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Ecem Baltaci,

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Information about Ecem Baltaci

Date of birth: in the twenty-fifth of July 1994.
Her current age: twenty-seven years (27 years old)
Her place of birth: she was born in Turkey _ Istanbul.
Marriage: unmarried.
Her religion: Muslim.
Nationality: Turkish.
Qualification: graduated from the Faculty of Education.
Length: one meter and seventy – three centimeters (1.73 CM)
Weight: fifty-four kilograms (54 km).
Her astrological sign: Leo.

The life story of actress Ecem Baltaci

Ecem Baltaci is a young Turkish woman born in Istanbul, actress ijem baltaci was born in 1994 on the twenty-fifth day of July, and therefore she belongs to the lion Tower, actress Ecem Baltaci enjoys a long stay at 1.73 centimeters long, also characterized by her small weight, which is fifty-four kilograms, and someone asked her how to keep her weight weighing it, actress Ecem Baltaci replied that she does not eat many meals and that she likes to eat a little healthy, she also likes fruits.

Beauty Ecem Baltaci

The actress Ecem Baltaci has Honey eyes and blond hair which gives her a wonderful and picturesque view, the young actress Ecem Baltaci is known for calm, she has the ability to control her nerves and not to lose it easily, and one of the most qualities that are known about the actress Ecem Baltaci that she possesses a great positive energy, and she only on it, she mastered acting significantly.

Things that actress Ecem Baltaci likes

Turkish actress Ecem Baltaci stated her very great love for her home and family and that she puts them first place in her life, she also stated that she loves pets and raises them, egem loves to read Heritage books and stories she provides her with a lot of information. She also loves watching old movies and series and considers it to help her develop her artistic personality as well as her reference.

Dreams of actress Ecem Baltaci

Ecem Baltaci is known for being a dreamy character with an optimistic view of the future, so she dreams of being a very famous Turkish actress and getting fame to be able to walk on the red carpet, she also wants to one day receive an Oscar, and therefore always sought to do her work and roles well.

Ecem Baltaci work as a nurse.

When she reprised the role of Halima in the series “it’s my life” with a group of outstanding Turkish actors, she caught the attention of many directors with her outstanding performance and acting, which made many good opportunities come to her after the success of the series, which aired on Fox in 2014.

After that actress Ecem Baltaci performed a role in the series “Hope“, which was in 2016 known to Tunisians as the series kattoussa ash, and after performing that role excellently she got a wonderful opportunity that brought her closer to her dream of a role in the famous and successful and most watched series” Fazilet and her daughters”, and that series was shown in 2017

The role of actress Ecem Baltaci in the series Fazilet and her daughters

The series of Fazilet and her daughters of the most Turkish series, which received a very large percentage of views and followings, was a series of Fazilet is a purely dramatic series that discusses some experiences and situations in social life that occur frequently in society. So he touched the hearts of many viewers and what made the series Get this great success not only its story but the success of the actors who performed their roles excellently and wonderfully is what completed the success of that series.

One of these wonderful actors who successfully mastered their work is the actress Ecem Baltaci, who played the role of a daughter from a rich family and her father was a famous businessman and she hated Fazilet and her daughters, because she loved a poor young man who worked for her father, but the little daughter of Fazilet was in a relationship with the poor

Ecem Baltaci in the story of the series Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari

Is the series known cases of community which the family lost a father and mother take care of her children, in the that show a small family consisting of father, mother and two daughters lose those families father because of his death, killing the mother takes responsibility for her daughters.
The mother is known as Virtue, and her eldest daughter is characterized by a male character because she believes that she is the successor of her father, but the mother tries during the episodes of the series to modify the character of her daughter to return her femininity again, while the younger daughter enjoys a stunning beauty and loves her neighbor, but works in advertising
After that comes the neighbor of the daughter of Mrs. Fadila and shows the life of the daughter of the rich owner of the company, the actress Ecem Baltaci and he loves him and marries her, and many, many events take place between the rich family of which the actress Ecem Baltaci, and the family of Mrs. Fadila, this wonderful dramatic work Which was shown in 2017 and this series has two parts.

Attitudes and rumors about the actress Ecem Baltaci

It was published in some news that the young actress Ecem Baltaci was smoking in the backstage of the series Fazilet and her daughters in one of the resting places dedicated to the actors, and the famous artist shaglar artagul wanted to have his own meal. He entered the caravan and wanted her to go out to eat his food, but she refused, and she told him to go somewhere else, which sparked his anger and they had a big fight together.

Among the rumors that launched the young actress Ecem Baltaci to have a child, but was denied this news, the actress said in her remarks about her love life, she was like a boy, but she failed in that relationship and decided to focus on her career, technical, and said she doesn’t want to trade again. He also stated that love is something beautiful and fun but with only worth, they decided to focus on the future scientific and technical, and in her remarks, she said she don’t like exercise but like to swim too.

Works of actress Ecem Baltaci

2017-2018 Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari (TV Series)
2018 Yalniz Hayaller Kaldi
2016-2017 Umuda Kelepce Vurulmaz (TV Series)
2015-2016 O Hayat Benim (TV Series)