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Gulsim Ali, her age, her nationality, her religion, her date of birth, her acting career, her life story, her series, her films, all that we offer you in a detailed report about her, she is the heroine of the series “Lady of the Village”, the heroine of the series “Resurrection of Artgarel”, and she is also the heroine of the series “Sultan Abdul Hamid”, and she has starred in the performance of all the roles she has presented, which increased her fame, especially in the Arab world.

Who is Gulsim Ali?

Place of birth: Bulgaria.
Birthday: 24-9-1993.
Age: 26 years.
Religious beliefs: Islam.
Marital status: Single.
started acting in 2012.
Length: 154 cm.
Weight: 54 kg.
color: Black.
Eye color: Green.

Gulsim Ali Biography

Gulsim Ali was born in Bulgaria on the Balkan peninsula, her astrological
tower is Libra, her beauty attracted everyone’s attention, and even
participated in the Miss Bulgaria competition and won the competition.

She began her acting career in 2012, appearing on screen in last
summer’s series in Balkans, although she has great acting skills, but she has
a few works because she likes to choose roles carefully.
Golsim speaks
bulgarian, Turkish, English and Japanese, making her easily communicated with
people, and she loves famous Hollywood stars including Jennifer Lawrence.

Gulsim Ali Study

Gulsim Ali loved acting since she was a child, so she excelled in it, studied
pedagogical acting to become an accomplished actor, hoping to become a famous
actress one day. So not only does she rely on her talents, but she looked
forward to studying acting to master her talent, she got her first chance in
last summer’s series, which pushed her forward in the world of Turkish drama.

Gulsim Ali’s husband

Turkish newspapers and magazines reported that one of the fans of the actress presented her a wedding ring, he sent gifts and word daily in front of her house, but the last time he left her a wedding ring, and a message written “Collect your items” caused the actress to fear, and asked the police for

Gulsim Ali baba
Gulsim Ali baba

Beginning with acting

Gulsim Ali began her acting career a short time ago, but has been widely
praised for her unique role in Turkish drama, and she always likes to choose
roles carefully.
The actress Gulsim Ali has been known since the
introduction of the famous Turkish series “Lady of the Village”, in which she
is known as “Ilgkun”, because she has good artistic skills.

The actress Gulsim Ali participated in a series of Turkish series dubbed in
Arabic, which won the admiration of many viewers in the Arab world, which was
the reason for its popularity among Turks.

Film series and TV shows

Last summer series in 2012.
Lady of the village in 2016.
resurrection of Artgarel.
Sultan Abdul Hamid.
Gonul Mountain 2020.

The actress Gulsim Ali made her first starring role in the famous Turkish series “Lady of
the Village”, where she took the lead role along with Turkish actor Yusuf Jim,
and a number of Turkish actors. The series was dubbed into Arabic to be shown
on Arab screens in 2016, the Turkish series “Lady of the Village” revolves
around a village that lives according to the rules and principles of control
of the husband, which means that the wife in this village is dominant, this
hidden village has a pleasant atmosphere, and the scene in it resembles the
landscape painted beautiful and girls, but always accompanied by fear and
annoyance of anyone outside this village.

The village is called
“Saclay” do not like to give any girl to any young man from outside the
village wants to marry the village girl, Farid a young man well-educated in
Europe, will return to Turkey with his family and meet a rural girl, and this
girl is “Gulsim Ali” through some kind of social media, so he will go to the
village and his heart will burn to win the heart of this girl, the girl falls
in love too, and the young man is forced to agree to the conditions of the
village but after a while, she played the role of Elgkunkon.

Gulsim Ali
Gulsim Ali

Her most famous TV series

One of the most famous television works presented by the series “Resurrection
of Artgarel” beginning from the third part, and was embodied in the character
of Asalhan, along with Anjin Altan Doziatan, Genghis Goshkun, and a large
group of Turkish actors. This series is one of the strongest and best Turkish
series ever, where it played a special role, the series continued until 2019,
and the series continues to record the highest ratings for Turkish historical drama.

The series has achieved the highest ratings for viewing and
large audience scoring, has been translated into many international languages,
translated into Arabic, and was shown on TRT channels in Turkey for the first
time, and attracted fans from more than 65 countries. The series is based on
historical events, but the dramatic format includes events and details of the
author’s creation, and the drama series aims to focus on Islamic values and the original meaning of Islamic national civilization.
The series “The Resurrection of Artgarel” began in the first season of 2014, the second season of 2015, the third season of 2016, the fourth season of 2017, and the fifth season of 2018.

Turkish actress Gulsim Ali co-starred in the
Turkish series “Sultan Abdul Hamid II”, which was shown on Turkish channel TRT

One in 2016, and the series continues to run. Played by Jules Jamal, the series revolves around the story of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, the last sultan of the Ottoman Empire, to illustrate the most important historical events that took place during the Ottoman Empire, such as the Greek War and the Palestinian territories.

In addition to his project, the Hijaz Railway, his refusal to settle the Jews to the land of Palestine, the conspiracies against the Sultan, the overthrow of the Ottoman Empire in the last 13 years of his rule, and how the Sultan was defending himself and the Ottoman Empire.

Co-starring The Bulent Inal actor, Celine Ozturk, and a number of great actors in Turkey, the series won the admiration of many viewers in the Arab world and many countries of the world, and the series is one of the strongest historical series.

Gulsim Ali hashtag Instagram Twitter

Gulsim Ali has an Instagram account to connect with her wide audience, post her own photos and advertise her work, and she owns a personal account on the social networking site Twitter and Facebook, which contains many personal photos of her while filming the TV production.

Gulsim Ali
Gulsim Ali