Beste Kokdemir religion, height, lover, series, information and biography


Information, photos, and biography about the actress Beste Kokdemir and her life story. Get to know (Sultana Shoheyar) Beste Kokdemir, the heroine of the Sultan Qalbi series, what is Beste Kokdemir’s birthdate, who is Beste Kokdemir’s husband and when did she start her acting career. For all the actress’s fans and fans, this is a complete article about each What you would like to know about Beste Kokdemir’s religion, her nationality, her astrological sign, for all the actress’s fans a complete and comprehensive article about everything she would like to know about her from her works, her life secrets, her upcoming projects and her biography, what is her height, weight, academic qualification, her social networking sites, special details about Her life is her favorite talent, sport and favorite star.

Who is Beste Kokdemir?

Date of birth: August 29, 1993.
Age in 2018: 25 years.
Place of birth: I was born in Sinop – Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Her religion: Muslim.
Name of her husband or boyfriend: Unmarried.
Weight: 50 kg.
Height: 155 cm.
Astrological Sign: Virgo.
Academic qualification: Istanbul University – Halic University.
When did her acting career start: Her acting career began in 2012.
What is her favorite talent and sport: She loves to play kickboxing and aerobics at the gym.


Beste Kokdemir religion, height, lover, series, information and biography
 Beste Kokdemir religion, height, lover, series, information and biography

Beste Kokdemir series, movies and plays

Sultan of my heart – the song of life – Cun – Poyraz Krael – Cosim – You are my patriot – False little beauties – Notebook – The Naked Truth.

Biography of Actress Beste Kokdemir

A young artist from Turkey, born in Sinop in 1993, graduated from Istanbul University, she studied fashion design, and she is now studying performing arts from Bilgi University, her practical start was in fashion design. She presented fashion photos that she designed for all the well-known fashion agencies and presented many Articles, I started acting in 2012 and participated in many television and film works as well.

She is known to be a lover of nature and loves raising pets, loves to drink green tea, enjoys beauty and relaxation, and loves to shop. So She is said to be a modest artist despite her beauty and fame. And She is a sexy girl with an attractive shape and attractive looks as well. She practices sports constantly, especially kickboxing. She is a girl who loves to keep On her physical fitness.

Biography of Actress Beste Kokdemir
Biography of Actress Beste Kokdemir

Beste Kokdemir and burak deniz

Turkish actor burak deniz opened his heart for love again two years after his separation from his ex-girlfriend, actress Bushra Devili, with whom he was associated for three years, which ended in 2018.

The new heroine of the love story of burak deniz is the Turkish actress Beste Kokdemir, and she picked up the lenses of the beloved paparazzi for the first time in one of the stores in the Koroshishmi district in Istanbul, and when the two lovers noticed the flashes of the photographers, each of them went out alone. Journalists took advantage of the opportunity, and asked the duo: “How is your relationship going? », However, the two stars left the question unanswered and quickly fled the place, and it was remarkable that they were keen to wear masks as part of the precautionary measures to prevent the Coronavirus.


Beste Kokdemir and burak deniz

It is remarkable that burak deniz fell in love with Bushra in the scenes of filming their famous series “The Little Lies, the Little Lies” in 2015, which is the same series in which his new girlfriend, Beste Kokdemir, also participated. On the other hand, Burak Deniz is preparing for a new series entitled “The King”, in which he co-stars in front of the Turkish star Ozcan Deniz. The last series that was shown by Burak Deniz was “Hakita”, who co-starred in front of the Turkish actress Hazal Kaya, over two seasons.

It is noteworthy that Burak starred in several dramas, which placed him on the list of Turkish drama stars, the most prominent of which are “Love is not understood by words” in front of Handa Erchel, “Yesterday’s Perfume” in front of Maryam Ozerli and Murad Yıldırım, and “Tide” opposite Shatay Ulusoy and Serenay Sarikaya .