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Furkan Palali, Anwar, the hero of the series No 309, information about his
religion, his age, his wife, his date of birth, his artwork, his height,
weight, his beginnings, his hobbies, and all his information. Palali, he
presented many wonderful works, which were shown in the Arab world and won the
admiration and approval of many Arab audiences. We get to know closely about
Furqan and his life, and how he entered the artistic community, while getting
to know his most important and most famous roles at all.

Who is Furkan Palali?

  • Date of birth: October – 27 – 1986
  • Place of birth: Konya – Turkey 
  • Age in 2020: 36 years 
  • Nationality: Turkish 
  • Height: 191 cm 
  • Weight: 81 kg 
  • Hair color: brown 
  • Eye color: green 
  • Religion Muslim 
  • Marital status: addressed 
  • His partner’s name: Celine Buruki 
  • Astrological Sign: Scorpio 
  • Academic qualification: Radio and Television – Marmara University of
    Turkey / Faculty of Engineering – Department of Geology – University of
  • Artistic activity: 2010 – now


Today we are talking about one of the most important stars of Turkish drama,
although his artistic beginnings are not long ago, except that the works of
art he presented made him a great artistic value among the stars of drama in
Turkey. They were born in the city of Konya on the 27th day of 1986, Furkan is
36 years old in 2020, and he had started his way as an actor at the age of

Furqan was not initially pursuing art or acting, in
the beginning he was a basketball player, but he joined the first basketball
team in Turkey, and after his professionalism for more than seven years, he
was forced to stay away from sport for a while due to his intense
preoccupation with his studies, after completing the stage In high school,
Furqan was able to enroll in the Faculty of Engineering, Department of
Biological Geology, and in that period Furqan obtained a six-month training
period in the field of creative drama.

Furkan Palali’s start in acting

After joining the training period for acting creativity in theater, and
because of his attractive features and his handsome face, two teams were able
to participate in a number of fashion shows, so his athletic weight and height
were suitable to make him a distinguished model in Turkey, and he was even
able to get the title of the best model in Turkey for the year 2010 After
that, Furkan Palali got his first opportunity to appear on the silver screen
with the series “Asrar Saghir”, he presented the role of Aras, and achieved
great success in this series, and even became the owner of many fans after
that period, and two years later he participated in the series “And Life
Continues” And he also achieved great success in Turkey, but it was the first
failure in Furqan’s life, when he participated in the series “Balkan Summer”,
which was not completed due to the low viewership. 

After his great success in the series “Asrar Saghir” Furqan started his true
path in art. After several dramatic works with small roles, in addition to the
special appearance that Furkan made in Turkish series, he got the opportunity
to perform some plays in a number of cities in Turkey, so he reached the
number of plays that He presented it during his short-acting path to 6 plays,
which is a large number relative to a young man at the beginning of his path
of acting, and the standing of Furqan on the stage was one of the most
important reasons that made him an actor of a high caliber, in addition to his
obtaining after that more spaces in the roles, until he was able Who get the

Furkan Palali in the series to cause trouble 

The series “Talking a Problem”, which Farrakhan Palali participated in, is one
of the most famous and important Turkish series that was shown in 2018. The
series revolves around a lot of excitement, suspense and revenge. There is a
businessman who knows that his daughter has married the son of one of his
worst enemies, which forces him To killing his daughter and her husband, and
even sending his granddaughter to an unknown family, and after years have
passed, the businessman returns and tries to correct the mistakes he had made
in the past, and Pallali plays the role of an honorable lawyer who works to
search for the truth. At first, he worked for the businessman, but after
knowing the crime that He committed it, he became distant from him and even
tried to prove the facts, Furkan received great appreciation from the Turkish
audience at the time of the series’ presentation.

Furkan Balali in the series The Red Apple

One of the most distinctive features of Furqan Ballali during his acting path
is his constant interest in the diversity of the roles he offers. After
presenting a number of social stories and stories based on suspense and
excitement, Furqan headed in the series “The Red Apple” to action in addition
to an interesting story full of interesting events. The Red Apple, which
revolves around two Turkish intelligence agents, are subjected to gunfire by
some fugitives while being chased, and during the search for the case, the two
agents discover that the case is not just an escape, and that it concerns the
national security, and two teams of Ballali participate in the tournament,
both Wima Alice And Belen Achill.

Onur Sarıhan in the series No 309

After many successes, Furkan won a starring in one of the most famous Turkish
series, series No 309, which is a social comedy series about a grandfather or
the elder of the family who, after dying, leaves his will in a recorded video,
and declares that the first grandson will marry and give birth He is the one
in control of the money, and from here begins the conflict between the
grandchildren, each mother tries to act to arrange a wedding date to Onur
Sarıhan, then Anwar’s mother, played by Furqan Balali, arranges a date with a
girl, but he meets another girl by mistake and the story begins. The young man
and the girl spend a whole day at No. 309, each discovering that they are with
the wrong person, and then the girl returns after three months to announce to
the family that she is pregnant with Anwar.

Nejat Yılmaz in the Benim Tatlı Yalanım series

One of the most important series in which Furqan participated in is the
well-known series “When I wait for my mother,” whose story revolves around a
son’s lack of his mother, so he begins a long search journey with many events.
6 years old, then he falls in love with a girl who changes his and his
daughter’s life path.

Furkan Palali’s works, series movies

  1. Küçük Sırlar
  2. Series Aşk Emek İster 
  3. Adını Feriha Koydum 
  4. Kızılelma 
  5. The Son Çıkış series 
  6. Benim Tatlı Yalanım series 
  7. Bir Mucize Olsun 
  8. Series No 309 
  9. Somuncu Baba Aşkın Sırrı 
  10. Direniş Karatay

Who is Furkan Palali

Onur Sarıhan in the series No 309

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