Deniz Ugur religion, husband, series information about her and pictures


Deniz Ugur, Turkish actress, heroine of the series Zalim İstanbul participated
in the series Women Bewildered, a series called Fariha, her religion and
whether she is Muslim or not, her husband who is, her series and the most
prominent characters she presented and the beginning of her career, all of
this and more you will find in this article.

Who is Deniz Ugur?

Born: October 17, 1971.
Place of birth: Ankara.
Nationality: Turkish.
Religion: Muslim.
Astronomical Tower: Libra.
Her acting debut: she started in 1993.
Years of activity: from 1993 to the present.
Occupation: Actress, screenwriter and dubbing.
Her husband: the widow of actor Ismail Haqqi.
Children: Three children: Mina, Enjin and Boyraz.
Length: 177 cm.
Age 2020: 49.


Deniz Ugur

Deniz Ugur Biography

Turkish actress Deniz Ugur born on October 17, 1971, and her astrological
tower is Libra and is now 49 years old in Ankara, Deniz Ugur studied ballet at
the University of Istanbul and graduated in 1995, Deniz is the only daughter
For opera singer Miti Ugur and ballerina Sona Ugur, her grandfather is a
friend of the founder of the Turkish Republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, her
grandfather on the one hand her mother is Nader Bayer and her grandmother
Hedwig Baer, a Swiss national, who is also related to the Swiss actor David
Pennant, Deniz was married to Ismail Haqqi in 1997 and has three children:
Engin, Mina and Boyraz. Her husband died in 2004.


Deniz Ugur Biography

Deniz Uğur and her husband

In 1997, Turkish actress Deniz Ugur married Turkish actor Ismail Hakki Sonat,
who was born in Ankara in 1966, and had three sons, Engin, Mina, and Boyraz,
but died in 2004.

Deniz Ugur and Orshon Benley

Turkish actress Deniz Ugur announced the news of her engagement with director
Orshon Benali and added it on various social media sites, posted a picture of
them bold and romantic by kissing Orshon her at a party, they came to the
party family, friends and relatives.


Deniz Uğur and her husband

Deniz Ugur’s Beginning with Acting

Turkish actress Deniz Ugur began her career in 1993 with some plays, and after
completing her university studies she participated in several theatrical works
and then began participating in several Turkish series and films, she
presented the role of Aida in the series Rain season, which is one of her most
prominent roles, as she participated in the series Istanbul unjust and others
and rolled her artistic works after that.

Deniz Ugur in Rain season Series

The rainy season series is a Turkish social drama series that has been dubbed
into the Syrian dialect, the series revolves around an orphan girl named
September put in the shelter and when she grows up she goes to the house of
Frat Bey to take care of and raise his little girl, a father of four sons,
Amoura, Yasser, Ghada and small Naz, the hero of the series Frat Bey, whose
character is embodied by the Turkish actress Deniz Ugur, who works with him in
his company, Frat falls in love with September and takes place in a conflict
between Aida and September wins the heart of Farat, Until frat and September
after the trouble and Aida begins to accept the situation, co-starring Turkish
actor Tamer Gardgli, who portrays the character of Frat Beek, Turkish actress
Ezra Akin, who embodied the role of The Orphan Girl September, Turkish actress
Deniz Ugur, who embodies the character of Aida and others, succeeded the
series with great success and was shown on rai channel in the Arab world.

Deniz Ugur in Zalim İstanbul

The series Of Istanbul Unjust is a turkish historical drama series, the series
revolves around the story of the struggle from Antioch to Istanbul, revolving
between two completely different families, namely the poor sahar family, which
has three children, two daughters and a boy who will be forced by
circumstances to move her children to Istanbul and follow the events The
series, written by the great artist Fikret Koskan, the young actor Ozan
Dolonai and director Sevat Mirsan, the film script and the dialogue of Serma
Byrne, co-starred turkish actor Fikret Koskan, Turkish actress Minni Tojan,
Turkish actress Deniz Uğur, Turkish actor Ozan Dolonay, Turkish actor Bhar
Shaheen, Turkish actress Sara Cattabai and others.

The Bewildered Women

The famous Turkish series Women Bewildered is a social comedy series poetic,
embodied turkish actress Deniz Ugurdor Roshan Tahadlan, wife of Louay one of
the heroes of the series, Roshan lived a happy life with her husband Louay and
with her daughters, but one of her daughters was suffering from the problem of
obesity and was There are people who make fun of her so Roshan tried to slim
her down, and in the last part of the third season of the series you find
Roshan her husband Louay who she thought died because he committed murder, was
the role of Deniz remarkable from the viewers and won the admiration of many,
co-starred in the series Turkish actress Songol Udan, who played YasminE
Andai, Turkish actress Geda Dauphinji, who portrayed The Character of Reiff
Ozon, turkish actress Benno Yıldırırır, who portrayed Nermin Chaken, Turkish
actress Deniz Ugur, who portrayed Roshan Tahadlan, turkish actress Ozder, who
played Amal Suilo and others, began showing the series in October 2011 and the
second part in October 2012 and the series was produced in five parts.

Acting works of deniz Uğur

Turkish actress Deniz Ugur, who has presented several outstanding works of
art, has become a star remembered by Arab and Turkish audiences, she is not
only an actress, she is also a screenwriter and writer of songs and novels,
she is a comprehensive artist
She began in a play entitled “Gorunmeyen Dostlar” in 1993.
She joined the “Yaza Ivey” series in 1993.
Participated in the play “Gitin Jeeves”, which was screened in 1995.
She then starred in the film “Per Erquigen Anatomia”, which was screened in
Participated in the series “Gulduren Cazibe” in 1998.
She then participated in the series “Kurtlar Sofrasi” in 1999.
Participated in the series “Yallan Dunya”, which was screened in 2000.
She appeared in a television movie entitled “Mert Ali”, which was screened in
Participated in the “Pana Chance Daily” series in 2001.
She presented a role in the series “Benimle Evlenir Misin” in 2001, 2002.
Participated in the “Zomrot” series in 2004.

She participated in the series “Yagmore Zamani” or “Rain season”, which was
screened in 2005.
With the beginning of 2006 she played in the series “Sahte Prenses”.
She participated in the series “Hayat Sanaa Fada”, which was screened in
In 2007 “Ertelenmis Hayatlar”
Participated in the series “Papa Oluyorum” in 2007.
She joined the “Paramparca Asklar” series in 2008.
Participated in the “Kung Fu Panda” dubbing in 2008.
She participated in the series “I called her Fariha” in 2011.
Participated in “Bo Son Olsun” in 2012.
One of her most famous workers in the film “Goliath” in 2014.
She participated in the series “Bewildered Women” in 2011.
She made “Detay” in 2015.
Appeared in Kara Koto, Ashek Zamani in 2015.
Jojuk Kocho’s play, “Frankenstein”, was performed in 2015.
She participated in the series “Istanbul unjust” which was screened in