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Azra nazem akin, September in the series rainseason, her religion, her age,
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Who is Azra nazem akin?

Birthday: December 8- 1981
Astronomical Tower: Sagittarius
Place of
birth: Almelo in the Netherlands
Age in 2020: 39
Religion: Muslim
Length: 177 cm
Eye color:
Hair color: Brown
Beginning of the artistic career: The career
began in 2004
Years of activity: up to about 16 years.
status: Married
Husband’s name: Atakan Koro
Date of marriage:
Number of children: She has one son
Son’s name: Demir Koro
name: Nazim Akin
Sister Name: Dorok Akin
Highlights: Rainy Season
Series, Boiraz Carrell Series
Top Awards and Titles: Named Miss Turkey
and Miss World in 2002
Occupation: Actress, model and miss
you are fluent in: Turkish, English, and Dutch.


Who is Azra nazem akin


The beautiful Turkish star Azra nazem akin was born on the 8th day of
September 1981, in the city of Almelo, Netherlands, born in The Astronomical
Sagittarius, and enjoys many of its qualities, she is about thirty-nine years
old, and she holds both Turkish and Dutch nationality, since she was born to a
Turkish father and a Dutch mother, she was awarded the title of Miss Turkey,
which qualified her to participate in the Miss Universe pageant in the same
year 2002 and managed to win the title, she is fluent in several languages,
and they are English, Turkish, and Dutch, Azra nazem akin married to star
Atakan Koro and has a child named Demir Koro.

Turkish star Azra nazem akin grew up in a middle-class family made up of her
father Nazim Akin, graduated from The Yıldır Technical University, and
currently works in the field of translation, and has previously joined the
famous Eske football club, but has only experienced playing for this club once
in his life. The second individual in a virgin family is her mother, who works
as a teacher in a school in the Netherlands, but whose origin is from the city
of Aveon in Amérédage, and finally her sister Dorok, who is only two years
younger than a virgin, and she joined the art field and learned ballet,
painting and music in the Netherlands, and the Akin family settled in the
Netherlands in 1971.

The beautiful Turkish star Azra nazem

Azra nazem akin – Kivanc Tatlitug

Azra nazem akin had an affair with the famous Turkish star Kivanc Tatlitug
known as Muhannad for nearly seven years, during which they separated once for
two years and then regained the relationship again, and some sources stated
that they had married after that return, but that relationship did not
continue to break up again again again despite their many efforts to try to
maintain the bond, but problems and disagreements reached their peak, leading
to their separation once and for all in 2017.

During azra nazem
akin’s relationship with Kivanc Tatlitug, her fame increased even more, making
the biggest companies eager to hire her to do their own advertising campaigns,
led by Avon, akin was the first advertising face of that company during 2012
for 1 million Turkish lira, but after her separation from Kivanc Tatlitug
Yvonne canceled a contract with Afara, and was contracted with a bright singer
the following year for 2 million lira.

On the other hand, the
spokesman of the soft drinks company said that the volume of sales is in great
danger, and the contract of Azra nazem akin with that company that was
conducting advertising campaigns, all following the news of its separation
from Kifanche, which unlike Virgin became a huge lyrical offer after the


Azra nazem akin - Kivanc Tatlitug

Azra nazem akin visits Turkey’s prisons

In an initiative to draw attention to children and infants who are in prison
with their mothers, Miss Universe Azra nazem akin and Turkish actress Arzum
Onan took 40 children from Karkoy prison in Turkey out of prison for a day.

said via her facebook page: “What is the fault of these children to stay with
their mothers inside prisons, proper education is a duty of every child, we
cannot ignore the right of these children because their parents are prisoners,
if these children have to grow up in prisons with their mothers, then we have
to make sure that the conditions inside the prisons are not different from
their lives abroad in order to reassure our consciences,” Akin said on her
facebook page. “I want to ask, is everything okay with regard to the
nutrition, health and education of these children? What about their mental
state?, we must not forget that every child who did not grow up in healthy
conditions will live in our consciences as if it were a deep and unclosed
wound.” Azra nazem akin attached a picture of these children while visiting an
aquarium in a Turkish park during the day i accompanied them outside the


Azra nazem akin husband

It started with acting.

Azra nazem akin’s fame and stardom began in 1998, when she won an elite model
competition at the foot of Turkey. Akin then applied for the Miss Turkey
pageant in 2002, winning the title, which qualified her to climb and
participate in the Miss World pageant the same year, and Aakin won the 2002
Miss World title.

Aakin’s star shines after winning the two titles
in one year and became the talk of the media around the world, prompting many
famous companies to use them in their commercial advertising campaigns to
promote their products. Akin has participated in many famous fashion shows,
and her possession of a perfect, slender body has helped her to be one of the
best models besides her fame as a beauty queen.

Aakin went into the
artistic field in 2004, and her first acting career in a series entitled
Rainseason, in which she portrayed the character of a poor girl named
September, and aakin became famous as an actress through this role, the series
was met with unprecedented popularity and fame.

Her work is a series of films and TV shows

In addition to being a famous beauty queen and model, Azra nazem akin has
joined the art industry and presented a range of works:
She portrayed
September in the rainseason series in front of Turkish star Tamer Karadagi in

Participated in a play entitled 72 Parts in The Chest of Alishik, directed by
The Creator Kamel Bassar in 2009.
She played as a contestant in a dance
competition organized by the media and was shown on a television show on
Turkish television.
She participated in the big family series in 2011,
which was shown on The Turkish Channel Star.
In 2012, she joined MUCK as
professor Elif, a music teacher.2014, she participated in a series entitled
Fawz Darwish as guest of honor as Golten, which was screened on Turkish
channel De.
In 2015, she starred in The Boyraz Carill, starting with
episode 14, in which she portrayed the character of Shedam Sonar.