the story of Last Night with Defne , information about the cast and show date


For all lovers of Turkish drama and series, we have collected a report for you about the new Turkish series Last Night with Defne, a lot of information about the series, its story, heroes, its show dates, the channels presenting the series Defne ile Son Gece Last Night with Defne, other details of the series and a group of private photos In the series and its hero participants.

Last Night with Defne

Defne ile Son Gece

The series is produced by: Gold Film
The series is written by: Sırma Yanık
Genre: drama – horror
Number of seasons of the series: 2

Show dates of the series Last Night with Defne and the channel

Last Night with Defne will be shown in 2021, and the series will be shown on Turkish FOX TV.

The story of the series Last Night with Defne

The series Last Night with Defne differs from the stories of the Turkish series, most of which tend to be romantic and interesting and exciting love stories, but this series tends in its story events to the type of drama that interspersed its events in an atmosphere full of horror, excitement and suspense.

The series revolves around a young girl named Defne, who is embodied by the heroine of the series, the Turkish artist Deniz Çakır. The events of the series deal with the story of her life and the many problems and difficulties this girl is exposed to in her life in an atmosphere full of horror in events
We and the whole audience are waiting to see the story and events of the entertaining, interesting and exciting series.

Turkish actress Deniz Çakır is the heroine of the series

The Turkish actress Deniz Çakır embodies in the series the role of the girl Defne, around which the events and the story of the series revolve. Let us know together the heroine of the series Last Night with Defne, the Turkish artist Deniz Çakır and a lot of information about her. She is a Turkish artist and actress, born on December 31, 1982, in Ankara, Turkey Artist Deniz Çakır graduated from Häcktepe University Conservatory of Theater Department.

At the beginning of her career, Deniz Çakır worked as a broadcaster in one of the Turkish channels and started her acting and acting activities in 2004 until now and participated in distinguished Turkish dramas, including the Fallen Leaves series and the Bandits Series They Will Not Rule the World That Was 2015 and the Sultan’s Harem series.

Deniz Çakır was famous in the Arab world as the character “Foton” in the series “Fallen Leaves.” Her series, Bandits Will Not Rule the World, achieved the highest number of viewers in the history of Turkish dramas. She is tender to her husband and supports him and stands next to him.

The Turkish artist Deniz Çakır also participated in a number of successful Turkish films with the Turkish artist Ozcan Deniz, as for the personal life of the artist Deniz Çakır, she was associated with the Turkish artist Oktay Kayinarja during their filming of the series The bandits will not rule the world, but a year later, their separation was announced due to the presence of Some crises and problems between them that are difficult to solve.

But after a while, many rumors appeared about a relationship between the artist Deniz Çakır and the former president of the Turkish club Besiktas, whose name is Sardar Bilgi, but they did not confirm or deny these rumors.