Tuba Ünsal

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Tuba Ünsal is the blonde Turkish star who has attracted attention with her beauty, grace and talent. She is the star who played the role of Kadir Doglu’s wife in the series Masharif El Layl. Let’s get to know this star together. We will list for you all available information about Tuba Ünsal, her age, religion, husband, and family, information about her personal life, her childhood, and how she entered the world of art and acting. All this and more in the next article.

Who is Tuba Unsal?

She is a Turkish model before becoming an actress. I was born in Denizli, Turkey. Her date of birth is December 7, 1981. Her age in 2023 is 42 years old.

The star, Tuba Ünsal, is Christian. She studied Business Administration at Çinkli Unsekiz Mart University. I graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, majoring in photography and videography.

The origins of the Tuba family go back to Greece, where they immigrated to Turkey. She also has parts of her family who are immigrants from Bulgaria and she has a part of Kazan Tatars whose Turkish sub-group immigrated from Romania.

Tuba Ünsal
Tuba Ünsal

Tuba Ünsal and her husband

Tuba Unsal married more than once, beginning with her marriage to Jim Kantach in 2002, and the official divorce took place in 2006. In 2010, she married Murat Belvinelli and divorced in 2012. She also married Mergon Kabash in 2013 until 2018. Unsal has a daughter named Sar from Murat Belvinelli. and two swords from Mert Kabas.

Tuba Unsal series

Her practical start was not acting, but she started working through the field of fashion shows, then she appeared in some commercials, after which she started working as an actress through some films and series.

She appeared in minor roles in some early TV series. In 2002, she appeared in a role in the series “Black Boy”. And she continued to present simple regular roles until 2011-2012, when she appeared in the series “With the passage of time” in the role of Feliz. Set in the year 1960, the series follows the dramatic changes in the lives of the Acarsu family after the patriarch’s marital affair.

She starred in the series “Mirror of My Soul” and appeared in a wonderful role in the series “Inside”, the story of two brothers separated from each other. Now on opposite sides of the law, brothers Sarp and Mert are set against each other, unaware of their brotherhood.

Nermin, Kazem’s wife, at the end of the night

She participated in the series “On the Outskirts of the Night” in 2022, starring the two big stars, the couple “Neslihan Atagul and Kadir Doglu”. To play the role of his wife in the series.

Tuba Posta posted on Twitter and Instagram that she had agreed to join the team and wished the success of her role and the whole series. And she plays the role of Kazem Nermin’s wife, a woman who used drugs for a while and witnessed a murder that she caused, and this is what made her always on the verge of suicide. To begin to suspect the existence of a relationship between her husband and another woman and her role begins to differ slightly.

Works by Tuba Unsal

One of her most important works is starring in the movie “Love of Life”. And her role in the movie “One Night Only”. She also had a great role in the series Love 101.

Tuba Ünsal’s Instagram

Tuba Ünsal has a personal account on Instagram, “/tubaunsal/”, which has more than 700,000 followers, or more than half a million followers, and the number of her posts has reached more than 5,000 since the account was released. And you upload more photos and videos to this account constantly.