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Talat Bulut, his religion, his nationality, his wife, his astrological sign, his age, his place of birth, the date of his birth, the number of his children, his works,
 he played the role of Yilmaz in the series Göç Zamanı, his artistic beginning, his academic qualification, his life story,
 all that interesting information in a complete and detailed report about him.


Who is Talat Bulut?

Age: 64 years old.

Place of birth: Ankara, Turkey.

Date of birth: March 32, 1956.

His astrological sign: Aries.

His artistic debut: 1975.

Marital Status: Married.

Wife’s name: Banar Afsar Bulut.

Number of boys: 1.

Nationality: Turkish.

Religion of Islam.

Academic qualification: Graduated from Hacettepe University, Department of Electronics Engineering,

Beginning of his fame: his appearance in the movie wasted.

Actor Talat Bulut’s Biography

Talat Bulut religion


Talat Bulut is a capable Turkish actor, holds Turkish citizenship, and he is a 64-year-old convert to Islam. Talat Bulut was born in Ankara, Turkey, on the twenty-third day of March 1956, and he was born in Aries, after completing his high school studies. He graduated from the University of Engineering, Department of Electronics, at the University of Hastepe, after his graduation, he acted in some plays, and when the directors saw his wonderful talent in acting, they entered the field of art and acting, and his artistic start was in 1975, the first real work that led to his fame was his participation in the series Hazal, and he became a number Many followers, after his participation in the Manisa Barzani series in 1994, he received many awards, which are evidence of his success and high ability to act, but when talking about his personal life, we find that he is married to Banar Afsar Bulut, and he also gave birth to one daughte.

Actor Talat Bulut's Biography

Talat Bulut and accused of harassment

The artist, Talat Bulut, was accused when filming the forbidden apple series of harassing the girl who helps the artists in dressing them, but the court acquitted him, preserved the case and said that there were no witnesses to that incident or evidence. The director of the forbidden apple returned the artist Talat Bulut again to The staff, but many actresses objected to his return, so the director of the series answered them, saying that the court had acquitted him, so who am I to install a court on him, as the director and producer explained that the series crew will continue as it is until the fourteenth episode of the second season and will The entire staff is changed.

Talat Bulut in the series Göç Zamanı

The artist Talat Bulut participated in the series Göç Zamanı and this work is considered one of the most wonderful works that he participated in and appeared in the role of Yilmaz, this work was filmed in 2016, the series Göç Zamanı was written by Oia Yos and it is directed by Billy Celik. Talking about the heroes of this series, we find that he starred the artist Talat Bulut, who is the star of our article today, who played the role of Yilmaz, and starred the artist Wahida Bergen who played the role of Senet and starred the artist Tilp Saran who performed the role of Hanim and other famous creative actors.

This work consists of only one season, and the number of Göç Zamanı series has reached 15 episodes. As for the story of the series, which is classified as a historical and dramatic series, it also presents one of the most important issues, which is the displacement in Turkey, and the events of the series revolve around a family She used to live in an area called Mardin. This family is subjected to immigration and during their migration some members of that family are arrested, and during their migration and migration they face many difficulties and complicated matters, and we find that the mother struggles to defend her daughters and her family.

Awards received by artist Talat Bulut

The artist Talat Bulut has won many awards for his wonderful roles and his performance that dazzled the viewers, and these awards indicate his skill in acting even though he did not study acting at the university stage and among the prizes he won.

He won the Best Actor Award at the Ankara Festival for his role in the movie Manisa Tarazani in 1995.

Then he won the Best Actor Award at the Ankara Festival for his role in the movie “Herşeye Rağmen” in 1988.

He won the Best Actor Award at the Antalya Film Festival for his role in the movie Derman in 1988.

Then he won the Best Actor Award at the Ankara Film Festival for his role in Melekler Evi in ​​2000.

He won the Turkish Cinema Award as the best actor for his role in the movie “Abuzer Kadayif” in 2000.

Artist Talat Bulut’s work

The artistic beginning of the talented Turkish artist Talat Bulut was in 1975, he began his career in the world of art and acting on stage, when he acted in some wonderful plays that caught the attention of the directors, so they offered him to participate in many wonderful works, and among his artworks the following:

He participated in the play Smart Animals and this work was in 1977. He participated in the movie Hazal, which is the beginning of the real artist Talat Bulut. He also participated in the movie Manisa Tarazani and this work was in 1994.

He participated in the movie Herşeye Rağmen. starred in the movie Derman. participated in the movie Melekler Evi. starred in Abuzer Kadayif. Participated in Yilani öldürseler Ali and appeared as Ali and this work was in 1981.

He participated in Yasamak seninle güzel Aydin and that was in 1982. He participated in Göl and that was in 1982. participated in Çayda çira Yusuf and that was in 1982. , and he participated in Derman Tahsin and that was in 1983.

He participated in Karanfilli naciye Selim in 1984. He participated in Son Urfali Sehmuz a.k.a Seho and this work was in 1986. He participated in Tarzan of Manisa Ahmet Bedevi ‘Tarzan of Manisa’ and this work was in 1996.

He participated in Ask Olsun and this work was in 2003. He participated in Annem and this work was from 2003 until 2007. And participated in the series “Time of Hijra” and this work was in 2015. He participated in the series Fadela and Her Daughters and that was in 2017. He participated in the series The Apple Prohibited.

the series tuzak – the trap in 2022.