 1997. her first role was by presenting a role in the play “Ruhsar”. then she later presented the comic play “The Global Lie” in 2014 as well.

I presented a movie called “Bornova” in 2009. which tells about Bornova. a neighborhood of Izmir in Turkey. and revolves around two friends from childhood. Salih and Hakan. who both grew up together and worked together in a food and vegetable store. Better work and better future. starring Gonca Vuslateri. Onar Arkan. Kader Charmek. Damla Sonmaz and others.

In 2011. she presented the comedy film “Anne of the Losers”. the film directed by Tolga Ornik. who is also the author. scriptwriter. dialogue and co-starring Event Ozener. Ahu Türkbench. Reza Kucaoglu. Sara Yilmaz. Edel Furat. Genghis Bozkurt. Onur Unsal and others.

Gonca Vuslateri's boyfriend
Gonca Vuslateri’s boyfriend

Gonca Vuslateri’s most famous work

She presented the series “Small Secrets” or in the Arabic version “The Girls’ Secrets”. a family series by Anne that presents the case of a family who lives a group of events between young men and girls studying in the same school. and each family carries secrets of its own in its daily life. Gonca Vuslateri presents an embodiment of the girl’s character a solution She is the friend who agrees with her friend to cause problems between one of their friends and her lover. as she has made some pranks. and the series includes a group of big stars. they are Murphy Bulgur. Barak Ozjaweed. Ipek Krapina. Hakki Argok. Muhammad Jan Mengen. Ijim Ozon. Burgan Suqolo. Gonca Vuslateri In the role of Hala.. Angenai Gouletkin. the series has met with special success. especially from the audience of young men and women. due to its interspersed with events for teenagers.

Gonca Vuslateri 2016 miniseries

The series “Heart Affairs” in 2016. which is one of the most famous works of Gonca Vuslateri. The series revolves around three sisters who live in one house and work together. The elder sister has a lot of money that enables her to open a company in which she works with her two sisters. and each girl passes With a group of interesting events, and they fall into emotional relationships. hence, the name of the series “Heart Affairs”. The series includes a group of heroes. Gonca Vuslateri. Salma Argach. Cinem Kobal. Banu Yildermler.

Gonca Vuslateri
Gonca Vuslateri

Gonca Vuslateri presented in 2016 a political historical film called “The Byzantine Games”. and Gonga embodies the character of Queen Clitoria. and the events revolve around the death of the Byzantine King Clitor III and the beginning of the difficult days of Mylar’s rule. and a new queen named Clitoria. who is embodied by the actress Gonca Vuslateri. orders the Queen The attack on the kingdom of Mylar and the kidnapping of women in order to get rid of them and eliminate all their dynasties. and the tournament is shared by Gorkan Aijin. Tuljhan Saishman. Gonca Vuslateri. الnal Yater and others.

Derin in the series Tehlikeli Karim

One of the most important works of Gonca Vuslateri is the series “My Serious Wife”. a romantic comedy series consisting of 6 episodes. which was shown in 2018. and the series tells about a young man married to the beautiful daughter of a rich family. One of the small advertising companies. and he always tries to pretend that he is the ideal husband. except that his wife is constantly in conflict with him and because of her excessive interest and trying to watch him is thinking about killing her and getting rid of her. and that is jointly with his partner in the cafe and his lover. but the whole plan changes when his wife is kidnapped and the kidnapper asks for a large sum of money. Money to get it back. and from here things get worse through the following events. provided by the heroes Gonca Vuslateri. Mustafa Ostin Dag. Sekin Ozdemir. Big Unal. Erdem Akasa. Sirin Soylu and a group of art stars in Turkey.

Role of Gonca Vuslateri in Anne

She also presented the series “The Family” and the series “High Land”. She presented a role in the series “Anne”. which achieved remarkable success and great fame for all of its heroes. It is a social series. Anne. that discusses social issues related to the family and children in the domain of Anne. and its events revolve around a love story between Zainab and Musa. who marry. but the wife Zainab did not give birth. so Moses tries to betray her and on the day she finds out In it Zainab is his betrayal, and she also discovers that she is pregnant with him.

so she decides to separate from him and ask for a divorce and does not tell him about her pregnancy. then gives birth to her newborn Najwa. and from here comes the entanglement of events when Najwa grows up and begins to quarrel with her mother a lot and the interesting events intensify. Pirin Gokeldiz. Sirhan Suman. Gulina Kalkan. Gonca Vuslateri. and others. is one of the Turkish series most watched by the masses.

In conclusion. we hope that we have succeeded in providing all the information about the successful Turkish artist Gonca Vuslateri. and we shed light on the most important and prominent artistic works of her. such as plays. films and successful series.