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Elif Dogan, her religion, is she Muslim or Christian or holds another religion, her nationality, to which country she belongs, her age, date of birth, astrological sign, the beginning of her artistic career, years of activity, her artwork, and all information about her personal and professional life, and her biography.

Elif Dogan

Information about Elif Dogan

  1. Date of Birth: September 6, 1994
  2. Age in 2021: 27 years
  3. Astrological sign: Virgo
  4. Birthplace: Istanbul
  5. Nationality: Turkish
  6. Religion: Muslim
  7. Academic qualification: Department of English Language Teaching at Istanbul University and joined the Conservatory Department of the Conservatory
  8. Weight: 53 kg
  9. Height: 162 cm
  10. Hair color: brown
  11. Eye color: brown
  12. Favorite sports: Swimming and exercising in the gym and gyms
  13. Hobbies: dancing and singing
  14. Husband: not married
  15. Profession: actress
  16. Beginning of her career: 2016
  17. Years of activity: 2016 – until now

Elif Dogan’s life story

Elif Dogan, the Turkish actress, was born on the sixth of September 1994, she is 27 years old, and her astrological sign is Virgo. She was born in Istanbul. Her childhood was simple, and she did not imagine becoming an actress. She lived most of her childhood away from acting, She finished her high school education, attended Istanbul University and studied English as a teaching department.

Elif Dogan is a girl who loves her family very much and enjoys being with them, and takes care of them, and she is close to them, especially her mother. Since her childhood, Elif loves nature, especially sitting in front of the sea, playing with the sand, and loves singing and playing musical instruments. Her family gathers to hear her sing and imitate the singers she loves.

Art became for her over time one of the most important things she does, and she does not think about anything else, and besides her passion for music, she has a wonderful voice, loves photography very much and is fond of photographing herself and sharing her photos with her followers on Instagram, and she has many pictures of her as a child. And she always says that she is a happy and lucky child, and that she has the most beautiful sister ever, and she always shares pictures of her and her sister with her audience when they were young, and their beauty and similarities appeared between them.

Elif Dogan's life story

And her acting career is Elif Dogan

Elif Dogan joined Istanbul University and studied English as a teaching department, but she never found herself as a teacher, and began searching for another profession in which she finds herself, especially as she has a beautiful voice. She joined the Conservatory Department at the Conservatory to study music, and continued studying and training in singing and music, then She played several musicals for years until her television career began.

She began working in acting in 2016, through a role in the series “Hayat Bazen Tatlidir”. She played a minor role in this work, but proved her ability to take on larger roles, and became more famous for the role of Zainab in the series “Ask Laftan Anlamaz”.

It is her first absolute starring in 2018 in the series “Darisi Basimiza”, in which she played the role of Oiko, and this role made her a distinguished artist, as she performed her role as a professional actress who was loved by the audience, even though she was an actress at the beginning of her artistic career, and she quickly drew the attention of viewers and producers, and became Producers seek her for the main roles.

Elif Dogan has also worked in the voice acting in cartoon films such as “The Smurfs” and the cartoon “Emoji”, and Elif has also presented films, television shows and plays.

Elif Dogan in the series “Ask Laftan Anlamaz”

Actress Elif Dogan participated in the year 2016, in the series “Ask Laftan Anlamaz”, a romantic comedy about high school teenagers, and there is a teacher in one of the schools, who enters her little sister in the same school, and one day she receives a phone call saying that her sister is in danger, she and all her classmates, she brings the school life to the address and saves the young girls from rape.

Then the school moved to another job in a public school, and it faces another problem, which is corruption in the school system, and is trying hard to get the school to a better level. Kınbult Gürkum Arslan, Ovuk Ozkan, Deniz Can Aktas, Zeynep Alkan, Elihan Arası.

Elif Dogan in the series “Darisi Basimiza”

Actress Elif Dogan co-starred in the series “Darisi Basimiza” in 2018, which is a Turkish romantic drama social comedy series, starring “Elif Dogan, Ozan Delonai, Ibrahim Kendirji, Achillia Topaloglu, Ozgun Karaman, Burak Can, Nargiz Kompassar, Ilia Ercuk.” “.

The events of the series revolve around a girl named “Oyko” who surprised her family with her engagement to a rich person named “Jim”, and she returned to the city of Izmir where her family is located, to perform her wedding ceremony and officially betrothed there, and she told her family, and when she returned to make a surprise for her fiancé, she saw a naked girl in the swimming pool in her fiancé’s villa Jim, she left the place and looked for another place to throw her wedding ring from.

At the time, she met the artist, Ozan Dollnay, and watched her, as he suspected that she was trying to commit suicide, and indeed he tried to save her from the suicide attempt, but she did not intend to commit suicide at the time, but she was throwing the engagement ring no more. Love, and her fiancé tried to contact her more than once to justify his position, but she did not respond to his calls.

He had to call her mother and find out about her presence in the hotel, and he met Jim Oiko and convinced her that this girl was not a girl he knew, but rather belonged to his friend, but she was starting to fall in love with Ozan, but the fact of the matter brought her together again with her traitorous fiancé, and she will discover that Ozan is the cousin of her fiancé, Will Ozan try to approach her and search for her, and will Oiko return to Ozan again? This is what we will know by following the episodes of the series.

Elif Dogan in the series “Ask Laftan Anlamaz”

Elif Dogan series

The series “Hayat Bazen Tatlidir” in 2016
The series “Ask Laftan Anlamaz” in 2016
The series “The Çukur Hole”
The series “Darisi Basimiza” in 2018
2021-2022 Destan (TV Series)
2020 Gençligim Eyvah (TV Series)
2020 Ask Tesadüfleri Sever 2
She also presented the movie “Lost Ense”