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Gulenay Kalkan’s career as an actress

The study began in the beginning stage, the study began in the beginning stage, the study began in the stage that existed in the beginning, the study began at the beginning, some time ago, she began in the stage of adolescence In the stage of adolescence, her talent and wonderful performance began, she starred in the famous successful series “Mom” in 2017.

The most important works of Turkish actress Gulenay Kalkankan

Jounieh presented a large number of works of art including plays, serials, films, as well as songs. She participated in the play “Under the Elm Trees” and presented a play at the State Theater in Ankara, then presented the play “Journey to the Devil” at the State Theater in Ankara.
She presented a group of songs, the most important of which are Sinan’s song, Who am I?, Shadows’ song, Spring Dot’s song, Lee’s world song, Lady’s house song

She presented the starring role in the famous series “My Mother” in Turkey in 2017, one of the most important works of the Turkish artist Gulenay Kalkan, an interesting Turkish series that tells its events in a social drama that discusses family, family and childhood issues. The series revolves around a girl’s story of violence before her family. The series tells the story of Zainab and Moses, the heroes of the series, have a love story between them until his love ends with marriage, and after marriage, disputes and conflicts begin, because Zainab did not give birth, so Moses decides to betray his wife in which he discovers that Zainab is pregnant. Divorce, then Zainab gives birth to a girl, whom she calls Najwa, and she begins to rage and excitement, and at the age of sixteen, Najwa begins to rebel against her mother and against life, and from here begins the emergence of new characters in the series that contribute significantly to the events of the series and affect the relationship of Musa with his wife and daughter Najwa, The most important of the series are Jansu Deri, Sirhat Teohan, the child Beren Gokelides, Gulenay Kalkan and others.

Series Gulenay Kalkan

The play “All My Sons” was presented in 2013 and is considered one of the most important plays that were shown on the Turkish theater. It is one of the most important works of Arthur Miller on Broadway. The play tells the story of a wealthy factory owner represented by Gokler, who sold some damaged cylinder heads to the army during the outbreak of World War II. The second and caused the death of more than twenty American pilots, and his eldest son Larry, who was lost during the war and remained hidden until three years, his mother did not believe all this and was always hoping for his return.

Arthur Miller highlighted the character of the mother, Mrs. Kate Clare, due to the importance of her role between father and son as a strong woman who enjoys the role of controlling her home with her ability to give and love, and from here the events become more interesting and exciting, and the presentation of this work was shared by a wonderful crew of actors and actresses talented people.

The first performance of the play opened in January 1947 at the Corvette Theater in New York City and the play ended on November 8, 1947. The play was shown 328 times and the play won the 1947 Tony Award for Best Playwriting, and director Elia Kazan also won the Best Drama Critics Award in New York.

She also presented a number of famous series, such as:
“Medium Game” series
The series “Close my eyes and answer me.”

The most important awards

received by the Turkish actress Gulenay Kalkan

Turkish actress Gulenay Kalkan won:
Best Actress Award at Ankara Art Festival.
She also won Best Actress in a Play.