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Heroes and the story of the series tuzak – the trap



Information about the story of the tuzak series – the trap. The tuzak series by Turkish actor Akın Akınözü, which has quickly become a landmark of Turkish drama.

know everything about the wonderful Turkish series tuzak. What is his story?
It is the insatiable star. The entire staff. And a lot more.

What is the story of the series tuzak?

Agon Elijali, owner of the Acun
Medya production company. Prepares the series “tuzak” for the channel owned by

It will star Akın Akınözü as lawyer “Ozan”, and Talat Bulut as
“Aslan”, a powerful businessman.

Written by Eilam Jan Polat (My
House) and directed by Itaş Cicek (Heartbeat, The Miracle Doctor, Innocence,
Smile to Your Fate).

The story of the betrayal series will tell a
revenge story, and it will be full of action scenes, and Akın Akınözü’s
co-star has not yet been determined. Al-Farkh series will be shown in October
2022 on TV8.

Who are the heroes of the series tuzak?

the stars of the series, we will start with the hero of the work, the Turkish
actor Akin, who will play the role of (Umut).

Co-starring Talat Bulut (Aslan) ilayda çevik (Luna’s mistress Aslan) ilayda çevik is one of the
most famous actors in Turkey. Ilayda was born in Balikesir, Turkey in 1994.
She was fond of art and the world of acting since she was young, so she wanted
to become a famous actress. She decided to enter the College of Fine Arts in
order to join the Department of Theater and Acting. She participated in many
of the school’s celebrations and artistic competitions. After graduating, she
went to Istanbul to meet and fulfill her dream. She participated in her first
dramatic work in 2013, notwithstanding that it was the vanguard of her work
except that she With him, she achieved tremendous popularity in Turkey and the
Arab world, after her dubbed series Karagul was shown on Arab and Turkish
screens and ITV, she took many lessons at the Mawwadat Jazan Institute of

And Reza Kocaoglu joined the role of (Govin) to the work As for the main heroine of the work who plays the role of (Sheshek), it is not yet clear.
But according to the trader, she is Bensu Soral Baş.

Akın Akınözü in tuzak series

The main role of the series will be played by Akin Akinozo, Tuzak. He will play the role of Umut. Let’s find out some information about the star of the series.

Akın Akınözü’s first TV role was in the Sultan’s series “Kösem”, during his studies in mathematics and
then he realized that he could not see himself in the world of numbers all his
life and he loves art.

It was then that he decided to go to the
theatre. He loves to read a lot and is interested in fitness. He also loves
spending time with his family and friends.

He did not accept to
stop studying mathematics, before obtaining the degree, after graduating from
Ankara Mathematics College and obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree.

earned a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics, from General Studies at the
University of Berkeley.

His first movie is Azrael, which was shown
in 2014, and he participated in it after receiving extensive training in the
field of acting.

Who is the heroine of the tuzak series?

has been confirmed that the female lead opposite Akin will be Bensu Soral Baş.
After I agreed to the script.

The beautiful Bensu Soral Baş
embodies one of the most beautiful faces in Turkey, but in the whole world,
Bansu with a beautiful face shape was born on the 23rd of March 1991 in the
Turkish city of Bursa.

Bansu belongs to the birth sign of Aries.
She lived her life and childhood in Bursa and graduated from Angul Anatolian
Ingul High School. Bansu loved art since she was young, and stood on her feet
by joining the College of Fine Arts, the graphic department, and graduated
from it.

Then she stood on her feet so far this by paying attention
to her acting talent and so after her sister convinced her that she already
has enough talent to make her one of the most Turkish drama actresses.

Bansu got her first potential in 2012 through her participation in the series
“Yol Ayrımı” as a guest star, but through this small role she was able to win
the admiration of critics and directors.

Until she got her real
chance after this, Bensu Soral Baş’s religion is Islam and she lives at the
moment in the Turkish city of Angole.

Pictures of the stars of the Turkish series tuzak

Participating in the main role in this
wonderful work “tuzak” actor Talaat Bulut. Talat Bulut is a capable Turkish
actor, holding Turkish citizenship and converting to Islam from the age of

Talat Bulut was born in Ankara, Turkey, so on the 23rd of March
1956, he was born under the sign of Aries.

After he finished his
secondary school studies, he stood on his feet by entering the University of
Engineering, Department of Electronics, and this is at Hacettepe University.
After graduating, he took up acting in a limited number of plays.

soon as the directors saw his wonderful acting talent, they entered him into
the field of art and acting, and his artistic beginning was in the year 1975.
The first real work that led to his fame was his contribution to the Hazal
series, and he had many crowds, and this is after his contribution to the
Manisa Barzani series, and this in the year 1994, happened He won many awards,
which is evidence of his victory and his high acting ability. As for the
dialogue about his personal life, we find that he is married to Banar Afsar
Bulut, just as he had one daughter with her.

Turkish series tuzak
Turkish series tuzak
ilayda çevik
ilayda çevik