Canan Erguder religion, husband, series, information and pictures


Canan Erguder, the Turkish actress, who played tulip in the series War of
roses, her religion and whether she is Muslim or not, her first and second
husband and whether she has children, her series and the most prominent
characters that she presented, the beginning of her career acting and the most
important works of series and full information about her and her personal
life, age, date of birth and astronomical tower through a full report about

Who is Canan Erguder?

Birthday: July 17, 1977.
Place of birth: Istanbul, Turkey.
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion: Muslim.
Astronomical Tower: Cancer Tower.
Length: 161 cm.
Weight: 50 kg.
Hair color: Blond.
Eye color: Green.
Age 2020: 43.
Occupation: Actress.
The beginning of the career with acting: Started in 2006.
Years of activity: from 2006 to the present.
Marital status: First husband director Christopher Burke (2006 to 2009),
second husband Keenan Iggy in 2017.
Children: 1 child.

Canan Erguder Biography

Born on July 15, 1977, at the age of 43, canan Erguder, whose astronomical
tower is cancer tower, was born in Istanbul, Turkey, her family is of Bosnian
origin, she studied at The Uskudar American High School in Istanbul and
graduated from it, then she enrolled in Franklin and Marshall University and
studied theater and then graduated with a master’s degree from the drama
school in the new school.

In 2003, she became a permanent member of
The Actors Studio, founded by Elijah Kazan, Cheryl Crawford, Robert Lewis, and
her personal life, she married director Christopher Burke but later

Canan Erguder’s Marriage

In 2006, Turkish actress Canan Erguder married director Christopher Burke, who
directed her first film, and separated in 2009, and in October 2017, actress
Canan Erguder and Turkish actor Kenan Eiji, the hero of The Magic of Julia,
celebrated their marriage. In Izmir, Turkey, their relationship began a year
and a half ago, actor Kenan Eiji posted a picture on his instagram with
actress Canan Erguder while signing the marriage contract and commented on it
saying “We are married….married”, she ended up after The comments,
congratulating the couple and wishing them happiness, also surprised her
Instagram audience with a picture of her wearing a simple white dress, as she
announced the news of her pregnancy from Keenan Iggy, and mentions that she
has one child.

Canan Erguder religion

Beginning of acting Canan Erguder

Actress Canan Erguder participated in many theatrical works, began her career
acting in Turkish television in 2006 when she first participated in the
Turkish series “Knife Border” or “Bicak Sirti”, as well as participated in
cinema through several films, perhaps her most prominent role in the series
War of roses, which was screened in 2014 and embodied the character Tulip, her
television work later.

Canan Erguder” Gülfem Sipahi in Güllerin
The famous Turkish series Güllerin Savaşı, which was produced in
2014 and first aired in July 2014 and ended in February 2016, revolves around
Juri, the daughter of a middle-aged family living in the palace of the
designer Tully. Canan Erguder, whose character is the actress Canan Erguder,
dreams of becoming famous like Tulip, but they fall in love with the same
young Omar and follow the events, co-starring Turkish actress Canan Erguder,
who portrays tulip, Turkish actor Paresh Clegg, who The character of Omar, the
Turkish actress Damla Sonms, who portrayed the character of Juri, the Turkish
actress Serjan Bidor as Jehan and others, the series was classified as a
romantic drama and the series was shown on two seasons, the series was dubbed
into the Syrian dialect and was shown on Arab screens later and was greatly
admired in the Arab world.

Canan Erguder Awards

For her outstanding acting roles, Canan won numerous awards, including best
supporting actress, at the Hoboken International Film Festival, which was
attended in 2007. She won the most successful actress award in a supporting
role at the Afif Gil Theatre Awards for her role in The Berg in 2009.

Canan Erguder Series

She is one of the stars of turkish series where she participated for the first
time in the series entitled “The Knife Limit”, which was shown in 2006 in
three parts and embodied the character of Sera.
She appeared in the
series “Benbir Jess”, which was screened in 2008, 2009 in which she portrayed
the character of Ida.

And She starred in the series “The Tremors of
Bir Ankara Politics”, which aired in 2010 and lasted until 2012, in which she
portrayed the character of the plaintiff Israa.
In 2012, she participated
in the series “Atlilar” with only an audio performance.
She appeared in
the series “Galip Darwish”, which was screened in 2013 and portrayed the
character of Leila Gorsoy. She participated in the series “War of the Roses”,
which was screened in 2014 until 2016 and portrayed the character Tulip
and She won an important role in the series “The Stars of My
Witness”, which was screened in 2017 and presented the role of Zainab.
then starred in the series “Mina Grimi Ara”, which was screened in 2020 and
presented the character ferris.


She first
appeared in the film “The Shooting of Johnson Robling”, which was screened in
2007 and portrayed Nancy.
And She participated in the film “Will”, which
was screened in 2011 and embodied the character of Mina Belek.
She played
a role in the 2011 film “J. Sini Palme Godom,”The Tremors of J. Sini.
She  participated in the film “Water Fortune”, which was screened in 2014
and presented the character of the nurse.
She then participated in the
film “Tight Dress”, which was screened in 2016 and presented the character of
At the beginning of 2016, she participated in the film “Kaus” in
which she presented fadi.


In 2000, she starred in the play “The Middle Line” in which she played
She participated in the play “Anthony and Cleopatra”, which was screened in
2001 and in which she played the role of Sharmian.
And She starred in “Graceland”, which was screened in 2004 and starred as
Donnie Marie.
She participated in the play “The Rheaal” which was screened in 2004 and
presented the role of Jesse.
And participated in the play “The Patient Healer” in 2007 and presented the
role of Sydney.
She participated in the play “Berg” in 2009 until 2012 and embodied the
character of women.
In 2010, she participated in the play “Pumbaa” in which she played the role of
a waitress.
She performed “Vertina”, which was screened in 2010 and starred In the role of
Caliban Ferdinand.
She participated in the play “Nahir” and presented the role of other women in
2012 until 2015.

Canan Erguder religion, husband, series, information and pictures

Canan Erguder's Marriage