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Information on Ezgi Sertel Çobanoğlu

Date of birth: 01/10/1981.
Astrological Sign: Libra.
Age in 2020: 39 years old.
Place of birth: Safranbolu.
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion: Muslim.
Profession: Actress and presenter.
Marital Status: Married Actor Ozan Tchobanoglu.
Sons: Mert. Tibet.
The beginning of the artistic career: It started in 2007.
Years of activity: from 2007 until now.

Her life story Ezgi Sertel Çobanoğlu

Turkish actress Ezgi Sertel Çobanoğlu was born on the 1st of October 1981, she is now 39 years old, and her astrological sign is Libra. I was born in Safranbolu, Turkey.

She studied and learned the Noble Qur’an as a seven-year-old girl. She also studied elementary, intermediate and secondary education in the same city in which she was born. After that, she moved to Istanbul with her brother to complete her university studies.

She enrolled in engineering college and graduated in 2004. She started acting in 2007. In 2016 she married Turkish actor Ozan Chupanoglu and had two twins.

Ezgi Sertel Çobanoğlu’s Husband

In 2016, the Turkish actress Ezgi Sertel Çobanoğlu and the Turkish actor Ozan Çobanoglu, who embodied the character of Doctor Tariq, were married to her in the series Tek Türkiye. Ezgi Sertel Çobanoğlu has two twin children, Mert. Tibet.

Ezge photographed her two children for the first time on April 23, when they were three months old. And she recorded a note under the picture shared by her fans and followers, saying: “This is April 23, 2020.

My first vacation with my children because it is the first confusion between my children and people. It would be a nice vacation even if nothing understands at the moment. We were very happy with the beach and were very happy.

Surprised where they are looking. When I saw them like this, I said we came to God after a nice, nice day. I wanted to share a memorial photo. It is the first time that Ezji photographed the faces of her two children and put the photo on social media.

Ezgi Sertel Çobanoğlu celebrates Father’s Day

Turkish actress Ezgi Sertel Çobanoğlu celebrated Father’s Day to her husband through her own page on various social networking sites. She also posted a picture of her with her husband and two children, adding: “My dear.

I love you so much. happy Father’s Day. My dear, my children are very fortunate to have a father like you. You are too precious to us. ”

The latest news of Ezgi Sertel Çobanoğlu

Actress Ezgi Sertel Çobanoğlu said that she has worked in theater since she was a student in high school and participated in many school plays, and she refused to work as a regular employee after graduating from university.

She stated that she won the admiration of the masses when she participated in her first film, “The Tales of the Homeland,” but her best work remains the role of Zainab in the Tek Türkiye series. She said she was very happy when people called her by the name of teacher Zainab. The series was a huge success.

Actress Ezgi Sertel Çobanoğlu announced that she only deals with two channels in Turkish TV, namely Channel 7. Samanyolu Channel, because they are two conservative channels.
She stated that she received offers for series and movies on other channels, but she refused because the standards of these channels did not meet their own.
She presented and prepared some morning programs after completing the Tek Türkiye series, including the program “Summer Morning with Azji”.

Turkish actress Ezgi Sertel Çobanoğlu has turned down many movies and TV shows due to the incompatibility of her themes with her and her conservative way of life.
During her programs, she hosted many clerics and learned a lot from them. Although she received a religious education for 11 years, she also learned the Holy Quran when she was a seven-year-old girl.

Programming experience by actress Ezgi Sertel Çobanoğlu

Turkish actress Ezgi Sertel Çobanoğlu said that the experience of presenting a religious program is an important experience for her. She also said that she learns a lot from her guests and learns the matters and secrets of religion and many matters of life. She also hosts a program called “Healing Food” on Channel 7.

Hobbies of Ezgi Sertel Çobanoğlu

She loves to shop and read books.
loves listening to rock music and also prefers classical music.
She loves swimming and hiking.
Her favorite color is white and black.
As for her dreams, she says, “I don’t have big dreams like winning an Oscar. But my dream was to present and prepare the programs, and this thanks to God I accomplished it. ”

Actress Ezgi Sertel Çobanoğlu’s career begins

Turkish actress Ezgi Sertel Çobanoğlu began her artistic career in 2007, when she participated in the series “Tek Türkiye” and embodied the role of the heroine Zainab, one of her most prominent roles. She also participated in several cinematic films and presented a group of distinguished works of art during her artistic career.

Ezgi Sertel Çobanoğlu in the series Tek Türkiye

The famous Turkish actress, Ezgi Sertel Çobanoğlu, participated in the series Tek Türkiye, or as he was known as United Turkey, which was shown in 2007 and the period of the show continued until it ended in 2011 because it included four consecutive seasons. Sertel played the role of Zainab as a teacher. The series tells the story of the love that occurred between Zainab, a teacher and doctor, Tariq, whose character is the Turkish actor Ozan Tchubanoglu, who is the hero of the series, which focuses on his role because it is the main role and the focus of the series. He is a surgeon who came from IstanbulD. An absence of 25 years, and he fell in love with teacher Zainab, who is from the rebellious family that intends to kill Doctor Tariq long ago.

The events follow in light of the conflict between the Kurdish militants and the Turkish government. It tells the story of terror that swept the Turkish villages. The series is written by writer Ali Kara and directed by Turkish director Naji Celak. The series seeks to spread the message that development and peace in these regions cannot be achieved through education and teaching. It also assures viewers that violence and war are not the way to solve problems. Tariq embodies the role of the hero who fights for his people, his country and his people. For everyone, he is a legendary hero who cannot be on the ground.

The series stars the Turkish actor Ozan Tchobanoglu, who embodies the character of Doctor Tariq, who fell in love with the teacher Zainab. Turkish actress Ezgi Sertel Çobanoğlu who embodied the character of teacher Zainab who falls in love with Tariq. Turkish actor Sabri Ozmenir, who embodies the character of Mahmoud Agha. Turkish actress Ozlem Aknuzu who embodied Nermin.  and Turkish actor Suleiman Karadagh who embodies Zidane and others. The series was dubbed into the Syrian dialect and aired on MBC 4.

Series Ezgi Sertel Çobanoğlu

She participated in the role of Zainab in the famous Turkish series “Tek Türkiye,” or as it was known in Turkey as “United Turkey,” which was shown in 2007 and continued until 2011.
Büyük bulusma (TV Series)
2004 Kalp gözü (TV Series)
2005 Memleket hikayeleri: Molla Ahmed (TV Movie)
2006 Yagmurdan sonra (TV Series)
2008 Kollama (TV Series) (2009)
2007-2008 Tek Türkiye (TV Series)
2009 Sabir (TV Movie)
2010 Paramparça

Ezgi Sertel Çobanoğlu Movies

she participated in the movie “The Fifth Dimension”.
Participated in the movie “The Bitter Life”.
She participated in the movie “Three Women”.
Participated in the movie “Eye of the Heart”.
She participated in the movie “The Fourth Heaven”.
Participated in the movie “Meet the Greats”.
She participated in the movie “Gate of the World of Secrets”.