What is the story of the series Kraliçe?


The Kraliçe series has been agreed to be shown on Canal D. An agreement was reached with a large group of well-known Turkish art stars. Let’s get acquainted with the heroes of the entire series and its story in detail in the following article.

Turkish series Kraliçe

Preparations have begun for the new Turkish series “Kraliçe”, and a wonderful duo has been chosen for this series, “Burcu Özberk”, who is at the height of her stardom. Next to the handsome star “Gökhan Alkan”, one of the top stars of Turkish drama. The series “Kraliçe” will be shown on Canal D. It is a series based on the American series called Queen Sugar.

What is the story of the Kraliçe series?

The story of this wonderful work is about three siblings who live different lives. A young man who gets out of prison and tries to build a new life for himself. And the sister who works as a social activist in addition to being a doctor of roots and herbs. And the latter is married to one of the well-known men. The three brothers inherit a farm from their father, and the three brothers decide to take care of the farm, so that their lives change more with the emergence of new problems, and their lives differ for the second time.

the series Kraliçe


The series stars Gökhan Alkan, one of the most important stars of Turkish drama. Who has finished his starring role in the series Jarh al-Qalb. To enter this work quickly after his approval of the role and scenario. An actor of famous Turkish art, he has become one of the big stars who searches for the work of many followers and viewers, not only in Turkey but also in the Arab countries, he was born in Istanbul in 1987 AD, he is a single boy, he does not have a brother, he studied at Anatolia University Foreign Trade He also graduated from Anatolia University in foreign trade and marketing. He worked as an engineer for a short period before heading to study art. He chose to study acting before starting real acting, to become a professional actor.

The heroine of the series, she is the star “Burcu Özberk”, one of the important and great heroines of the Turkish TV drama. She quickly drew the viewer’s attention to her and her attractive beauty.

She was born in Istanbul in 1989 AD, her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She is a very curious personality and seeks to discover new things in life. She also searches for the truth in every matter. She has a philosophical side in thinking and loves to discover new opportunities and options available to her, and she does not despair in that.

Co-star Gonca Vuslateri

Gonca Vuslateri has also joined the cast. She is one of the brightest actresses in Turkish drama for a while. We remember her starring role in the series My Dangerous Wife. This is her first starring role. She also previously participated in the series My Mother. Which met with great success in the role of the irresponsible mother.

The Turkish actress, Gonga Fuslatari, was born on September 2, 1986 AD. She is of Turkish origin. She was born in the city of Al-Jurab in the Stock Exchange. She graduated from the university at the Arts Center, Department of Theater. She performed a number of different roles in theatre, cinema and television. She lived with her father, mother, brother and sister in the residences of Adana, and when he stopped About his work, her father about effort, who was a non-commissioned officer, she and her family returned again to Bursa, and in 1998 her father and mother separated and she lived in Istanbul with her sister. And she won a large amount of awards, she won the award for the best representative for her role in the comedy series “International Lies” in 2014, Gunja married the star Edib Burak Ertugan.