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Berker Güven, the hero of the Istanbul series, the Dark Istanbul series, the Berker Güven series, the Turkish actor Birker Güven, the Istanbul Zalem Nadim,

The series, berker guven , you are my patriot, the new information about Nadim, the hero of the Istanbul series, the Injustice, a lot about berker guven and his girlfriend,

Religion berker guven Age of Nationality Date of Birth

Birker Goffin, his religion is Islam, his date of birth is 7 September 1992, he was born in Izmir, he started acting in 2017, in the film My Father, which was released in 2017, he stood on his feet starring in the competition of Çetin Tekindor and Melisa Şenolsun.
She contributed to the role of Alexei in the TV series Vatanım Sensin and Nedim in the TV series Zalim.

At the 22nd Sadri Alışık Theater Award and Film Actors Awards, he was awarded the Young Actor Singer Award for his performance in Yen play.
Turkey – Azerbaijan Fellowship Awards for “Best Dramatic Player of the Year”.

Turkish actor Barker guven , you are my homeland One of the actors who surprised his fans by subscribing via social media, also at the top of the newspaper’s schedule of practices
Berker Güven, one of the things that happens successively discussed in satellite TV, websites, social newspapers and magazine agendas, has been the focus of strange questions here is Berker Guven who is eager to find out about Berker Guven,

berker guven mother
berker guven mother

star Berker Guven detailing his age and biography

barker guven you are my homeland You are my country, a series that revolves around a woman who was left by her colleague as a result of the incident, as he works as an officer, with three children in a difficult situation
She raises her children while fighting the difficulties of the battle stage and the absence of her partner, whom she loves more than anything new, it is about the battle.

Love, greed, betrayal and sacrifice, exploring the Turkish past times during the first international signing,

Sanin Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, about a luxurious time in the Turkish past,
Throughout the fragmentation of the Ottoman Empire and the abolition of the sultanate, the series focuses on in western Turkey,

The lands surrounding Izmir and the conquest of Greek military troop groups that were supported and financed by the mediators of European political distress today.

You are my country (in Turkish: Vatanım Sensin) is a Turkish historical drama series produced in 2016.

It stars Khaled Arrang, Berghuzar Korel and Onur Saylak. was posted on the Turkish Canal D channel on November 27, 2016, and ended on June 7, 2018.

The largest season consists of 31 episodes, the effort of which was concluded on June 8, 2017,

Season 2 began on November 2, 2017, and ended on June 7, 2018.
His dubbing ended in the Syrian dialect and was shown on MBC1.

His show was later disrupted for political reasons. The effort presents stories of individuals affected by wars, which led them to a forum of difficult challenges as they live an internal struggle to choose between their lives and their love for their homeland.

Nadim from the series Istanbul Zalem

Nadim from the series Istanbul Zalem Birker is the name of the hero of the series Zalim Istanbul . The character of Nadim Kargay, who is embodied by the rising actor Berker Goffin in the Turkish series “Istanbul Unfair”, occupied the first places in the most recently on social networking sites in Turkey,
In it, Nadim stated that everyone will be held accountable, and everyone who has wronged his right and hurt him and treated him cruelly during the period of his illness,

And he did not have mercy on his suffering, even Jimmy will receive her share of punishment, after she offended him and told him that her emotions towards him were purely compassion and sympathy.

After his uncle Al-Agha petitioned her to respect her as the consort of his son, and Nadim extracted her from his heart in a closing manner,

Except that these harsh words that threw him into his ears were the reason for his hasty recovery.
After he made a decision that the place of compassion and sympathy of others, or the origin of their sarcasm, would not continue.

As the facts evolved in the seventeenth episode of the series huge advances,

After Nadim recovered and finally got on his feet, he started talking and went back to the palace to attend Genk and Jimry’s wedding, And everyone looked at him in strange amazement.

The few predict that he will not separate from Jiren and will continue to accompany her, except that he will try to show Domain his love for her in the face of everyone,
To take revenge on Jimmy and incite her jealousy, but between him and her he will treat her very harshly and support her insult and humiliation,

To return to her what she did with him during the period of his illness, except that a few also speculate that the result of this outward connection with love,
That he will actually fall in love with her while even now and that she will love him, especially after Nadim has become completely safe,

And in the prime of his youth, his handsomeness reviled his elegance and recovered his money and inheritance from his uncle, who was a trustee over him.
Just as Nadim, of course, will take revenge on his uncle’s wife, and tell Al-Agha about her betrayal, which made her afraid that her matter would be revealed,

And she commits suicide before Nadim reveals the secret, and will when Al-Agha discovers his wife’s betrayal of him with his brother, will he turn against Nadim?
And he begins to prepare for him to get rid of him and become his enemy, since he will feel that he has all that inheritance from his deceptive brother,
And he doubled the wealth and was faithful above him, while his brother betrayed him and was not faithful in his company.

Works by Barker guven

• Against the wall
• the wound
Tales of Istanbul
• Connection
• the exam
Show the dead
• the Hedgehog
• Board No. 1
• Kill shadows
• Apology 2013

berker güven

Berker Güven is an actor who has recently risen to the artistic ladder, despite his life which does not surpass many except that he participated in a group of public acts and famous in Turkish drama,
We start with the childhood of the clear actor, Bendim, in the series Istanbul Unfair, a young child, the star in Izmir in 1993,

And since he was a child, she loved acting, and since he entered high school, it has been his intention to search for the possibility of entering the world of acting.
He won the Austin Akmen Young Actress Award with his performance in the play known as Yen at the Sadri Alışık Theater and the Film Actors Awards.

berker guven wife

His sweetheart is Jacques Shalchkur, and she is 37 years old, and he is in the world 25 years and then the difference in age between them is 12 years, despite this, Turkish press writing reported on the prosperity of the bond between them and perhaps hearing the news of their marriage soon

Berker Güven Photo

The hero of the Turkish chains, known as Nadim, scared his followers when he spoke about death, as he said “I accept death” on his official website on social networking sites,
After a number of his followers commented on that strange tweet, he decided to reassure his fans and told them, “I’m fine, I’m fine.

There were a lot of setbacks today, I said I might die, and after all these setbacks I felt that there were no more accidents. But when you wake up tomorrow, a new day begins.
Everything is OK. Kiss you. This is how he explained the message and this is his fans.

Berker Güven
Berker Güven
family of Berker Güven
family of Berker Güven
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