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Selen Soyde,

Turkish actress, Toprak Karagül in the series yer gök as, her religion, is she a Muslim or Christian, her age, date of birth and astronomical sign, her husband and who he is, her series and the most prominent characters that she presented, the beginning of her acting career, her most important work and all information about her and her personal life through this report Mass reported.

Who is Selen Soyder?

Date of birth: December 26, 1986.
Astrological Sign: Capricorn.
Age in 2020: 34 years old.
Place of birth: Alsancik town in Izmir, Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion: Christianity.
Profession: Actress and model.
Height: 178 cm.
Weight: 54 kg.
Hair color: Light brown.
Eye color: Dark brown.
Marital Status: She was related to actor Tolgahan Sichmann (2010-2015), she married Jewish businessman Orin Frances in 2015.
The beginning of her acting career: She started in 2009.
Years of activity: from 2009 until now.

Actress Selen Soyder and Biography

The young Turkish actress, Selen Soyder, was born on the 26th of December, in 1986, her current age is 34 years, her astrological sign is Capricorn, she was born in the town of Alsancik in Izmir in Turkey, and her parents immigrated to the town of Yanya, and she is their only daughter. Selen Soyder spent her elementary school years in her hometown of Izmir, then she enrolled for Salma Yitalal High School, after which she enrolled in Information University in Istanbul and graduated from the History Department.

In 2006, actress Selen Soyder was elected as the best model in Turkey in the Miss Turkey contest, and she also represented her country in the Miss Universe contest in China, and Celine was among the first five places in the competition and won the best national costume award, and in In 2007, Celine was elected Miss Turkey in the Miss Turkey contest organized by Star TV, in which 1,200 people participated, and she also represented Turkey among the 106 countries that participated in the Miss World contest on the island of Sanya in China, but she failed to achieve first place. But in 2007 she became a model in Faco, and then went to Canada to learn the Canadian language. She returned to her native Turkey in 2009 and registered for the radio station to start a training period in Star TV, at the request of her father.

Selen Soyder’s husband and lover

Selen Soyder was romantically linked with the Turkish actor Tolgahan Soyder, who was known in the Arab world as Gulnar, and he presented her with a role in the series Laila, but they separated, after that she became associated with her current husband, the Jewish businessman Orin Frances, and that after the end of her relationship with Touljahan, Celine married Frances, Celine posted photos of her on Instagram with her husband, while spending their vacation in Petra, Turkey, and Celine took pictures of them in archaeological sites and on the beach as well.

Can Yaman and Selen Soyder

Turkish actor Jan Yaman was accused in the case of contempt of Turkish actress Selen Soyder in the scenes of the series “Who among us does not love”, as he insulted her severely and tossed her cup of tea, and from here Celine filed a lawsuit against Jan Yaman after a quarrel between them in which Yaman used violence against her. As a result, she continued filming the series while she was accompanied by a bodyguard. The Istanbul court ruled Jan Yaman to pay a fine of 7,830 Turkish liras.

Can Yaman and Selen Soyder
Can Yaman and Selen Soyder

Selen Soyder’s acting start

Selen Soyder began her artistic career in 2009 when she began recording in the radio at the request of her father, and in 2010 she presented her first starring role in a series entitled “Love Between Heaven and Earth” or as it was known as “Love in the Wind” in which she embodied Nihad’s character, then participated in the Laila Dafri series, which was shown in 2011, and her artistic work continued.

Selen Soyder Series

Turkish actress Selen Soyder participated for the first time in the series “Love in the Wind” or “Love between Heaven and Earth”, which was shown in 2010 and embodied the character Nihad. She also participated in the series “Laila Dafri”, which was shown in 2011 and continued until 2014, in which she embodied the character of Toprak Kragul Jazz.

Awards received by Selen Soyder

She won the Miss Universe Award for Best National Costume in 2006. Then she won the TV Star Award for the year 2013, through the series “Laila Dafri”, through which she won the 19 th Political Magazine Award. Then she won the Best Actress award in the fourth group of The Good View Awards for her series Laila Dafri in 2013. She won the title of Miss Turkey and Miss World, preceded by Marwa Büyksarac in 2006, and she won the title in 2007, and then came Leila Lydia Togutlu in 2008. She represented Turkey in the Miss World contest in 2007, preceded by Marwa Büyksarac 2006, and Leila Lydia Togutlu came in 2008.