Ozan Çobanoğlu wife, religion, age, series, and information


Ozan Çobanoğlu, the Turkish actor, known as Tariq in the series The Good Land, his wife and who she is, his religion and whether he is a Muslim or a Christian, his age, date of birth and astronomical sign, his series and his most prominent roles, all you need to know about him from personal information and the beginning of his artistic career and the most important works of art through Full report on it.

Ozan Çobanoğlu

Information about Ozan Çobanoğlu

Date of birth: February 6, 1980.
Astrological Sign: Aquarius.
Age in 2020: 40 years.
Place of birth: Kars, Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion Muslim.
Profession: theater and television actor.
Hair color: black.
Eye color: brown.
The beginning of the artistic career: It began in 2002.
Years of activity: from 2002 until now.
The wife: Ezge Sirtel.
Sons: He has two twin children, Mert, Tibet.

Biography of Turkish Actor Ozan Çobanoğlu

Turkish actor Ozan Çobanoğlu was born on the sixth of February and that in 1980, his astrological sign is Aquarius and his current age is 40 years, he was born in the city of Kars in Turkey, his nationality is Turkish, and he is the son of the Turkish comedian Murat Ozan Çobanoğlu, he studied Ozan at the Institute Hastep Conservatoire and graduated from the theater arts department in 2004, in 2005 he started working in the Ankara Theater and Izmir Theater and thus became a permanent employee in the theater, he started acting on television in 2007, Ozan Çobanoğlu is married and has two twin children, Mert and Tibet.

Ozan Çobanoğlu And his wife

The famous Turkish actor Ozan Çobanoğlu, who was known as Doctor Tariq in the series Good Land in 2016, married Turkish actress Izji Sirtel, who embodied Zainab with him in the series Good Land, and he had two twin children, Mert and Tibet.

The beginning of Ozan Çobanoğlu’s career

The Turkish actor Ozan Çobanoğlu began his artistic career in 2002 when he participated in a small role in the series “Sirlar Dunyasi”, participated in several plays and then participated in many successful Turkish series, and the most important role he presented was the embodiment of the character of Tariq in the series The Good Land which was shown in 2007 Then his artwork rolled after that.

Facts and secrets from the life of Ozan Çobanoğlu

He loved acting from a young age, especially the theater, and his first role on the stage was when he was a ten-year-old child, and the role he got rarely assigned to a child at this age, was a small role in a big play.

He had major roles in a number of his artwork, and he played a major role in the second part of TRT movie.
Furthermore, he got the role of the ideal husband in one of the documentaries.
Actor Ozan Çobanoğlu stated that the one who nominated him for his role in the series Good Land is the producer of the series while attending a play involving Ozan at the State Theater. His performance won the admiration of everyone, especially the series producer, and he was chosen to embody the role of the hero, “Doctor Tariq”.

Ozan stated that he always evaluates himself after completing any work he presents, watching the tape and watching the moves and gaps so that it does not fall into it again, and he always said to himself: “My goal is to achieve the best.”

When Uzan was asked about Tariq’s role in the series The Good Land, he said: “Tariq’s character is a rare character in our current world, and when you look in a hospital, you will not find a skilled surgeon like Tariq.”
The Turkish actor Ozan Çobanoğlu traveled to many hospitals and met many doctors and went into some surgeries and the training lasted about 6 or 7 months. He also went to health centers in eastern Turkey and lived in the middle of homes there in order to be able to master the role that was assigned to him, which is Doctor Tariq.

Ozan Çobanoğlu in the series The Good Land

The Good Land series is a Turkish drama series that narrates the story of the period of terrorism entering the Turkish villages and the conflict between Kurdish militants and the Turkish government, and tells the story of the doctor Tariq Kaya, whose character is the Turkish actor Ozan Çobanoğlu, who came from Istanbul to his village after 25 years and fell in love with a girl who belongs To a rebellious family, and he finds himself in conflict between Turkish soldiers and Turkish fighters, and the series also focuses on his suffering because his mother gave him to the family of a military officer so that he would not enter into a struggle for revenge that falls on his family’s shoulders with another family, but the girl he loved is the daughter of the rebellious family.

Ozan stated that the message of the series is that love and peace are the choice and the way to salvation, and that when people love each other there will be no conflict, injustice or tyranny, and that mixing with people and living with them and breaking down the barriers that exist between them and the feeling of equality and the absence of differences between them are among the most important factors that It creates an atmosphere of love, intimacy and peace, so everyone has the right to ask for a doctor or teacher, and it is the truth of his message that he embodied in the series, as he is a doctor for everyone, not for specific people.

The series stars the Turkish actor Ozan Çobanoğlu, who embodies the character of Doctor Tariq Kaya, the Turkish actor Suleiman Karadag who embodies the character of Zidan, the Turkish actress Izji Sirtel who embodied the character of Zainab, the Turkish actor Sabri Ozmenir who embodies the character of Mahmoud Agha, the Turkish actress Ozlem Aknuzu who embodied the character Nermin, the Turkish actress, Muschan Gonul, who embodied the role of Diala and others, the series directed by Turkish director Naji Shilak and the script and dialogue of Ali Kara, the series achieved great success and the series was also dubbed into the Syrian dialect.

Ozan Çobanoğlu series

He participated in a series entitled “Sirlar Dunyasi” or in Arabic “The World of Secrets”, which was shown in 2002 and is his first role in Turkish television, which was during his studies.
Participated in the series “After the Rain”, which was shown in 2006, in which he played the role of a policeman. He participated in the series “Good Land”, which was shown in 2007 and is one of his most famous starring roles, in which he embodies the character of Doctor Tariq

He participated in the series “Participated in the series entitled“ The Fifth Dimension ”, which was shown in 2005 until 2009.
Participated in the series “Mothers and Their Daughters”, which was shown in 2011.
He participated in the series “Effat”, which was shown in 2012.
In 2014, 2015 he participated in the series “Kucuk Aga”.
In 2013, he participated in the series “Galip Dervis”.

Ozan Çobanoğlu Movies

He participated in the movie “The Conquest of Constantinople 1453”, which was shown in 2012.
Participated in the second part of TRT movie.
In 2016 he participated in the movie “Arka Sokaklar”.