The story of the Lavanta Palace series lavanta konağı


Lavanta konağı series, Lavanta Palace, a new work and an enjoyable women’s story by the brilliant director Hilal Saral. Let’s learn about the story of the Lavanta Palace series, the heroes of the Lavanta Palace series, and all the available information about its show date and channel.

Lavanta Palace series lavanta konağı

What is the story of the series lavanta konağı Lavanta Palace

Lavent Palace is one of the OGM-produced series that will be shown on Star TV next season. It is said that a female drama will be told while Hilal Saral is in the director’s chair, Lavender Mansion. Lavender Mansion will be broadcast on Star TV. Talks are underway regarding the main representative at Lavanta Palace. He mentions the name Berkan Sokolo. lavender street with volcano

The heroes of the series Lavanta konağı Lavanta Palace

The new TV series that started airing on Star TV in the new season. Production company OGM Pictures is making a very ambitious entry into the new season. OGM Pictures is preparing the Kingfisher, If the King Loses, Stickman TV series for the new season. The new series produced by OGM Pictures was Lavender Mansion.

Information about the series Lavanta konağı Palace

Lavanta Palace is a new series by Emmy Award-winning director Hilal Saral. She said she is back with a new and special job. It tells the story of the life of a very special woman. There are many names nominated for the championship of this work. The most important Turkish actor, Berkan Sokolo, the hero of the series “Apartment of the Innocents”. The Song of Life series.

So that the producing company OGM prepared itself to start filming and preparing the Lavanta Palace series. She confirmed that the series is for the Turkish Star channel. And it nominates actor Birkan Sokolo for the lead.

Star TV channel gets the rights to show a large number of powerful series in the upcoming season of 2022. They are If the King, the Trash Man, Kingfisher, and Levant Palace. Berkan Sokolo is a Turkish actor and artist, a man who managed to prove himself among his competitors in the youth of his generation. Berkan was born on October 6, 1985 AD. He was born in the sign of Libra. His life at this moment was 35 years. His birth was in the capital of Turkey, Istanbul. He studied at Maltepe University in Turkey in Medan. Radio and television, and he loved basketball, and he was one of the most basketball players in the basketball club until his feet were afflicted while playing.

He was able to prove himself in that field and was awarded the Most Valuable Model for Advertising in 2013. After that, he entered the world of acting and succeeded in it and contributed to the abundant amount of dramatic and romantic practices and plays, and was able to become one of the most famous stars of that generation. One of the most important of his works is the Song of Life series, which In 2016, he married the beautiful actress, Asli Enver, in 2012, but unfortunately that marriage did not last for a long time, and the marital relationship between them was dissolved in 2015 AD, but they maintained friendship between them until now and now he has a romantic bond with Dylan Denise, a heroine of the heroes Sultan women series.

Berkan Sokolo in the series “Lavanta konağı” Lavanta Palace

Turkish star Birkan Sokolo nominated for the title of this series Lavanta Palace. The main cast of Lavanta Mansion will be Birkan Sokolo. Let us give you the information that will be finalized when the negotiations are over and signatures are signed. Birkan Sokolo played another role in the series Apartment of the Innocents. Berkan Sokolo was born in 1985 in Istanbul. She made her acting debut with the television series A Little Woman in 2008. Elif starred in the television series Angels Bless, Little Secrets, The Abyss, Kurdish Seat and Shura, Life Song, Face to Face, A Family Story, Independence or Death, The Innocent Apartment .


Berkan Sokolo in the series "Lavanta konağı

Who is the heroine of the Lavanta Palace series?

OGM Pictures will only produce content for Star TV from now on. While Kingfisher, one of the first TV series to be launched by OGM on the channel, was on location over the weekend, details about other TV series began to emerge. It was learned that Burcu Alptekin will be directing the Kingfisher series, which will bring together Cetin Tekindor, Afra Saracoglu and Mert Ramzan Demir. On the other hand, Star TV is preparing to make a bomb-like entrance this year for the endless ambitious projects on the OGM side.

lavanta konağı star pictures

After the approval of Star TV that marked the agenda, the name of the third series was announced. Everyone also wondered about the Lavanta Mansion series, which will be known as the female drama. While it has been learned that Emmy-winning director Hilal Saral will direct the series, it has been learned that Birkan Sokolo has been cast as the lead actor for the series. The presence of Hilal Saral, who was the project manager, such as Forbidden Love and What is Fatma Gul’s guilt and Blind Love, gives confidence to the technical team.