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baris kilic, the hero of the series Güllerin Savaşı, his age, his wife, his religion, his nationality, how did he start his artistic life when he got married.

baris kilic
, how many children did he have, what is the secret behind his study in the field of economics, and what did he say about his artistic beginning as an advertising face, how is his family life 
with his wife and children. his most important work, he presented the role of Aslan in the series Evlat Kokusu.

baris kilic old his wife his religion report him

Date of Birth: On February 21, 1978 AD.
Age: 42 years old.
Birthplace: Malatya, Turkey.
Residence: Istanbul.
Father’s job: Primary school teacher.
Nationality: Turkish nationality.
Religion Muslim .
Occupation: Actor and model.
Marital status: Married .
Marriage date: 2007 AD.
Number of children: two sons.
The number of sisters: two daughters, the middle of them.
Academic qualification: He studied at the Faculty of Economics in Istanbul until he graduated from it – he studied at Bidetepe University to obtain a postgraduate certificate.
The beginning of his artistic career: in the year 2004 AD.
Astrological sign: Pisces.
Height: 182 cm.
Weight: 78 kg.
Eye colour: brown.
His first work: the series All my sons.
His most important work: a series called Fariha in the role of “Levent”.
Languages ​​he speaks: Turkish – English.

Biography and life of actor baris kilic

Actor Barish was born in Malatya, Turkey. He was born on February 21, 1978 AD. When he was five years old, his family decided to move to Istanbul. The father of the actor Barish works as a teacher for students in the primary stage. He also has two brothers who are two daughters. The middle of them in age, when the actor Barış reached the age of education, he joined the Anatolian School and obtained a secondary certificate from it, and then decided to join the Faculty of Politics and Economics at Istanbul University and actually graduated from it. Fluent in the language and fluent in it, he decided to return to the homeland “Turkey” and join Bidetepe University in order to complete his postgraduate studies.

Among the hobbies he loved playing sports because of his ingenuity and experience, there is also his love for reading news related to the world of politics and he said about himself that he had the qualifications that would enable him to become a sportsman or a politician, but when he joined the college he discovered his great inclinations towards the world of art And acting and then felt that he did not want anything other than this.

The beginning of the artistic baris kilic actor

The beginning was when he participated in the university theater while going to apply for the exams that the companies responsible for production do. When he finished his studies, he went to work in one of the advertising agencies where he worked as a model and an advertising face.
In 2004 AD, he appeared on the screen for the first time by participating in the great artwork “All my sons” with the wonderful actor “Murad Yildirim.” This participation was a small role and this role was the beginning of his career because after that he received an offer to play a role in the series “Layla” part Fourth, and then several other distinguished dramas.
The year 2011 represents the real beginning of the artist Baris Kilic, where he presented the character “Levent” in the great and famous artwork “I called her Fariha” starring the great actress “Hazel Kaya” This character was a big break in his life because it brought him fame and stardom.

During the year 2015, after the character of Levent, Barış received the solo lead role in one of the best works of art that was shown on the Turkish screen. This work was called “Güllerin Savaşı” and with him were the two beautiful artists “Cinan Ergodar” and “Damla Sonmez”, which had a huge success rate. It was unexpected and lasted for two full seasons and then ended, in order to maintain its success and not get the viewer bored.

As for the world of cinema, actor Barish wanted to make his mark there as well and not limit his work to drama and television. During 2016, he participated in the representation of one of the most beautiful films “I love you, my man”, where he was co-starring with the young artist “Gizam Karaja”.

One of the things that attracts actor Barish’s attention is keeping his family away from the spotlight, and he does not like to appear much in front of the cameras, but rather loves to live in comfort and peace, as he made it clear that his family is his most important priority.

What is the secret behind actor Barish’s study of economics?

At one stage in the life of the actor Barish, he loved the field of marketing and administration and the economic sciences it contained, so he went to study them, then obtained a graduation certificate, and from there to the labor market. Currencies and what happens to them from time to time in terms of high or low rates, and unexpected surprises that happen to the young worker in this field, as he said that acting contained more and that working in it carried something of fun and beauty, unlike the economy.

Actor baris kilic is the face of an advertisement

After the success of the actor Barış in the role of the great Levent and the success of the series “Güllerin Savaşı” he became required to become the media face and ambassador for many of the most important brands, whether on the local or international situation. A large number of advertisements, and this before he reached this position and success at that time did not direct his attention to the name of the brand, but he focused his full attention on the content in terms of the real quality of the product and this shows the extent of his keenness on his commitment to honesty with consumers.

Actor baris kilic talks about his wife

Actor Barish talked about his marriage that he got married at the age of 29 and said about his wife that she is of the same age, but she turns into a little girl who carries a lot of naughtiness inside her. Which represents for them not just a father but a friend, as he also said about his wife that she is a very understanding lady and is not jealous of him, but trusts him more than herself. The only time she got jealous was in the scene of the first kiss in the series Güllerin Savaşı.
He also said about the issue of not appearing much, even in pictures, that they agreed on the need to preserve privacy as a family and to stay away from the lights and the media as much as possible.

baris kilic and his wife

The most important work of the actor baris kilic

Kizilcik Serbeti (TV Series) (completed) 2022 Evlilik Hakkinda Her Sey (TV Series) 2021 Uzak Sehrin Masali (TV Series) 2019-2021 Yasak Elma (TV Series).

2020 Kaan Sekban’la Alt Tarafi Bi’ Talk Show (TV Series) 2018 Gülizar (TV Series) 2017 Kalp Atisi (TV Series) 2017 Evlat Kokusu (TV Series) 2016 Oyunbozan (TV Series).

2016 Ask Yalani Sever (TV Series) (2016)
2014-2016 Gullerin Savasi (TV Series) 2014 Umutsuz Ev Kadinlari (TV Series) 2014 Seni Seviyorum Adamim 2013-2014 Lale Devri (TV Series).

2012-2013 Merhaba Hayat (TV Series) 2012 Bana Bir Soygun Yaz 2011-2012 Adini Feriha Koydum (TV Series) 2009 Sakarya-Firat (TV Series) 2007 Gelin binbasiya agidi (TV Movie) 2007 Vazgeç gönlüm (TV Series) 2005 Düsler ve gerçekler (TV Mini Series).

A very beautiful collection of the latest pictures of the beautiful Turkish actor baris kilic

Here is now a bouquet of the best pictures of the handsome star with an attractive look, Baris Kilic. He is an honest, handsome and attractive actor who has an irresistible charisma on the screens, which shows his attractive features that enable him to perform his role in a distinctive way. These pictures also include some clips that were filmed while he was acting for some of his roles. Distinguished in his artwork, especially a series called Fariha.

baris kilic


Number of children: two sons