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We are divorced – 20 minutes – I loved it a lot – the movie 4n1k or Arba Youth and a Girl 2017 AD – the first love series 2018.

The study of burak yörük and his artistic beginnings in acting

Because of his participation in many school plays, and his acting on the school stage, a love for acting was born within him.

His first real acting work as a child actor in 2002 AD, in a series I loved so much, he said about this experience that it is the most important experience in his life.

I assured him that this profession is his new dream that he must be busy with and achieve, so he decided to study acting at the university, joined the acting Academy of Dramatic Arts to study acting and theater, and also studied acting at the theater department at Beykent University.

His path to real stardom began when he participated in the series 20 Minutes in 2013 and the series I Love Her So much. He co-starred in the first youth film in 2017 through the movie (4N1K). The film received a good rating and a good viewership.

The story of the film was transformed into a series of the same name, the series revolves around the period before university, and teenagers. It is a romantic family comedy series, which has proven his talent and ability to act well.

The directors and producers predicted him a great future in artistic work, and his arrival to the absolute starring role quickly, as he has a very great talent, and a strong presence that the cameras loved quickly, and the audience loved him and he became a large fan base, the number of his followers on Instagram reached more than half a million followers in a small period .

burak yöruk series

His first starring artwork is the movie (4N1K), or Four Boys and a Girl, as Parrish, a movie about teenagers.

How are the relationships between them, and the strong friendship between the students at this age, there is a lot of romance, competition, fun and play at work, the tense relationships between young people at this age, teachers and parents, the film succeeded a lot, especially among teenagers, as for his role in the movie or series is a role A rich young man who lost her father and was raised by his grandfather and grandmother, a stubborn young man who does not like competition.

Trying as much as he can to get everything he wants, he meets a girl (Yebrak) from his new high school by chance, and their relationship is strained and developed.
This girl has four friends since they were young, and they are friends who defend each other, especially Yabrak. The movie was a great success, and then the producer of the movie decided to make a series of it.
The audience was waiting for the release of its first episodes, and many expected the series to achieve great success since the first episode of the series, which was shown on television screens in July 2018.