Yeter Ali series will be shown

The story of Yeter Ali series – Enough Ali – the heroes and screening dates



Information about the series

The author of the series: Metin Kaba
The series is produced by: Limon Film.
Series Director: kevkat Yerimdar
The heroes of the series: Özgürcan Çevik – As for the rest of the stars involved in the work. Information about them is not complete and when we reach them we will provide you with the rest of the details and information about them.

Filming for the series began in February 2020 and is filming in Balıkesir. Ayvalik and some other places of summer nature and quiet areas in Istanbul that occupy an important place in tourism. which are suitable for the nature of the events of the series.

Yeter Ali series will be shown

The series will be shown in summer 2020 on Fox TV.

The story of the Yeter Ali series

Let’s get to know together the story of the interesting and interesting Turkish series Yeter Ali. which many of the audience awaits and is inclined to the dramatic and comedic nature. the story revolves around the young Ali and Ali’s character in the series is distinguished as a man who knows no fear and is also characterized as honest kind and timely man Himself has insensitivity to some things while doing some funny comedic situations in the series, and he makes a lot of adventures.

Cast Yeter Ali

(Ozgurcan Cevik)

Özgürcan Çevik is the main hero in the work and this actor returns after an absence of years on the screen. who made for himself a distinguished name and position among the stars of Turkey. and he will return to his fans and fans again because he enjoys great popularity.

Actor Özgürcan Çevik was born in 1983 in Ankara. Istanbul. He received his primary education from Ahmet Vivek Pasha School. then MEV Private Köksal Wholesale School in middle school in Ankara. In high school. she was in Ayrancı High School. In 2004 Ozkurkan graduated from Hacettepe Tourism University. -Hotel Management. graduated from a second university in 2009 at Bilkent University MSSF. Department of Theatrical Acting. and his acting career began in 2008 with the Bizim Evleri series.

He started working in the Ankara Art Theater and participated in many theatrical works and achieved many successes and also won the Best Supporting Actor award at the X Lions Theater Awards. for his role in the partridge play. In 2012, he participated in a play entitled “Tetikçi” Ali Bolot Theater. in 2013. Participated in Selamün Kavlen at the Ankara Theater and directed by Yücel Erten.

He has also done many television and cinematic works

The series Dolna Al-Bayt 2008 – Turkan 2010 – Thank you 2013 – Fatih Al-Harbiyya 2013 – Mirror of My Country 2014 – and in 2017 -Sevkat Yerimdar – The Memorandum Gemini 2018-2019 – and finally the series Yeter Ali 2020

As for the movies they were

In 2012, he participated in the movie Mountain with the role of Solomon. and in 2013 he presented the movie Sevkat Yerimdar. which was his first Turkish cinematic tournament. and in 2015 he also presented a starring role in the movie kevkat Yerimdar 2: Disabled in Us and was the role of Sevkat Yerimdar. and achieved remarkable success in this movie.

In 2016 he participated in the film Lynn Elissar and in 2018 he presented the movie The Groom Team with the role of Salam. We wish the handsome artist Oz Korkan more progress and success in his acting and personal works.