the story of Son Yaz – Last summer and information about the cast and show date

Last summer – Son Yaz series, a lot of information about the story of the Son Yaz series, its heroes, information about them, the timing of the show of the Son Yaz series, its channel, and many other details about the series, with a set of pictures of the series and its heroes.

Son Yaz - Last summer


Son Yaz – Last summer series

The series is directed by: Burak Arlıer
The series is produced by: O3 Medya
Written by: Denise Darji – Genk Bogator – Wasim Georges
Genre: drama – thriller
Seasons: 1.

Cast Names Son Yaz

– Albrin Demaz / as Akgun
– Hafsanur Sancaktutan in the role of rain
– Ali Atay Saleem
– Funda Eryiğit as Canan
– Ahu Türkpençe
– Emery Krael
– Spinem Donums
– Sarp İkiler
– Aref Bishkin
– Cengiz Okuyucu
– Erdem Shounen
– Caesar Avji
Khalil Babur

Show dates of the Son Yaz series and its channel

The series Son Yaz will soon be shown on Turkish FOX TV.
Son Yaz series story

Son Yaz belongs to the type of social drama series whose events include the presence of the social and thrilling aspect of the events with discussion of a number of important social issues and issues. The story of Son Yaz revolves around the public prosecutor, whose name is Salim Kara, and he is embodied by the artist (Ali Atay) and between young Akgun. And who is embodied by the artist (Alperen Duymaz), who is a young man who does illegal work and was brought up and raised in the world of crime and criminality, and he is a dangerous young man with bad behavior and morals, one day the prosecutor is asked Salim about the necessity of arrest and bringing the young Akgun to investigation with him In a case, Selim is forced to bring him to justice.

Selim goes to bring the young man Akgun and is exposed to a difficult situation during which he takes him from the midst of his family, his family and his mother, and he was the only breadwinner for his family. Pain and feelings conflicting between carrying out his job and his work, and between humanitarian feelings and sympathy for his family, whose lives are turned upside down after Akgun’s arrest.

Actor Ali Atay, the hero of the series

The Turkish actor Ali Atay plays the absolute lead in the series, and embodies the series the personality of the public prosecutor, whose name is Selim.
Who is the Turkish artist Ali Atay? We gathered some information for you to get to know him closely and get a lot of information about him.
Ali Atay is a Turkish actor, film director and screenwriter, born in 1976 in Turkey. Artist Ali Atay graduated from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, Department of Theater and Government Conservatory, his artistic career began in 1998 until now and his first appearance on Turkish screens was through the series The second spring was a small role, but after that he participated in a successful comedy series entitled Layla Eli Majnun.

Among his most famous dramas are the series Gonul does not listen to Ferman – and the series “Day of the Sword – I say no” – the series Çeşm-i Bülbül – and the series “My Father Out of the Hat” and others. In 2017, he participated in the championship for the first time through the net series that are broadcast on the platforms The electronic series was the innocent series, and he also dubbed a large number of artistic works, between series and movies, in addition to acting, so he also sang and presented many singing works and songs with one of the Turkish groups, so he presented about 25 songs so far.

The artist Ali Atan has participated in many distinguished and successful Turkish artworks that made him one of the most prominent and famous Turkish stars and has a special and distinguished position among Turkish artists. The artist Ali Atan received many artistic prizes, which reached about 19 artistic awards until Now since the beginning of his artistic career.

As for his personal life, the artist Ali Atay married the artist Ebro Cansiz in 2008, but they divorced in 2013, after which the artist Ali married again the artist Hathal Kaya, and he has one daughter.

Artist Alperen Duymaz

He is a Turkish artist and model. He was born in 1992 in Ankara, Turkey. The artist Alperen Duymaz graduated from Hacetepe Ankara State University and also studied at the University of Hacetepe Ankara Conservatory Theater Sweet Little Liars / He was interested in and loving art and acting from a young age, especially art singing while he is still in high school, he worked as a model in Turkish fashion shows.

His first appearance on Turkish screens was in the series Beautiful Little Liars in 2015 and also appeared during the same year in another series entitled Bitter Love and was able to prove himself and his talent as an able and professional actor and one of the most famous and successful works presented by the artist Alperen Duymaz, the Turkish series The Story Bodrum – and the series The Pit – the series collision – and the Zuhari series, and finally the series Son Yaz.

In which he embodies the character of the perverted young man Akgun, and is the first time to present this type of role. He embodies the perverted young man and has bad morals and works in crimes and murders and illegal and illegal acts. He has never presented this type of characters before.

As for cinematic films, the artist Alperen Duymaz has participated in the starring of only one Turkish cinematic film since his artistic debut, which is the Karatay resistance film / As for the personal life of the Turkish artist Alperen Duymaz, he got married this year 2020 to the great Turkish artist Kelso.