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many details about her personal life, nationality, religion, age, upbringing, and other details about height, weight, academic qualification, family, and when her artistic career began in acting and the most important works that she presented from series, films, her official social networking sites, and a new and exclusive photo collection to her.

Almila Ada Nationality, Religion, Age, Weight, and Height

Date of birth: August 4, 1994
Residence: I was born in Istanbul, Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Christianity
Age: 25 years
Weight: 48 kg
Height: 174 cm
Hair color: brown
Eye color: Gray
Academic qualification: Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts
Martial status: single
Astrological Sign: Leo
Her artistic career began in 2012
Favorite sport: swimming.
Her hobbies: Fashion and ballet shows.

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Complete information about the actress Almila Ada

Almila Ada was born in Istanbul on August 4, 1994 Ada.s father is a journalist and her mother is a fashion designer and teacher. At a young age she showed an interest in ballet and took ballet lessons. Due to her mother.s professional demands, she lived in Russia for a while. She studied ballet and took piano lessons at the State Institute of Istanbul University for a while.

Later, she completed her ballet education full-time at Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts after that, she obtained a master.s degree in London, worked in fashion design during Paris Fashion Week – London, during her university studies she participated in a number of university plays and presented distinguished roles. A theater troupe with her colleagues at the university, and she won many awards, the director of her theater group advised her to go to study acting and that her talent would help her to work in acting.

Before her work as an actress

She worked as a model for many magazines abroad such as IQ, Vogue, and Instyle and went to London to study ballet and performing arts. There the film director encouraged her and she began acting. She later got a minor role in Avengers: Age of Ultron, where Scarlett Johansson portrayed a character in childhood as a ballerina. After this role, her interest in acting increased. Since she suffered from an Achilles tendon injury and an orthopedic problem, she came to Istanbul for physical therapy. She worked for a season in the Kaderimin Yazıldığı Gün series. I started learning spelling lessons after that. For a short time she was cast in the TV series Kırgın Çiçekler. In 2017, she played Erdal Beşikçioğlu.s daughter in the TV series Adı Efsane.

And its coincidence is Almila Ada

She is in love with a young man outside the artistic community, and she loves him very much, and her followers always share photos of her with him, and this relationship lasted for six years.

Malika in the series crazy winds

Bir Deli Rüzgar is a social series that revolves around the context of a romantic drama. The series has achieved great success in the Arab world and has been on social media since its first episode was shown on the fifteenth of last September. This is due to the interesting story of the series and its events that combine romance and drama. In an interesting plot that attracts the viewer.

The events of the series Majnoonwahs begin with Malika Gandan, a beautiful girl who has a sweet voice and dreams of fame and stardom. The events with Malika go back to 1978, where the daily watchful concerts are held in the Hijran casino, in which Malika succeeds in getting a chance to sing in it and challenges her family and her father who expels her. From the house and choosing between singing and her family, Malika chooses to sing and begins her first singing shows in the casino and can prove herself and the crowd wraps around her, and her fame gradually increases.

Malika in the series crazy winds
Malika in the series crazy winds

The struggles faced by Almila Ada

Malika faced many conflicts with the singer Sevim Soylu, the first star of the casino, and the events follow and Malika pays the price of her fame and is forced to leave her son Ugur to grow up alone in an orphanage, fearing for him from the conflicts that she created around her, and on the other side we find Juksha Yujal, a girl of this time who also dreams of singing And fame in order to be able to find her father who left her since she was a little girl, and intersect the roads of Juksha with Malika Gandan after she grew up and time took her fame.

Malika Guksha warns of the greed of fame and advises her to stay away from this road, but Juksha insists on singing and Ugur helps her in that, as he gives her the opportunity to sing and go up on the stage in his nightclub with the aim of his desire to avenge his mother Malika Gandan for leaving him, but circumstances want Ujur to fall In love with Juksha to change all his goals and endeavors and seeks to protect it and keep it away from the road that led it to it, and the events between the past and the present continue to bear many exciting surprises in the next episode.

Cennet Yilmaz in the series Gözyaslari

It is a drama series produced in 2017, starring the actor Isra Ronbar, Berk Atan, Almila Ada, and aired on Turkish ITV channel on September 24, 2017. The series consisted of 36 episodes and ended on June 17, 2018. It was dubbed into Arabic and presented to a net witness on June 1, 2019.The story of the series begins with the scene of the mother, Javida, who suffers from the pain of childbirth accompanied by her mother in a poor house and on a rainy night.

Javeida gives birth to a girl with a birthmark on her right shoulder that looks exactly like the one on Jeda.s shoulder, but she refuses to look at it and refuses to breastfeed and care for her, so that she ends up leaving the house the same night, her daughter and mother emigrated. Years pass, so that the day comes when she (Jannah) will graduate and she is the daughter of a great-grandmother who abandoned her and was taken care of by her grandmother.

The most important works of actress Almila Ada are TV series and movies

2000 Kim 500 milyar ister?
2011 Burada laf cok
2014-2015 Kaderimin Yazildigi Gün
2016 Kirgin Çiçekler
2016 Propaganda 2
2017 Adi Efsane
2017-2018 Gözyaslari
2018 Bir Deli Rüzgar
2020 The Strange Story of a Shining Pearl (Short)
2019-2020 Guvercin
2020 Son Parti
2021 Menajerimi Ara