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Who is Ali Yasin Özegemen? The hero of the series, wounded birds. Who played a strong role and is still in his artistic beginnings as an actor, but he has met with great public success. Let’s get to know Ali Yasin Özegemen together, who is he?
How old is he? What is his religion Muslim or Christian? How was his personal life and childhood? Lots of information about his girlfriend and sweetheart who she is. Is he married? Ali Yasin Özegemen’s personal characteristics and other information?

Who is Ali Yasin Özegemen?

He is a well-known Turkish actor. Ali Yasin Özmen, born May 30, 1989 in Konya, is a model and actor. He completed his primary and secondary education at Konya Perfect Custom College. He started playing basketball in the 4th grade and continued for several years.

After elementary school, he went to aikido, boxing. Then she started modeling at the university. During the subsequent period, he met an agency at the insistence of his friends and they accepted. Then he began to contribute to acting.

How old is Ali Yasin Özegemen?

Ali Yasin Özegemen was born on May 30, 1989. His age in 2023 is 34 years old. In 2008, he graduated from Mugla University, Department of Hospitality Management and settled in Mugla.

In 2011, she started modeling at the agency Izmir Rönesans. He participated as a contestant in Big Brother Turkey, which aired in 2015.

What is Ali Yasin Özegemen’s religion?

Ali Yasin Özegemen’s religion is a Muslim. He is of Thessaloniki descent. And his astrological sign is Gemini.

How tall and weight is Ali Yasin Özegemen?

Drama star Ali Yasin Özegemen is 187 cm tall. As for its weight, it reaches 78 kg.

Who is Ali Yasin Özegemen’s wife?

Ali Yasin Özegemen is not married. This handsome actor is not married nor has a wife as of this article. He also does not have a known mistress yet.

Who is Ali Yasin Özegemen’s Girlfriend?

So far we do not know Ali Yasin Özegemen’s close friend. Where our star is more interested in his work in Turkish TV dramas.

Ali Yasin Özegemen
Ali Yasin Özegemen

What is Ali Yasin Özegemen’s first series?

He became the hero of the series Wounded Birds in 2019, which is his first television drama. He had her first acting experience in 2013 with the character Gorkim, a math teacher, which she portrayed in the TV series Doksanlar-Nineties.

In 2014, he played the character Yigit in the series Yedikule Hayat Yokuşu. In 2015, he appeared as a guest actor in the TV series Küçük Ağa. In 2019, he co-starred with Gizem Arıkan in the series Yaralı Kuşlar-Wounded Birds, which is broadcast daily on Kanal D TV channel.

What is the list of Ali Yasin Ozgmen’s series and works?

Ali Yassin began acting in the TV drama in 2019 through a role in the series “Missed Birds” or “The Birds of Prey”. The series tells the story of an orphan brother and sister who escape to the Turkish city of Istanbul, in order to escape the person who destroyed their lives, and on their way learn many difficult life lessons.

Then he co-starred in the series “The Forbidden Apple” in 2022. About Laura, who marries Adam, the ex-fiancé of her friend Alice, the forbidden apple is the translation of a love story, Laura and her former secret relationship with a man who is older than her.

Now he is playing the role of Ali in “Tepe Operasyonu” directed by Burhan Keskin and Metin Kaur.

What is the new Ali Yassin series?

He is co-starring in the daily series Abat Destiny with Hilal Yildiz, produced by “Üs Yapım” and shown on Ayr Turkish channel.

Instagram Ali Yasin Ozgemin

Our star has official pages on social media, Instagram and Twitter, and constantly communicates with his followers and fans. His Twitter address is ayozegemen Instagram address aliyasinozegemen.