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The story of the series arayış and the crew



Arayış series, a new Turkish work by the Turkish star Asli Enver. which she recently agreed to star in. To be shown on the Disney Plus platform. What is the story of the series arayış? And who are its heroes? And more information about the series arayış in detail.

Turkish series arayış

Disney Plus has agreed to show a new series called arayış. Actress “Asli Enver” is said to have been shown the series to actor “Ilker Kaleli” to be the first candidate for the lead role.

Ilker Kaleli was nominated for the lead in the arayış series and the show is still on and there is no confirmed information about his approval or not. If an agreement is reached with the duo, this will be their second business together.

arayış, produced by ayyapım, is a display channel on the disney plus platform. Journalist Bersin Altuntas confirmed that Mehmet Gunsur agreed to join the Disney+ series “arayış” as the original partner of Anvar. It will tell the thrilling story of a woman who infiltrates a cult to save her friend.

The story of the series arayış

The story of a woman who infiltrated a religious cult to save her friend. Moon Company has been meeting for a month with Ilker Kaleli to be the hero of the series “arayış” alongside Asli Anvar for the Disney platform.

The heroes and channel of the series arayış

The investigation series or arayış will be shown on the Disney Plus platform. It is said that the work will be starring Asli Enver, who plays the role of a girl looking for her friend, and this is what made her join a religious sect, and this is what makes her interfere in many problems.

The official agreement was reached with the actor Mohamed Junsour to get the male lead role. Turkish star and “model” Mehmet Gansor was born on May 8, 1975 in Istanbul, his mother is Sibil Gunsur and his father, Teoman Gunsur. Tatar origin. He has a sister named Zeinab Gunsur, a modern ballet choreographer. His hobbies are swimming, skiing and tennis from the age of 4 years. She graduated from Italian high school. After this, he graduated from Marmara University, the advertising department, but he did not work in that field. He studied theater in Ankara, before completing his artistic studies in

Italy, where he married Italian Catherina Mungio, who is the mother of his three children.
In 1988, Mohamed Gansour began his acting career with his role in the television series “Gecmis Zaman mimozalari.” Before that, he had performed a large number of roles as well, and at the age of seven, he was proven as a rising investigator in the television series “The Secret File” on Star TV. His most famous role was in a cinematic work “Hamam”, as he received the award for the finest actor at the Ankara Film Festival, and with the superiority of his role in the cinematic work, he decided to stay in acting, and moved to Italy; To become popular in Italian society.

He presented the script to actor Ilker Kaleli. And if he accepts the role, he will start filming the work soon.

star of arayış

There are attempts with the star Ilker Kaleli. The star was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1984, and he is a skilled musician, just as he loves playing the piano, singing and playing the guitar, he loves art and music deep in his tone, so his passion for music began since he was a child, most of the music schools in the world, but the most prominent is his studies in London School of Music and Dramatic Art.
Father Ilker Kaleli is from the town of Van, and his mother is 1/2 Turkey and half of the Federal Republic of Germany, his parents separated when he was 13 years old as soon as he went to Istanbul Cultural University despite his young age but that he can speak six languages ​​other than his mother tongue fluently, so he is from Those who love to learn and read, which indicates that he has a high ability to remember and master things, so he is the most talented one in Turkey and one of the actors.

Departing from the Department of Benefit Arts at Kurt University in Istanbul, studied acting at the London School of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), also studied acting at ikaahika Tekand studio collector, is fluent in British, pronounced three according to the original standard in dialect, is also a diving instructor who has contributed to diving He’s been in PADI open water since 2004 and has been free diving for ten years.
Actor Ilker Kaleli started his acting career in the year 2012. Although at the beginning of his career, apart from his performances, he plays an essential role in front side actions.

arayış star

Asli Enver is the heroine of this work. Asli Enver (born May 10, 1984) is a Turkish actress best known for her roles in a large number of television series episodes including Mine in Kavak Yelleri, Ahu Kumral in Suskunlar and Süreyya in İstanbullu Gelin. She is also known for her roles in Lost, Call Me Hicran and My Brother. Do we agree? Asli was born in London, England, and lived there until she was 12. Her father is a Turkish Cypriot. He grew up in London, met and married as a teenager. Asli Enver won a song competition in London. She started theater at the Majdat Gezen Art Center in Istanbul and studied at the Pera School of Fine Arts. She graduated in Theater Studies from the University of Halic.