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Oguzhan Karbi

Oguzhan Karbi, Doruk series Ask Laftan Anlamaz, information about his date of
birth, age, place of birth, astrological sign, nationality, religion,
educational qualification, marital status, wife. The beginning of his artistic
career, his films and series, his personal life, his artistic life. All this
and more in a full report about him, the name of the artist oguzhan karbi has
been mentioned in many works in the wonderful TV drama.


Who is oguzhan karbi?

Date of birth: May 26, born in 1992,
Age in 2020: about 28 years old
Eye color: two blue eyes
His astrological sign: Taurus
Place of birth: Bodrum, Turkey
Nationality: Turkish
Religion: Unknown
Height: about 179 cm
Weight: about 75 kg
Profession: Television Actor
Academic qualification: Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at
Hacettepe University
The beginning of his acting career: His career started in 2016
Years of activity: the years of activity so far reach about 4 years
Marital Status: Unmarried.

Oguzhan karbi biography

Turkish actor oguzhan karbi, is a young actor, born on the 26th of May, born in 1992, he was born in the astrological Taurus, Karbi was born in Bodrum in
Turkey, Oguzhan owns Turkish nationality, but he did not declare his religion
to any of the media. A slim, athletic body, whose length reaches about one
hundred and seventy-nine centimeters, and its weight is about seventy-five

oguzhan karbi mom
oguzhan karbi mom

He studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Hacettepe University, and
lives in Istanbul, Turkey. His love for acting appeared since middle school,
and when his family noticed that They brought him to a private institute of
theatrical arts to develop from his talent, his path of acting began in the
year two thousand and sixteen, which means that the years of his artistic
activity reach four years.

oguzhan karbi in the series Ask Laftan Anlamaz

The series Ask Laftan Anlamaz is considered the most important artwork in
which the artist oguzhan karbi participated, which was produced in 2017. The
series revolves around a beautiful girl in her prime, “The Life of Ozon” who
grew up in a poor family in the village of Gerson, despite the traditions of
their village However, “Hayat” works hard trying to move to Istanbul to work
there, and during that she goes to a job interview at Sarti Textile Company,
and during the interview she is intentionally approved, and she gets the role
of personal assistant to “Murat Sarsselmaz” the owner of the company, a
misunderstanding occurs and Murad believes The job was reserved for “Suna
Bektas,” a friend of the “Sarslamaz” family.

Turkish actor oguzhan karbi
Turkish actor oguzhan karbi

Hayat is forced to work in order to stay in Istanbul, otherwise she will be forced to return to
her family in the countryside, thus her strictly personal father forces her to
marry, so she tries to stick to her work, and Hayat lives in Istanbul with her
two close friends, Ipek, and Asli, who works.

“Nurse”, many problems occur
between “Murad” and “Hayat”, until “Murad” begins to fall in love with
“Hayat”, so “Didim”, Murad’s former lover, becomes jealous of Hayat and tries
to get rid of her, causing “ Didim “in a misunderstanding makes Murad push
life away from him, but he regrets and pursues” Hayat “until she forgives him,
and” Didim “appears later claiming that she is pregnant with” Murad “, and
although” Murad “did not believe this, he agreed to take responsibility This child, and he decided to marry “Didim” for his sake, and later “Asli” tells her friend “Hayat” that “Didim” falsified her pregnancy tests.

After that, Derya, the wife of Murad’s father, learns that Didim was not
pregnant, but she helps her pretend to have an abortion. “Doruk”, brother of
Murad, meets “Asli” and they become close friends later, so that “Hayat” and
her friends “Asli” and “Ipek” agree to avenge “Murad” for what he did with
“Hayat”, so “Hayat” pretends that she is in a romantic relationship With
Ibrahim, this is what makes Murad jealous, and he later decided to confess his
love for “Hayat”.

the actor oguzhan karbi
the actor oguzhan karbi

Although the love relationship that arose between them, “Hayat” did not
rejoice at that for fear of “Murad” reaction when he discovers that her
identity is fake, and both of them get married and Murad still does not know
her true identity, and “Derya” reveals the truth of life to “Murad” Before
Hayat was able to tell him this, he was fired from work and left, and many
problems occurred between them, and the events of the series revolve around
this pattern until the last moment in the series comes, which tells that after
five years, Hayat gives birth to a 4-year-old twin year, while Ipek gives
birth to her new baby, “Doruk” and “Asli” are back again.
Much about the hero of the series Love is not understood from words

The series starring the actress Handa Archel, who appeared in the role of “The
Life of Ozone”, the artist Burak Deniz who appeared in the role of “Murad
Sarsalmaz”, the artist oguzhan karbi who appeared in the role of “Doruk
Sarslamaz”, the artist Ozgan Tek Demir who appeared in the role of “Original”
, Marwa Jaran, who appeared in the role of “Ipek”, the artist Suleiman Velik,
who appeared in the role of “Karam”, the artist Demet Gül who appeared in the
role of “Tuvalu”, the artist Mattin Akpnar who appeared in the role of
“Grandfather Heshmat”, the artist Sultan Küroglu Clich, who appeared in the
role of “Amina – Hayat’s mother,”

the actress Gozde Kucaoglu who appeared in the role of “Occupant – Murad’s
assistant,” the artist Nazan Dibir who appeared in the role of “Great –
Murad’s grandmother”, the artist Bulent Amra Barlak who appeared in the role
of “ Jamil – Hayat’s brother, ”the actress Batul Chubanoglu, who appeared in
the role of“ Daria – Murad’s father’s wife and Doruk’s mother, ”the artist
Tugcha Karabacak who appeared in the role of“ Didim – Murad’s old fiancée ”,
the artist Ismail Eiji Shashmaz who appeared in the role of“ Ibrahim The
series is written by Maqboula Kosif, Ida Tizjan and Zainab Asheq, and directed
by Mugah Ugurlar.
Oguzhan karbi series

The artist oguzhan karbi participated in a number of wonderful artworks, in
which he appeared in various roles, including pivotal roles, and sub-roles in
which his artistic creativity appeared, and his dramatic works are:

The series Ask Laftan Anlamaz, which was produced in 2017 and appeared in the role of “Doruk – Murad’s half-brother.”

And the series is enough
The Black Destiny Series
And the backstreets series