Murat unalmis religion wife series information and biography

Murat unalmis religion, wife, series, information and biography



Murat unalmis,

the famous Turkish actor, his religion and is he a Muslim or
Christian, his age, date of birth and astrological sign, his series, the most
prominent characters he presented and the beginning of his acting career,
personal and professional information about the Turkish actor Murat unalmis we
present to you through this article.

Who is Murat unalmis?

Date of birth: April 23, 1981.
Astrological Sign: Taurus.
Age in
2020: 39 years old.
Place of birth: Kayseri, Turkey.
Marital Status:
Married and Divorced from Actress birce akalay.
Nationality: Turkish.
Profession: Actor.
The beginning of his acting career: It
started in 2003.


Murat unalmis was born on the twenty-third of April and that in 1981, at the
age of 39, his astrological sign is Taurus, he was born in the city of Kayseri
in Turkey, Murat lived in the city of Kayseri his childhood, before leaving
for Istanbul to complete his high school, during His high school education
played at Fenerbahce Basketball Club, he studied at Marmara University and
graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communication studies. Murad studied
acting in Istanbul, specifically in the Istanbul Academy, and later appeared
in many TV shows, Analemish married actress birce akalay.

Love of Murat Ünalmis and his wife

A strong love story between Murat unalmis and the Turkish actress birce
akalay, known as Miss Turkey in 2004, began their relationship with friendship
and then developed into love through the presentation of the series Yer Gök as
Love, and the Earth, Sky and Love series, Analmish married birce akalay in May
In 2011 in the city of Urgup, the couple admitted their divorce news. Murat
unalmis said: “Yes, we made the decision to divorce, but I want to ask why
does a person get married ?, We get married to make life more beautiful and to
continue our marriage forever, but unfortunately our marriage was not like
this, we got married in a clean and beautiful way,” We also want to separate
without cursing each other and without any problems. Murad stressed that he
will not abandon his wife after the divorce and will remain by her side at any
time she needs, which is what the newspaper described as the moral lesson for
some actors who divorce their wives and transfer their differences to the

Murat Ünalmis beginning to act

Turkish actor Murat Ünalmis began his acting career when he presented a
distinguished role in the series “Korshun Yarasi” which was shown in 2003, he
presented several films and series after that and one of the most prominent
characters he presented is the character Maher presented in the series
“öhret”, which is one of the most famous series. Turkish, his acting work
continued after that.

The Murat unalmis series

Turkish actor Murat unalmis participated for the first time in the series
“Kurşun Yarası – 2003” which was shown in 2003.
He participated in the
series “Sınırlı Aşk”, as well as in the series “Daily Duran”, as well as the
series “UC Kadin”, the series “Shohret”, and the series “Sir Gibbi”.
participated in the series “Kasaba”, the series “Rüzgâr”. participated in the
series “Babalar Ve Evlatlari” which was shown in 2012.
He participated in
the series “İnadına Yaşamak – 2013 (Ali)”, which was shown in 2013, in which
he embodied the character of Ali. participated in the series “Seddulbahir 32
Saat, which was shown in 2016.
He participated in the series “Sevda Kusun
Kanadinda”, which was shown in 2016, in which he presented the role of
Corporal Onlo. participated in the series “Deli Gönül” which was shown in 2017
and portrayed the character Mehmet Kadir Ölçek. participated in the series
“Bir Zamanlar Çukurova”, which was shown in 2018, in which he portrayed the
character Demir Yaman.

Murat Ünalmis films

He participated for the first time in the cinema in a movie entitled “Celal
Oğlan”, then he presented “Gecenin Kanatları” which was shown in 2009 and
presented the character of Yusef.
Then he participated in a movie called
“Güneşi Gördüm – 2009 (Mamo)”, he participated in a movie called “New York Bes
Minare” which was shown in 2010.

Actor Murat Ünalmis in the series öhret

The Turkish series öhret is one of the most famous Turkish series, the
series revolves around Maher who marries a famous girl named Suzan, as for
Maher, he has a child and hides his truth from his wife, whom he loved madly.
Things begin to become clear in successive episodes of the series, the series
has been dubbed into the Syrian dialect And it was shown on Arab screens, the
Turkish actor Murat nalmis participated in the series, who embodies the
character of Maher, the Turkish actress Ahu Turkbensch, who embodied the
character of Suzanne the heroine, Murat nalmis is the son of a great singer
and this mother seeks to separate them. Maher suffers from memory loss as a
result of an accident, which makes him forget Suzanne and how he loved her,
then Suzan gets to know a businessman who finances her films and in return for
fame Suzan loses many and many, the series was a great success and was first
broadcast in 2005 in Turkey.

Love of Murat Ünalmis and his wife
Love of Murat Ünalmis and his wife
Murat unalmis was born on the twenty third of April and that in 1981
Murat unalmis was born on the twenty third of April and that in 1981